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Bibliographies and Encyclopedias on
Instruments, Instrument Makers, and Teaching


Creighton, James Lesley.
Discopaedia of the violin, 1899 - 1971.
Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1974.
[MUSIC REF. ML 156.4 .V5 C7]

Emery, Frederic Barclay.
The violinist's encyclopedic Dictionary, containing the explanation of more than 4,500 words, phrases, signs, references, etc., foreign as well as English, used in the study of the violin and also by string players, orchestra directors and players generally. With a list of important composers of violin music, and of old violin makers, as well as bow makers, also rules for pronunciation of foreign terms.
Chicago: The Violin Literature Publishing Co., 1928.
[MUSIC ML 102 .V4 E5 1928]

Fairfield, John H.
Known Violin Makers. 6th ed.
Richmond, VA: Virtuoso, c1999.
[MUSIC REF. ML 404 .F22 1999]

Heron-Allen, Edward.
De fidiculus bibliographia: being an attempt towards a bibliography of the violin and all other instruments played with a bow in ancient and modern times.
London: The Holland Press, 1961.
[MUSIC ML 128 .V4 H4 1890a]

Katz, Mark.
The violin: a research and information guide.
New York: Routledge, 2006.
[MUSIC REF ML 128 .V4 K38 2006]

Marcuse, Sibyl
A Survey of Musical Instruments: A Comprehensive Dictionary.
New York: Harper & Row, 1975
[MUSIC REF. ML460.M365 S94]
(Entries under: Double Bass, Violoncello; String; Bow)

Music Educators National Conference. String Instruction Committee.
Bibliography for string Teachers. rev. 1964
Washington: MENC, 1964.
[MUSIC ML 128 .S7 M9]

Musical Instruments. (Interactive CD-ROM)
NY: Warner Media, 1995.
[ Doug. Circ. CD-ROM ML460 .M95 1993]
(Has information, pictures, etc. on each instrument, including its family tree and position in the world.)

The Orchestra: the instruments revealed(Interactive CD-ROM)
NY; Warner Media, 1995.
[Doug. Circ. CD-ROM ML1200 .O73 1991]
(Based upon Benjamin Britten's Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, it gives the history of the orchestra, as well as the instruments in it.)

Sadie, Stanley, ed.
The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments.
London: Macmillan Press Ltd., 1984.
[MUSIC REF. ML 102 .I5 N48 1984]
(Has large signed articles with great bibliographies.)

Sollinger, Charles.
String Class Publications in the United States, 1851 -1951.
Detroit: Information Coordinators, 1974.
[MUSIC REF. ML 128 .S7 S64]

The Strad Directory.
Issued irregularly.
London : Orpheus Publications.
[MUSIC ML 802 .S845 -Latest ed. in Music Ref.]
(Includes instrument making resources and auction guides.)

Wenberg, Thomas James.
The violin makers of the United States: biographical documentation of the violin and bow makers who have worked in the United States.
Mt Hood, OR: Mt. Hood Pub. Co.,, 1986.
[MUSIC REF. ML 404 .W46 1986]

Indexes to Articles about Stringed Instruments and their Performers

(For information about the instruments and performers; teaching methods; literature - Use music indexes; for teaching methods and school music- use education indexes as well as music indexes.)

Music-Specific Indexes:

Education Indexes

  • Music Index
    [MUSIC REF. ML 118 .M84 - Index Table in Music Reference & on the web (for 1979 - present)]

    Music Article Guide
    [MUSIC REF. ML 118 .M842]

    1967 - present.
    [MUSIC REF. ML 118 .R4 & on the web, under Databases & Indexes]

      [Note: the following index is searched by using the ERIC thesaurus terms, which are very broad - i.e. Music; Music Education; Orchestra. You can also do a free-text search on the ERIC web site, then follow through on the descriptors to find more articles about your topic.]

      1966 - present
      Available in paper form and on the UO Library's catalog(as one of the databases.
      [Note: any item found in ERIC that lists ED as its accession number is available in the MICROFORMS department in the ERIC microfiche cabinet, filed by the ED number. EJ numbers designate journal articles, and these journals need to be searched in the UO Library's catalog, using the FindText button to find whether we own the journals.]

      Periodicals (Magazines & Journals) specifically for strings


      [Note: the latest copies of most of the periodicals are in the Music Services Department on the white shelves- older editions are bound and in our stacks.]

