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EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 3, 2016: The UO is transferring responsibility for records management oversight, policy, and training from the Libraries to the Office of the Vice President/General Counsel. While the transition is underway, UO offices may continue to submit records management questions though this form or via e-mail to Library staff will consult with the Office of the General Counsel as needed to address your inquiry. We anticipate the transition to be completed by Summer 2016.

University Archives: Instructions for Transferring Records

Preparing records for storage

University Archives storage is available for inactive records of departments and offices on campus. An inactive record is one that is no longer needed on a regular basis for business purposes. Inactive records storage is for non-permanent records, if you think you have a group of permanent records, contact the University Historian/Archivist at 6-1899.

Legal custody of records stored in the University Archives inactive records storage remains with the originating department and consequently access is limited to staff of that department and of the University Archives.

Please note the following:

  • We no longer accept records into storage that have 15 years or less left on their retention period.
  • We are unable to fulfill more than 15 file requests per month for each department.
  • Do not send records in envelopes or send one or two random files at a time.
  • Do not send materials which are not considered to be "record" material, such as magazines, books, newspapers, etc. which were not produced by the University of Oregon or by University of Oregon personnel.

If you are unsure about identifying these materials or you think you have a special case, please contact the Electronic Records Archivist at 6-2487.

Step 1: Identifying and Preparing Records.

  1. Before preparing boxes for transfer, review the records retention schedule to identify the records series that are to be sent.
  2. Box the records with care. Please do not box multiple records series in one box. A record series is one type of record, as defined in the records retention schedule; search records would be a good example of one record series. If you are sending records from the same series with a large date span (greater than 2 years), please box the years separately. This ensures the proper and timely disposition of university records.
  3. Do not remove records from the folder in which they were placed, unless they are in hanging folders. Hanging folders need to be replaced by standard file folders. Please do not overfill boxes. Overstuffed boxes pose a safety hazard and can damage the records.
  4. Place records in standard records storage boxes (W=12" X L=15" X H=10") with lids and handles. If you have odd size items or records that do not fill an entire box, please contact University Archives.
  5. Create a box/folder list for each box. The list needs to indicate the box number, date range of materials, record series titles from the retention schedule and folder titles.

Step 2: Sending the Transmittal.

  1. Fill out a Transmittal Form and send it AND a copy of the box/folder list to University Archives. Make sure that you fill out all appropriate sections of the transmittal form and make a copy of the form and box/folder list for your records. Use only one transmittal form for each shipment of records. When describing records, please use the record series titles as indicated in the records retention schedule. This helps us process the transmittal and manage the records more efficiently. The MS Word Form
  2. Please do not allow students to sign the form or act as a contact person for the transmittal process. We are trying to develop a list of staff members on campus who have the responsibility for maintaining the records for each department.

Step 3: Coordinating the Delivery.

  1. Someone from University Archives will confirm the receipt of your transmittal request via e-mail or phone.
  2. University Archives will send you a memo that describes the delivery process. Also included in the envelope will be labels to affix to the boxes. Place the labels on the front of the box (narrow side) so that it corresponds with the direction of the folders inside. The accession number for the transmittal is printed on each label. Please record this number on your copy of the transmittal. You will need this number if you request folders from these boxes. Write the box number on each label as it relates to the box/folder list. Use thick black marker for visibility.
  3. Because staff is not at Baker Downtown Center on a regular basis, we will provide a range of dates and times that you can choose from for delivery. Someone from your office may bring the boxes to Baker Downtown Center themselves or you may request Facilities Services to pick up and deliver the boxes. Once you have a date set, please confirm the date with University Archives to ensure someone will be there to receive the boxes.

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