Printing from your Mac laptop in the PLLC

Printing in the Library

In order to print, you'll need a network connection. For assistance in connecting to the UO wireless network , see the Information Services page on networking.

The Library printers offer letter, legal, and tabloid output only. For larger formats, use the printers located in the Output Room.

Setting up printers in Mac OSX

  1. If your computer does not already have the proper driver for our printer, you'll want to obtain it:
  2. Open System Preferences under the Apple. Click on "Print & Fax" or "Print & Scan".

    An image of the Systems Preferences panel with the Print and Fax icon highlighted.    An image of the Systems Preferences panel with the Print and Scan icon highlighted.

  3. Unlock the panel, if necessary, by clicking on the lock icon and entering an administrative name and password. Then click on the plus button to add a printer.

    An image of the Print and Fax panel with the "add" icon and "lock" icon highlighted.
  4. Click on IP Printer
  5. For Protocol, select "Line Printer Daemon - LPD"
  6. For Address, enter "lib-kni-ps01"

An image of the printer selection control panel with the IP icon highlighted

  • Enter the printer details.
  • We have two separate printer queues for the laser printer in the Library.  It's not actually necessary to have two separate printer setups on your computer, but having one set to print black-and-white by default and the other set to print in color by defauly may help in avoiding undesired overcharging for black-and-white pages.

    For pdx_lib_BW

    • Queue Name: pdx_lib_BW

      An image of the Queue field.
    • Name: (your choice, e.g. Portland Library BW)

      An image of the Printer Name field.
    • Click in the "Print Using" field to show the drop-down menu. (The default choice may read "Generic Postscript Driver".) Choose 'Select a driver to use..." and in Printer Software find Ricoh Aficio MP C2000 PS
    • Press "Add"
    • Any further default settings should be correct.  Click "Continue":

    For pdx_lib_Color:

      Follow the same steps to those for the Black and White queue, but give the printer a different name.  That is,

    An image of the printer queue field.

    • Queue: pdx_lib_color
    • Name: (your choice, e.g. Portland Library Color)
    • Print Using: Select Printer Software: Ricoh Aficio MP C2000 PS
  • Quit the Print Utility and System Preferences. Your printer(s) should now be available.

If you require additional assistance, please contact Peter Gunn in the Portland Library.


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