      American Harp Journal.
      [MUSIC ML 1005 .A4]

      American Suzuki Journal
      [MUSIC MT3.U5 A44 ]

      American String Teacher.
      [MUSIC ML 27 .U5 A8356]

      The Cremona, with which is incorporated "The Violinist," a record of the string world.
      [MICROFILM NX 1 .B75 reel 86](located in the Microforms Department on the first floor of the Knight Library]

      Bass World.
      [MUSIC ML 920 .I58]

      Journal of the American Viola Society.
      [MUSIC ML 900 .V62]

      Journal of the Violin Society of America.
      [MUSIC ML 800 .V48]

      The Strad.
      [MUSIC ML 1 .S78]

      Suzuki World.
      [MUSIC MT 259 .S88 v.4-6 1985-87]

      [MUSIC ML 750 .V5 v.1-2 no.2 1975-76]

      The Violin Times.
      [MICROFILM NX 1 .B75 reel 114-115]

      Violins & Violinists Magazine.
      [MUSIC ML 1 .V46 v.20-21 1959-60]




        Begin here when you want to know what pieces of music have been published for your instrument.
























        • Iotti, Oscar R.
          Violin and Violoncello in Duo without Accompaniment.
          Detroit: Information Coordinators, 1972.
          [MUSIC REF. ML 128 .V4 I6]

          Johnson, Rose-Marie.
          Violin Music by Women Composers: a bio-bibliographical guide.
          NY: Greenwood Press, 1989.
          [MUSIC REF. ML 128 .W7 J63 1989]

          Wilkins, Wayne.
          The Index of Violin Music.
          Magnolia, AR: Music Reigers, 1973.
          [MUSIC REF. ML 128 .V4 W56 + suppl.]

          Wilkins, Wayne.
          The Index of Violin Music (Winds) including the index of baroque trio sonatas.
          Magnolia, AR: Music Register, 1973.
          [MUSIC REF. ML 128 .V4 W54]

            Letz, Hans.
            Music for the violin and viola.
            NY: Rinehart, 1948.
            [MUSIC ML 132 .V4 L4]

            Wilkins, Wayne.
            Index of viola music.
            Magnolia, ARK: Music Register, 1976.
            [MUSIC REF. ML 128 .V36 W5 + 1977 supp.]

            Williams, Michael.
            Viola Music.
            Detroit: Information Coordinators, 1979.,
            [MUSIC REF. ML 128 .V36 W6 1979]

            Zeyringer, Franz.
            Literatur fur Viola: Verzeichnis d. Werke f. Viola-Solo, Duos mit Viola, Trios mit Viola, Viola-Solo mit Begleitung, Blockflote mit Viola, Gesang f.Viola u.d. Schul-u. Studienwerke f. Viola.
            Hartberg: Schonwetter, 1976.
            [MUSIC REF. ML 128 .V36 Z5 1976]

              De Smet, Robin.
              Published music for the viola da gamba and other viols.
              Detroit: Information Coordinators, 1971.
              [MUSIC REF. ML 128 .S7 D48]

                Berck, Heinz.
                Viola d'amore Bibliographie: Verzeichnis gedruckter und ungedruckter Werke mit Viola d'amore als Soloinstrumetn, in Duos, Trios, Quartetten, Quintetten usw., als Soloinstrument in Konzerten, in Werken mit Singstrimmen so wie Schul- und Studienwerke: dazu eine
                Bibliographie des Musikschriftums zur Viola d'amore.

                Kassel: Barenreiter, 1986.
                [MUSIC REF. ML 128 .V38 B47 1986]

                  Iotti, Oscar R.
                  Violin and Violoncello in Duo without Accompaniment.
                  Detroit: Information Coordinators, 1972.
                  [MUSIC REF. ML 128 .V4 I6]

                  Kenneson, Claude.
                  Bibliography of Cello Ensemble Music.
                  Detroit: Information Coordinators, 1974.
                  [MUSIC REF. ML 128 .V5 K45]

                  Markevitch, Dimitry.
                  The solo cello: a bibliography of the unaccompanied violoncello literature.
                  Berkeley, CA: Fallen Leaf Press, 1989.
                  [MUSIC REF. ML 128 .V5 M28 1989]

                  Walter Clinton Jackson Library.
                  Cello Music Collections in the Jackson Library, University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
                  (Part 1: the Luigi Silva Collection.)

