Science Library Video Games

Science Library: Video Games

The Science Library has a small collection of video games for circulation to UO students, staff and faculty.

These games are located at the checkout desk of the science library, and may be found in the UO local catalog under the genre Video Games or by searching for the non-standard call number "game," though users may wish to simply come to the desk and look at the materials in person.  Please note that searching for game materials through the new UO Worldcat interface is possible, but complicated, and that one must use the local-only catalog to book materials.


Games may be checked out for 60 hours by UO students, staff, and faculty with photo ID (if 60 hours from the moment of checkout falls during a time the library is closed, then the materials will be due one (1) hour after the next time the library is open). There will be no exceptions to the photo ID policy for game consoles, and borrowers will be asked to sign an agreement regarding condition of the game console at the first check-out each term; this process takes a few minutes. Borrowers should also expect to wait at check-in while staff ascertain that all parts are accounted for.  Non-UO borrowers may not check the games out, and there is no on-site location or equipment to play the games.

Users are limited to two games at a time, as well as the game console and any appropriate accessories (such as guitars or additional controllers). Only one console will be checked out to any user at one time, so if a user checks out games for different systems, they can't also check out both consoles. Games may be "booked" ahead of time, allowing borrowers to reserve a copy for a specific time. Only two games and one console may be booked for any particular period, and games and consoles may not be booked for consecutive periods by the same borrower (such bookings, when observed, will be deleted). Borrowers may book, for any given period, two games, a console, and any necessary accessories such as additional or game-specific controllers. Borrowers are limited to two such bookings "events" per week, with the additional limitation against consecutive bookings, and repeated nonconsecutive bookings for the same borrower for the same popular games may also be deleted at staff discretion.

Additional information about booking can be found here, or staff at any checkout desk can assist.

Overdue fines for video games are $4 for the first hour or part of an hour, and $1.50 per subsequent hour; the fines apply to each individually checked out item, so a game console, a guitar controller, and a Guitar Hero game, for instance, would accrue three times the fine as there are three pieces. In addition to fines, failure to return consoles in a timely manner could result in suspension of library privileges and/or retroactive rental charges. Further details of overdue policies are available at the checkout point.

Game Consoles

Each console comes with the basics to hook it up in ordinary ways and play games.  Additional hookups (HDMI/composite), controllers, and accessories are available.  At this time, the following consoles and accessories are available:

  • Two Nintendo Wii consoles
  • One Nintendo DS Lite Gameboy DS
  • Two Nintendo 3DSs
  • One Sony Playstation 2
  • One Nintendo 64 console
  • One Sony Playstation 3 console
  • Two XBox 360 consoles


The following is a non-exhaustive list of accessories that may be available for checkout:

  • Additional controllers (various types)
  • dance pads
  • one Wii Fit balance board
  • two Mario "wheel" controllers for Wii
  • one Wii Fit balance board
  • guitar and rock band controllers (rock band requires advance discussion with staff to check out)
  • Kinect
  • Sony motion device
  • USB chargers


So far, we have approximately 300 games, most of which work on the consoles we have - we have a few WiiU and Gamecube games as well. We are accepting donations, if you have older games which might work on one of these systems and which are in good shape. Contact Annie Zeidman-Karpinski to discuss donations.

We're also interested in learning what additional games we should purchase when funds allow. If you have suggestions, please visit the Libraries' materials request form, fill in your suggestion, and choose Annie Zeidman-Karpinski (Computer & Information Science) as the subject specialist.