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Course Reserves: Faculty Information

Instructors may place up to 30 titles (required readings) on reserve for students at any branch library.

Submit course reserves:

  1. In person at any reserve desk, complete a Reserve Request List.
  2. Use the on-line course reserve form for library owned materials such books and videos.
  3. Order new books and videos required for course reserves. Use the reserve order form. New orders usually require a six to eight weeks to acquire.

Type of material

Note: Materials from other libraries lent via Interlibrary Loan or Summit may not be placed on reserve.

  1. UO Library books and videos may be placed on reserves.  Library-use-only material such as items from the Reference Collection will not be placed on reserves. 
  2. Videotapes and sound recordings are normally placed on reserve in Knight Library, since Knight's Audio & Video Room has equipment for playing various media formats; however, DVDs can be placed on reserve at any branch.
  3. Personal materials such as textbooks, journal articles, course packets, sample exams or videos are accepted for reserves. UO Libraries are not responsible for materials lost or damaged while on loan. Please identify your items so we may return them at the end of the term. Note: your items will be labeled and barcoded. 
  4. Electronic articles or readings are done through Canvas. Staff in CMET consulting are available to help.
  5. Photocopies of whole works, or the majority of a work, can't be placed on reserves. Please see: Copyright, Fair Use and Library Reserves for more details.


  1. After the first week of the term our processing time is about two business days. Requests are processed in the order in which they are received.
  2. To be sure material is ready for your students for the first week of class requests should be submitted two weeks before the beginning of the term.
  3. The Library will order new books and videos required for course reserves. Use the reserve order form. New orders usually require a six to eight weeks to acquire. If the item is a video, you will probably want to "book" the item, i.e., schedule a reserved time for you to check it out for classroom viewing, by following the instructions at the top protion of of this page explaining audio/video booking, once the materials is received and processed by the library and is ready for use.
  4. Course materials are removed after each term. Personal materials are returned via campus mail. If the course is on-going or sequential contact the reserve unit before the end of the term so it will not be removed.

Contact Information

Architecture and Allied Arts Library Reserves: Paula Seeger, (541-346-1867)
Knight and Douglass Reserves: Eric Clark (541-346-1918)
Law Reserves:  Dannie Helm (541-346-8271)
Science/Math Libraries Reserves: Lara Nesselroad (541-346-2664)


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