Gifts in Kind

Gifts in Kind

The University of Oregon Libraries appreciates donations of materials which support the university’s mission of research and teaching. Therefore, the Libraries accept only materials that are in good physical condition and which enhance our collections in support of academic excellence and scholarship. Gift materials are handled responsibly and evaluated by highly trained library personnel.

All gift materials given to the University of Oregon Libraries become state property. The library shall determine how, where, when, and if the materials will be retained. These materials, as state property, cannot be returned to the donating party if they are not selected for addition to the collection. If the materials are not added to the collection, any decisions regarding the disposition (including donation, discard, or sale) of the items shall be made by the library. We are unable to notify donors of the final disposition of their gifts. Proceeds from any sale of donated materials will be used to the benefit of the University of Oregon Libraries.

The University Library, as an interested party, cannot offer appraisals for gifts received. If you require information on organizations that can appraise your gift for tax purposes, a list of such organizations can be provided.

The above policy and some of its language has been adapted from the gift policy of the University of Washington with their permission.

For more information about donation policies and parameters, please contact:

Lydia Harlan

Acquisitions Receiving Specialist

Ph: 541-346-1826



This policy was approved by the Collection Managers Group on 7/14/14.

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