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Including Instructions for Access to Library Catalogs through the UO Library's Catalog

I. The UO Library's Catalogs

The UO Libraries' Catalog provides access to a number of resources available to UO students, faculty and staff.

If the item you want is checked out, consider putting a recall or a hold on the item. This will ensure that you have first "dibs" on an item when it is returned by the due date. From the catalog, click the Request Item/Place Hold button while looking at the information for the item and follow prompts for information. You will need your UO ID number. You can see all you holds in My Account, found on the UO Libraries home page.

If you want the items sooner- in about one week- have a nearby Circulation desk put a recall on the item.

If the item is not in UO Library's Catalog, or it won't be back for a while, where do you go next?

II. SUMMIT, the Orbis/Cascade Alliance Union Catalog

The Summit catalog combines the collections of 35+ member libraries in the Pacific Northwest into a single online catalog.

A notable member of this consortium is the Center for Research Libraries, which provides unique resources for research.

Get into Summit by clicking on the Summit link on the Libraries home page, or by clicking on the Repeat in Summit button when you are in our catalog and the item isn't listed, or ours is checked out or unavailable.

Materials identified in Summit may borrowed by clicking on the REQUEST THIS ITEM line in the middle of the web's entry.

Borrowing time is usually 3 weeks- and the items should come to the library in about 3 working days. When they arrive, they are kept at the Circulation Desk until you pick them up.

If you don't find it in Summit, then check...

III. WorldCat

WorldCat, which is part of the umbrella title, FirstSearch, is the shared catalog of more than 20,000 libraries world wide.

It includes the computer tapes for the National Union Catalog of the Library of Congress, as well as many other countries' national catalogs.

Limitations: This resource is only truly complete for items cataloged after each library signed on. (We signed on in 1981.) You also need to know that journal articles cannot be borrowed through this source.

Connect to WorldCat from the web version of the UO Library's Catalog.

You can request ILL items right on the screen by clicking on the ILL button or following following the link to Borrow this Item from Another Library. The screen will guide you through the ordering process.

[Note: When you are done searching in WorldCat, please use the Exit button, as we are limited on how many people may use this resource at the same time.]


    IV. Catalogs from Other Libraries

    Information about many library catalogs is available through the Other Catalogs page of the UO Libraries page. The page is located under Find Resources ... More... on the main UO Libraires page. These include:

    Regional Catalogs (Located at the UO, in the community, or are our neighboring institutions:)

    • Information Services Collaboration Center (UO)
    • Eugene Public Library
    • Lane Community College
    • Northwest Christian College (OPALL)
    • Oregon Health and Science University
    • Oregon State University
    • Portland State University
    • Springfield Public Library
    • University of Washington
    • Other Oregon Libraries on the Web

    Union Catalogs Large conglomerate shared databases of many libraries- WorldCat is an example)

    Libraries Worldwide

    Connections to libraries and library web catalogs all over the world

    To Order from the Library's Worldwide Catalogs:

    Before you attempt to order items from other libraries (which you can't do through their web sites), check to see if the item is in WorldCat.
    If it isn't, write down the bibliographic information you find, and take a look at the Borrowing Materials from Other Libraries site, provided by the Interlibrary Loan Department on the web at There you will find forms for requesting books, dissertations, scores, and journal articles.

    Specialized Catalogs

    (Resources like the catalog for the Center for Research Libraries, The Library of Congress, the National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections, and ArchivesUSA)

    The Center for Research Libraries:

    This is a research collection to which we subscribe that holds large collections of items not available at the individual libraries. Some of the strengths of this source include Italian opera librettos, comic books, and large microfilm sets of music manuscripts. The catalog is available through SUMMIT in our catalog- and items can be requested just like a regular SUMMIT request.


    V. Print Music Catalogs from Other Libraries Available in the Knight Library:


    National Union Catalogs

    Great Britain

      United States
      • Music Library Association.
        Catalog of Cards for Printed Music, 1953-1972.
        [MUSIC REF ML 113 .O42]


      • Library of Congress.
        Music & Phonorecords...
        1953 -1972.
        [MUSIC REF Z881 .U52 M8]


      • Music, Books on Music & Sound Recordings.
        1973 - 1989.
        [MUSIC REF Z 881 .U52 M8]


      • U.S. Copyright Office.
        Catalog of Copyright Entries. Music.
        1947-77. [KNIGHT Z1219 .U58 pt.5]
        1978 = (Performing Arts) [KNIGHT Z 653 .U59a]
        1979 to 1982 = [MICROFORMS MICROFICHE Z 653 .U59a]


      • U.S. Copyright Office.
        Catalog of Copyright Entries. Sound Recordings.
        1978 = [KNIGHT Z 655.6 U54a]
        1979 - 1982 = [MICROFORMS MICROFICHE Z 655.6 .U54a]
      • The British Catalogue of Music.
        1957- 1991
        [MUSIC REF ML 120 .G7B7]

    Print Catalogs of Other Libraries' Music Collections

    • Central Opera Service.
      Directory of Operas & Publishers
      [MUSIC REF ML 128 .O4 D52]


    • The Edwin A. Fleisher Collection of Orchestral Music in the Free Library of Philadelphia: a Cumulative Catalog, 1929-1977.
      [MUSIC REF ML 136 .P4 F68]


    • New York Public Library. Research Libraries.
      Dictionary Catalog of the Music Collection.
      1964-1971 & supplements at
      [MUSIC REF ML 136 .N5 N582+ N583]
      1999- present (Called G.K. Hall Bibliographic Guide to Music) [MUSIC REF ML136 .N55 N574]


    • Tulane University.William Ransom Hogan Jazz Archive.
      Catalog of the William Ransom Hogan Jazz Archive: the Collection of 78 rpm Phonograph Recordings.
      NY: G.K. Hall, 1984.
      [MUSIC REF ML 136 .N495 T917 1984]


    • University of Tennessee, Knoxville Library.
      The Gottfried Galston Music Collection and the Galston-Busoni Archive. 1978.
      [MUSIC REF ML 136 .K63 U62]


    • Walter Clinton Jackson Library.
      Cello Music Collections in the Jackson Library, University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
      1978- (We have pt.1=the Luigi Silva Collection)
      [MUSIC REF ML 136 .G732 W38]


    Other Music Groups who have published their music catalogs include:


    ASCAP; BMI; U.S.Board of Trade; Detroit Public Library; Harvard; the BBC (Orchestra and Choral); Royal College of Music; International Clarinet Society,; Durham Cathedral Library; Vaughan Williams Memorial Library; James Weldon Johnson Memorial Collection of Negro Arts and Letters.

    [To find these in University of Oregon catalog, look under the name of the group as the author of the catalog. You can also browse the Music Reference section by the call number ML 136 to see what other libraries' catalogs we've collected.]


      VI. Music Catalogs Available on Online

      Some music libraries have constructed a home page on the World Wide Web that also provides you with easy access to their catalogs. The following are especially good examples for music students. To request items from these catalogs, you need to go into WorldCat, find the item listed, and fill out the order form, or go to the ILL order form listed above.


      Music Information Centers are also excellent sources for information about the music of specific countries. A directory of 43 music information centers around the world is avilable through IAMIC, the International Association of Music Information Centres .

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