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Science Library Classrooms and Group Studies


The Science Library currently has four classroom/meeting spaces available to be reserved for instruction, meetings (including teleconferencing), and group study.The chart below the instructions describes the rooms.

We also have several mobile whiteboards which can be moved around within the Science Library to facilitate group study not necessarily in classrooms; if you are merely looking for quiet space, the area to the east of the courtyard (the side with green carpet) is designated quiet area.

Reserving a room


In order to reserve a space, you will need to log into 25Live, which is a calendar system which uses your UO credentials.  The above link will open in a new tab so you can refer back here for more information without leaving the page.  

If you are just looking for the calendar for today, here is the composite calendar for the Science Library spaces.

The very short version of how to reserve a room in the Science Library is this:

  • sign in to 25Live (the prompt is in the upper right)
  • click on the green "Create an Event" button, top center of the resulting page.
  • choose either your time or your place.  In any case, you can use the pull-down that allows you to see "library spaces" to find our rooms, or you can search for them using the building identifier ONY.
  • Fill out the time, place, and number of users as prompted.  Your event type options and how many things you can see vary by your credentials, but there should be at least four total fields for you to indicate.
  • If you get back information that indicates there are no available rooms, read the text carefully; 25Live looks for the smallest room that will accommodate your group size, and doesn't show larger rooms unless you ask it to.  You'll also need to take the same approach if you  need one of the bigger rooms for its equipment.
  • If you get stuck, you can contact the Help Desk in McKenzie (info at the top of the 25Live screen) or stop at any library service desk for assistance.
  • Once you have "finished" your request, be sure to click the close button.  You should get back an email telling you your request has been submitted, and then after the request goes to an approver, another email approving or denying your request.  Submitting multiple requests only leads to very confusing emails, so you should try to avoid making the same request several times.

A tutorial (with pictures) for how to reserve rooms will be available shortly.

Please note that reservations are mediated , so they will not appear on the calendar immediately.

Want to see which rooms are available? There is a composite calendar link above, but also, once you are in 25Live, you can search for all the Science Library rooms by looking for locations starting with ONY for Onyx Bridge. A floorplan/map of all room locations is also available.

Room # Directions Seats Equipment Notes
Room 22 Past the reference desk and to the right 15-20 Projector, screen, document camera, laptop-sized tables, dvd player, whiteboards. Tandberg videoconferencing equipment by request. Laptops can also be reserved for this room.  We have a cart of 20 for instruction shared between the two classrooms, and when necessary the circulating laptop collection can be borrowed from.
Room B90C-D Left immediately inside the front entrance 25-28 Dual projector, screens, document camera, tables, dvd player, whiteboards, chalkboard. Tandberg videoconferencing equipment by request. Laptops can also be reserved for this room.  We have a cart of 20 for instruction shared between the two classrooms, and when necessary the circulating laptop collection can be borrowed from.
Room B70A Past the circ/info desk and to the right 12-16 No instruction equipment.  Table, chairs, chalkboard, whiteboard.  
Room 15A Past the reference desk into the open space, on the right just before the current periodicals 6-8 No instruction equipment.  Table, chairs, whiteboard. We usually avoid reserving this room for talkative groups during weekday hours (8-5) because of sound issues, but we're open to discussion.

The Physiology and Anatomy Room, near the circulation desk (B70-B), is a space with various anatomy models and computer software. It is not a reservable space as the intent is to make these models available for anatomy students; however, when it is not in use for its primary purpose, it too can be used as a group space.  Requests to reserve it will fail unless they are for known Anatomy/Physiology events, but it will show up on the composite calendar so that TA office hours are easy to see from anywhere.

Questions about any of these classrooms or their facilities may be directed to the manager of the Science Library, or to any library staff.  Please note that calendar requests do go to a live human, so if you really need to have the space reserved, you should give at least a business day's notice; weekends and evenings, the requests will only get seen if that person logs in outside of her working hours.

Conflicts between requests will be dealt with case by case; generally requests will be approved on a first come, first served basis.  However, in some cases larger groups, groups which are actually formal classes, or groups with specific hardware needs may bump a group which is less formal or which has not expressed the same needs.  Staff will mediate these changes by contacting the people who made the conflicting requests at the contact information given to work something out.  For group study purposes, periods of 2-3 hours will generally be approved; longer sessions may be approved on the condition that in the event of a room shortage, participants may be asked to share or move.

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