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  • Can't think of a good paper topic?
  • Aren't finding what you need?
  • Need some quick advice?

Can your professor tell that your references are:

  • From an author who is a reliable authority?
  • Directly relevant to your paper's argument?
  • High in academic quality?  Is it peer reviewed?
  • Documenting the current thinking on the topic?
  • Move to a new level - use your major's research guide.
  • Find amazing stuff that gives you an academic edge.
  • Want a digital copy of an article or a chapter from a printed book?
  • It's easy and free! (copyright limitations apply).


The UO Libraries can help with your academic success.

  • Getting help with paper topics.
  • Citing sources in your papers.
  • Finding good study places.
  • Locating resources in many languages.

We have the Research Data Management tools for you.

keys on a UO keyring

Use free lockers & laptop lock boxes for less stressful studying.
Lockers are located near the north stairwell on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors of Knight Library.




  • Did your professor mention an article in class?
  • Did you find something on the web, but it didn't provide the full-text?
  • Do you need an article mentioned in another article?
  • The Oregon Card Program provides free borrowing to Oregonians over 16 years old.
  • Come explore the richness of the UO Libraries' collections!
  • UO Insight Seminars are exciting noncredit classes taught by UO professors.
  • Designed for people eager for readings and discussions at the college-level. 
  • Focused on art, literature, music, and other areas of the liberal arts.
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