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Language Dictionaries

All of the UO Libraries have language dictionaries, covering the major languages of the world. The following list covers a selection of language dictionaries held in the Knight Library, giving the call number where dictionaries in that language can be found. The list also includes significant online dictionaries. Check the corresponding call number in the book shelving of the upper floors, if you want to find an edition that can be checked out.


English (PE 1625)

Oxford English Dictionary online; and in print at REF KNIGHT PE 1625 .O87 1989
The Merriam-Webster Language Center online
The American Heritage Dictionary online; and in print at the Knight Library Research/Information desk
Vocabulary.com online
Dictionary of Old English Corpus online
Middle English Compendium online


French (PC 2640)

Oxford-Hachette French-English online
Collins French Dictionary REF KNIGHT PC 2640 .C69
Dictionnaires d'Autrefois online


German (PF 3640)

Oxford German-English online
Oxford Duden Dictionary REF KNIGHT PF 3640 .O94


Italian (PC 1640)

Oxford Italian-English online
Oxford Paravia Italian Dictionary REF KNIGHT PC 1640 .O95


Spanish (PC 4640)

Oxford Spanish-English online
Diccionario de la lengua espanola online
Oxford Spanish Dictionary REF KNIGHT PC 4640 .O94


Chinese (PL 1455)

Oxford Chinese Dictionary REF KNIGHT PL 1455 .O88
ABC Chinese-English Comprehensive Dictionary REF KNIGHT PL 1455 .A33 2003


Japanese (PL 679)

JapanKnowledge online
Oxford Starter Japanese Dictionary REF KNIGHT PL 679 .O946 2000


  • Arabic (PJ 6640), including Hava Arabic-English Dictionary (REF KNIGHT PJ 6640 .H38)
  • Filipino (PL 6056), including New Standard English-Filipino Dictionary (REF KNIGHT PL 6056 .N49 1995)
  • Greek (PA 445), including English Greek Dictionary (REF KNIGHT PA 445 .E5 W6 1971)
  • Hebrew (PJ 4833), including Complete Hebrew-English, English-Hebrew Dictionary (REF KNIGHT PJ 4833 .A43 1996)
  • Indonesian (PL 5076), including Contemporary English-Indonesian Dictionary (REF KNIGHT PL 5076 .S24 1991)
  • Korean (PL 937), including NTC's Compact Korean & English Dictionary (REF KNIGHT PL 937 .E5 N15 1995)
  • Latin (PA 2365), including Oxford Latin Dictionary (REF KNIGHT PA 2365 .E5 O9 1982)
  • Malay (PL 5125), including Hippocrene Standard Malay-English, English-Malay Dictionary (REF KNIGHT PL 5125 .C64 1993)
  • Norwegian (PD 2691), including Engelsk Norsk Ordbok (REF KNIGHT PD 2691 .C3 1988)
  • Polish (PG 6640), including Hippocrene Unabridged POlish Dictionary (REF KNIGHT PG 6640 .P566 1997)
  • Portuguese (PC 5333), including Portuguese-English Dictionary (REF KNIGHT PC 5333 .T3 1990)
  • Russian (PG 2640), including Supplementary Russian-English Dictionary (REF KNIGHT PG 2640 .M34)
  • Swahili (PL 8703), including Hippocrene Practical Swahili-English, English-Swahili Dictionary (REF KNIGHT PL 8703 .A84 2000)
  • Swedish (PD 5640), including Prisma's Abridged English-Swedish, Swedish-English Dictionary (REF KNIGHT PD 5640 .P60 1995)
  • Thai (PL 4187), including New English-Thai Dictionary (REF KNIGHT PL 4187 .W584 1996)
  • Vietnamese (PL 4376), including NTC's Compact Vietnamese-English Dictionary (REF KNIGHT PL 4376 .N345 1995)

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