Records Management RM 101 Principles

What is Records Management?

    Records management (RM) is the systematic control of records throughout their life cycle.

    The life cycle of a record:
    • Creation - the beginning of a record's life - when a record is created, collected or recieved during the routine transaction of business.
    • Use - how the record serves its function within a department, institution or to the public at large.
    • Filing/Storage - how the record is filed after it is created.
    • Disposition - determining whether the record needs to be destroyed or permanently preserved in the University Archives.

    How Does Records Management Affect my Daily Work?

    Records document the actions of your work, so proper records management is a key ingredient in efficient business activity and decision-making. Applying the proper retention periods from the UO Records Retention Schedule can ensure effective management of university records.

    • For basic access into the retention schedule, use the functional sections to find specific records series.

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