                  Greensboro,NC: Walter Clinton Jackson Library, 1978.
                  [MUSIC REF. ML136.G732W38]

                    Grodner, Murray.
                    Comprehensive Catalogue of Available Literature for the Double Bass.
                    2nd ed. Bloomington, IN: Lemur Musical Research, 1964.
                    [MUSIC REF. ML 128 .D6 G7 1964]

                      Orchestra music guide; a bibliography of music for orchestra, string orchestra, orchestra collections, and solos/ensembles accompanied by orchestra, string orchestra, or ensemble
                      Evanston, IL: The Instrumentalist Co., 1966.
                      [MUSIC ML 128 .O5 I58]

                      Music Educators National Conference.
                      Selective music lists-1978: full orchestra, string orchestra.
                      Reston, VA: MENC, 1978.
                      [MUSIC ML 128 .O5 M78]

                      Using Subject Headings to Find Music in the UO Library's Catalog

                      [Note: The terms that our library uses to list books, scores, recordings, and bibliographies in the Subject catalogs are listed in the Library of Congress Subject Headings Books]

                      Books about an instrument are listed under the name of the instrument:

                      You can also add the following subheadings:

                      Music for each instrument is listed under the name of the instrument, followed by Music:

                      For instance:

                      Double Bass (or Violin or Viola or Violoncello) Music
                      Double Bass With Band
                      Double Bass With Orchestra
                      Double Bass With String Orchestra
                      Double Bass and Piano Music

                      Concertos (Double Bass or Violin or Violoncello, etc.)
                      Sonatas (Double Bass or Violoncello, etc.)

                      • Double Bass
                        Bowed Stringed Instruments

                          --Construction (for how the instrument was made)
                          --History (for the place of the instrument in history-and how it developed)
                          --Instruction and Study (for learning and teaching the instrument)
                          --Methods (for exercises and method books)

                          Other useful headings:

                          Violin and Violoncello Music--Bibliography (for lists of music for these two instruments as a duo)
                          Style, Musical
                          String-Orchestra Music
                          String Trios
                          String Quartets
                          String Quintets
                          (sextets, etc.)
                          Piano Trios
                          Piano quartets

                            [Note: Books about particular composers' works are listed in the SUBJECT section of the catalogs, under the composer's name, like:

                            Last Name, First Name. Quartets, Strings.
                            e.g. Beethoven, Ludwig van. Quartets, Strings.


                              Information on In-Print Music:


                              String Music in Print.
                              [MUSIC REF. ML 128 .S7 F4 1973 + 1984 supplement]

                              To determine the present price and availability of a piece of music, consult the music publishers' catalogs, in the Music Reference area , near the Music Index table and/or the UO Music Services web site for music publishers information, at

                              If we don't have a particular music publisher's catalogs, the following resources list the current addresses and phone numbers for publishers:


                              Finding Recordings of String Music and Musicians:


                              Searching the UO Local Catalog for recordings:




                              • To all of these, you can limit the list to just recordings, by pulling down the Material Type menu to Music, Record.

                                • Search the performer's name as an Author (e.g. Stern, Isaac or Guarneri String Quartet)
                                • Search the composer's name as an Author (e.g. Vivaldi, Antonio)
                                • Search the subject headings (listed in the Finding Music section)
                              • To search for just the compact discs:


                                • Start with the Call# tab on the UO Local Catalog.
                                • Scroll down to the Non-LC Call #:
                                  You will receive a list of the 16000+ compact discs we own- you can then limit by author (composer) or title or subject heading.
                                • If you want to browse our compact disc collection by genre (which doesn't include entries by instrument, see our genre web page at
                                • Browse our CIRCULATING CD COLLECTION.
                                  The covers are available for browsing as you walk in to the Douglass Room. For recordings by specific performers, come browse our Performers section under their last names. These will be compilation albums of many different composers.
                                • Check out our Audio Resources Online, at
                                  These databases provide streaming audio listening from 5 subscriptions, including the Database of Recorded American Music (DRAM) and Classical Music Library.
                                  Searches can be by instrument, composer, genre, performers, etc.
                                  (If you're having problems connecting off campus, see our Access to Electronic Resources site, at

                              Web Sites for String Players:

                              General Instrument Pages:

                              String Organizations' Web Pages:

                              String Pedagogy Pages:

                              Commercial Resources:

                              Just for Fun Source:

                              Also check out the UO's School of Music home page - and especially Indiana State University's home page-a great jumping off place for music resources.

                              Other web sites and resources, including Music in Oregon, can be found at:


                              Other Resources for Musicians

                                Checklist for Doing Music Research


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