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March 2013


Elgin, Suzette Haden Papers

Call number: Coll. 307

Size: 6.0 linear feet (11 containers)

Summary: Suzette Haden Elgin (November 19, 1936-) is known for her extensive scholarly work in linguistics, the development of a feminist language called Láadan, and numerous publications in science fiction and other genres. The collection includes original Láadan materials, correspondence, publications, academic work, biographical information, music, plays, poems, original artwork, and audiovisual recordings all pertaining to her life as a scholar and an artist in many mediums.


Elliott, Kate Papers (Alis Rasmussen) (unprocessed)

Call number: 04-014

Size: approximately 33 linear feet.

Summary: Kate Elliott is the pen name for fantasy and science fiction writer Alis Rasmussen, a native of Oregon. Rasmussen has written over twenty novels and numerous short stories. The collection includes literary manuscripts and author’s notes.


Gearhart, Sally Papers

Call number: Coll. 305

Size: 6.25 linear feet (16 containers)

Summary: Sally Miller Gearhart (April 15, 1931- ) is a scholar of speech, communication, and drama; a civil rights activist; and a writer of novels, short stories, and essays that deal with lesbianism, feminist rhetoric, homosexuality and religion, and gay rights. The collection includes correspondence, academic works, literary works, reviews of literary work, biographical information, photographs, video recordings, audiotapes, and artifacts.


Gloss, Molly Papers

Call number: Coll. 269

Size: 7.0 linear feet (19 containers)

Summary: Collection comprises the papers of American author Molly Gloss, including notes, planning documents, research materials, and drafts of novels, short stories, book reviews, and essays written between 1979 and 2003. The collection includes examples of her work in several genres, including young adult fantasy literature, Outside the Gates (1986); western fiction, The Jump-Off Creek (1989); adventure fiction, Wild Life: A Novel (2000); and science fiction, The Dazzle of Day, “Interlocking Pieces” and “Lambing Season.”


Knight, Damon Papers (in process)

Call number: Coll. 340

Size: approximately 50 linear feet

Summary: Damon Knight was a science fiction writer, editor, criti, and the founder of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA). The collection includes literary manuscripts, galley proofs, correspondence, and publications.


Le Guin, Ursula K. Papers (limited access)

Call number: Coll. 270

Size: 54.75 linear ft. (112 containers)

Summary: Ursula K. Le Guin (1929- ) is a writer. Although perhaps best known for fantasy and science fiction novels such as The Earthsea Trilogy and the Hugo and Nebula award-winning The Left Hand of Darkness, Le Guin’s work eschews any narrow generic categorization. The Ursula K. Le Guin Papers include correspondence, literary manuscripts, audiotapes, interviews, and photographs, which reflect her life and career.


Marks, Laurie Papers (unprocessed)

Size: approximately 12 linear feet

Summary: Collection constitutes literary manuscripts of several of Marks’ books.


Russ, Joanna Papers

Call number: Coll. 261

Size: 7.25 linear feet (15 containers)

Summary: (1937- 2011) was a feminist, educator, author and literary critic. The collection includes correspondence and literary manuscripts. Russ maintained an extensive correspondence with many U.S. and English feminist writers and theorists of the late twentieth century The basis of most of the friendships was the ongoing literary work and emerging feminist radicalism in which the correspondents were engaged in one form or another .Included among the correspondents are Samuel Delaney, Marilyn Hacker, Susan Koppelman, Marge Piercy, and Suzy McKee Charnas. Often ebullient, thought provoking, rueful and instructive, the correspondence as a whole offers a complex view of a particular historical moment in the letters of women and men who were deeply involved in evolution of feminist thought and/or the possibilities of imagination in science fiction writing.


Salmonson, Jessica Papers (unprocessed)

Size: approximately 11.5 linear feet.

Summary: Collection constitutes literary manuscripts of several of Salmonson’s books.


Wilhelm, Kate Papers (unprocessed)

Size: approximately 17 linear feet.

Summary: Kate Wilhelm (1928 - ) is a writer of science fiction and crime fiction. The collection includes literary manuscripts and correspondence.


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