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This page collects resources for the expanding field of microbial ecology, the study of how the smallest organisms on Earth impact the environment, the human body, and other areas of life. Learn about new research from international organizations and universities and find publications. Explore databases and tools that support microbial ecology research and analysis.  



Check out PubMed and Google Scholar for public access to research related databases, as well as the library's suite of research databases. Also search the following organization's pages for current research, projects, news, and publications.  

Microbial Ecology and Theory of Animals (META) Center for Systems Biology

The mission of the University of Oregon’s META Center for Systems Biology “is to pioneer the field of host-microbe systems biology.” See an overview of the program’s research areas and innovations in gnotobiology, live imaging, genomics, and bioinformatics.   

ISME: International Society for Microbial Ecology

“The principle non-profit society for the burgeoning field of Microbial Ecology and its related disciplines.” See current reports, research, and events. For publications, search the ISME Journal (open-access on an article to article basis)

Division of Microbial Ecology, University of Vienna

Find information about current research and news in Microbial Ecology field, download sequence databases, and see full-text publications

CIFAR: Canadian Institute for Advanced Research: Integrated Microbial Biodiversity

Learn more about current research from scientists specializing in microbial biology, statistics, genetics, immunology, Earth science, and botany.



CAMERA: Community Cyberinfrastructure for Advanced Microbial Ecology

CAMERA aims to serve microbial ecology research by providing a data repository and bioinformatics tools. Access raw environmental sequence data, associated metadata, pre-computed annotation and analyses, and high performance computational resources.

CMEIAS: Center for Microbial Ecology Image Analysis Software

Free image analysis software tools designed to strengthen microscopy-based approaches for understanding microbial ecology.

QIIME: Quantitative Insights Into Microbial Ecology

An open-source software package for comparison and analysis of microbial communities.

RDP: Ribosomal Database Project

“The Ribosomal Database Project (RDP) provides ribosome related data services to the scientific community, including online data analysis, rRNA derived phylogenetic trees, and aligned and annotated rRNA sequences.”



Lund University

Michigan State University

Netherlands Institute of Ecology

University of Maine

University of Tennessee

Virginia Institute of Marine Science

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