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About Us

The new Mathematics Library Reading room is on the north side of Fenton Hall, adjacent to the Lounge.  We will strive to have copies of current textbooks as well as math materials of broad interest in the reading room, as well as space and materials for groups (study groups assembled by students or led by tutors). 

The Math Library is staffed by some Science Library staff and some math students.  Usually one of the full-time staff (Annie Zeidman-Karpinski, the Math Reference Librarian, and Lara Nesselroad, the Science and Math Libraries Manager) will be present in the library to open up (10am weekdays) and to oversee resolution of any problems that have come up the previous afternoon.  From mid-day until 6pm, primary staffing will be students, mostly math majors, who will provide library assistance and also drop-in homework help (see FAQ) to students and the public. 

Annie usually holds office hours weekly in the Math Library; see posting in the library for her schedule.  When she is not in the Math Library, you can reach her at the Science Library (extension 6-2663).  In addition, we encourage Math Department tutors and TAs to hold office hours in the space.


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