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EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 3, 2016: The UO is transferring responsibility for records management oversight, policy, and training from the Libraries to the Office of the Vice President/General Counsel. While the transition is underway, UO offices may continue to submit records management questions though this form or via e-mail to Library staff will consult with the Office of the General Counsel as needed to address your inquiry. We anticipate the transition to be completed by Summer 2016.

What's a Records Retention Schedule?

A Records Retention Schedule specifies how long public records have to be retained, for legal, fiscal and historical purposes.

Navigating the Schedule

If you don't know the name of a record series, you can probably find it by consulting the Functional Sections. For example, if you have a question about admission documents, you can look at the Functional Sections and figure out that admissions records will be part of the Student Records section, and follow the links to the specific series you want.

Understanding and Using the Schedule

The Oregon University System Records Retention Schedule is a general schedule for all OUS institutions. This schedule has been customized for the University of Oregon to include information regarding the holder of the record copy of each series at the UO.

The Records Schedule is an Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR 166-475) and subject to all applicable laws and regulations. It is also a "minimum/maximum" schedule, which means that records are to be kept by University offices for as long as the retention period and no longer. To meet legal and fiscal obligations, it is very important to destroy records in a timely, regular, and appropriate fashion. Please consult our Procedure for Confidential Document Destruction for information on how to properly destroy confidential information.


Quick and easy use of the following schedule is dependent upon understanding the meaning of each component of a record series disposition.

Number within the section of the Administrative Rule. Title of the record series

Alternative titles for the record series and index entries. The series description generally consists of two components: a use or purpose statement and a content statement.
Record Copy: Indicates the holder of the official or record copy.
Retention: Designates the period of time that the record copy must be retained.

Other Copies: Indicates holders of additional copies.
Retention: Designates the period of time that the other copy or copies of a record series must be retained.

keyCONFIDENTIAL DESTRUCTION: This symbol indicates that a record series requires special treatment to ensure that confidentiality is retained while the record is being destroyed.


10. Awards Records

Alumni Awards, Fellowships, Scholarships

This series documents the process of selecting institutional faculty, staff, students and alumni to receive awards, fellowships, and scholarships based on merit or achievement. The series may include but is not limited to: applications; nomination letters; eligibility terms and selection criteria; recommendations; transcripts; letters of award notification or denial; letters accepting or declining awards; summary lists of winners; biographies; demonstration of need documentation; newspaper clippings and press releases; award history and information on funding sources; and related documentation and correspondence.

Record Copy: Administering Units
Retention: (a) Permanent for eligibility terms and selection criteria, award history and information on funding sources, award notifications, summary lists of winners, biographies of winners, and press releases; (b) 1 year for all other records.
Other Copies:
Retention: 1 year

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