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DeArmond MakerSpace Costs to Use

While we are still working to develop trainings and systems, there is currently no charge to use MakerSpace materials.  This is because we are not yet set up to charge you for the cost of materials you use.  As we develop that setup, we will start charging for materials, at no profit.  Information about prices will be on this page.

Some materials will remain free, since the cost per use is negligible.  However, for example we will charge a per-gram amount (something like 10-15 cents per gram of the finished item) for 3D printing medium, or will sell you a sheet of vinyl for the vinyl cutter.  If it is safe for you to use material you provide in our machines, you may do so.

If you have questions about what a project will cost, we will usually be able to provide an estimate before you begin. You can come see us, or send us an email.

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