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The following is a guide for doing jazz research in the University of Oregon's Knight Library. It lists the important bibliographies, discographies, encyclopedias and dictionaries of jazz, and the ways to find books, magazine articles, and biographical information on jazz and its performers. One area of research not listed in this guide is our Special Collections Department, which houses original manuscripts (including scores and letters from Red Nichols, among others.) Because this requires special paging by the department, you should make an appointment with the librarians in Special Collections (on the old second floor) to do research there.





    1. Take a tour of the Library to familiarize yourself with the locations of items.


    2. Read an encyclopedia article about your musician.

    (See the lists of biographical sources, jazz terms & history on this web site.)


    • Copy down the bibliography of books about the musician at the end of the encyclopedia articles for later checking in our catalogs.
    • Also note which bands your subject might have played in, as we may have books about those bands, rather than the individuals themselves.


    3. Familiarize yourself with this packet for sources about jazz.

    If you need other resources, consult the Research Guides list.


      4. Check the subject section of the UO Library's Catalog to see if the Library owns any books about your musician.

      • If there are no books about your person, consider under which larger heading your person might be listed, and use those subject headings in the UO Library's Catalog. [For instance, a book about bebop may include a section on Charlie Parker, using the subject heading such as Bebop in the Library's catalog.]
      • You might also check the names of the bands the person played in as subject headings-we may have books about that band!


      5. Check the author section of the UO Library's web catalog to see if we have any books by that musician, or any recordings or video cassettes of his/her works.

      Check to see if we have any of the books you found listed in step number 2.
      Note: Be sure to check the Library's catalog for a complete listing of our holdings.


        6. Check the list of Indexes to Jazz Articles in this packet.

        • Go through your chosen indexes under the musician's name to see if there are any articles listed.
        • Consult the UO Library's Catalog under the Journal Title of the periodical to see which magazines/periodicals we own.
        • When you find a journal listed, click on the FindText button to help discover if we have an online version of that journal.


        7. If you have given yourself enough time, request any articles and books you didn't find in this library that were listed in bibliographies from our Interlibrary Loan Department.

        • Before you use the following forms, check SUMMIT to see if any libraries in this region own the items you want.
          If they do, you can request it right on SUMMIT-and you will receive the item in three working days!
        • If SUMMIT doesn't have the item, try WorldCat, which connects you to over 20,000 libraries in the world, and provides Interlibrary loan service right on line.
        • If nobody seems to own what you are looking for, checkout the Interlibrary Loan Department of the library for forms and information on requesting items not in our Library.



        at the UNIVERSITY of OREGON




        Kennington, Donald & Read, Danny L.
        The Literature of Jazz: a Critical Guide. 2nd rev. ed.
        (Includes sections on histories, lives, analysis, education, jazz in literature, & periodicals, with indexes.)
        [MUSIC REF. ML 128 .J3 K45 1980}

        Meadows, Eddie S.
        Jazz Reference and Research Materials: a select annotated Bibliography.  2nd ed.
        (Includes books, articles, dissertations, discographies, and autobiographies.)
        [MUSIC ML 128 .J3 M33 1995]

        Resources for Jazz Pedagogy at the UO Music Services Department, available on the web at





            [Usually, the latest 10 years of each index are located on the Music Reference index tables; older years are in the Music Reference stacks by call number.]
            (Note: an asterisk (*) by a term means that that term is the most useful one under which to search.)


          The Most Important Indexes:



          • The Music Index
            (1949 - 2001 in paper; on the web from 1979)
            [MUSIC REF. INDEX TABLE ML 118 .M 84 + on the web through the Articles, Databases & Indexes section.
            Indexes music journals and articles about music in scholarly and popular journals.
            Look under these headings: Jazz*; Blues; Afro- Americans and Jazz; College Universities- Jazz; Popular Music; Schools-Jazz; Jazz-Analysis; Jazz; Anecdotes, Facetiae, Satire; and under the names of in Music Reference individual performers, composers, arrangers, and groups.
            For a guide to using the Music Index in paper form, go to
          • RILM Abstracts of Musical Literature
            (1967 - present)
            [MUSIC REF. INDEX TABLE ML 118 .R4 & on the web through Articles, Databases & Indexes]
            Indexes books, festschrift, dissertations, and scholarly journals. Also includes an abstract of each item.
            Beware: many of the articles are in languages other than English!
            Look under this section in the paper index: Ethnomusicology sections: #39: Jazz, Pop, and Rock.


          Other Useful Indexes:


          • Academic Search Premier
            A full-text database to coverage of many resources,especially in current news, business and company information, government and legal information, with some online music sources.


          • Alternative Press Index.
            (1969 - present)
            [KNIGHT REF AI 3.A27+ on the UO web (1991- present) through the Articles, Databases & Indexes section.
            Indexes magazine articles in hard-to-find and radical press publications.
            Look under: Jazz*; Blues/Music; and individuals' names (last name first).




          • Newspaper Source
            An online source that indexes thirteen major newspapers, including the New York Times, Wall St. Journal, Christian Science Monitor, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, as well as many international newspapers.


          • The Register Guard Index
            For doing research on local jazz artists(among other topics), this source indexes the Register Guard (Eugene's paper) back to 1963, as well as the Eugene Weekly.




          Look through the following journals & magazines to see if there are any articles about your topic. Most of these are indexed in the Music Index, RILM, or the Academic Search Premier.

          Annual review of jazz studies.
          Published under the auspices of the Rutgers Institute of Jazz Studies
          [MUSIC ML 3561 .J3 A5]

          The Big bands.
          [MUSIC ML3518 .B54 1980-83 (inc.)]

          Black sacred music: a journal of theomusicology.
          [MUSIC ML2999 .J68]

          Library has: v.9 no.4-12 1983 - v.22 no.1-5 1996
          [MUSIC ML3505.8 .C3 ]

          Coda magazine.
          Library has: no.180 (1981), no.188-245 (1983-1989-92)
          [MUSIC ML5 .C595 ]

          Different drummer.
          Library has: v. 1, no. 1-15; Sept. 1973-Jan. 1975.
          [MUSIC ML1.D5]

          Down beat.
          Library Has: v. 21(1954)- present (in paper);
          1950 - present in Microfilm
          [MUSIC ML 1 .D6]

          Jazz education journal. (The offficial magazine of the International Association for Jazz Education.)
          Library has: Vol. 13, no. 2 (Dec. 1980/Jan. 1981)- present
          [MUSIC ML 1 .N124]
          Previously editions = NAJE Educator [MUSIC ML1 .N3] and
          Jazz educators journal. [MUSIC ML 1 .N124])

          Jazzforschung = Jazz research.
          v.1 - (1969 - present)
          [MUSIC ML5 .J35 ]

          Jazz journal international.(London, England)
          Library has: v.3 1950 - v.25 no.7-v.26 1972-73
          [MUSIC ML5 .J316]

          Jazz monthly.
          Library has: v.1 no.2-3,5-12 1955-56 - v.10 no. 1 1964
          [MUSIC ML5.J319 ]

          Jazz music U.S.A.
          Library has: 1951- 1959
          [MUSIC ML3561.J3J3]

          The Jazz review.
          Library has: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Nov. 1958)-v. 4, no. 1 (Jan. 1961)
          [MUSIC ML1 .J32]

          PUBLISHER Portland, Or. : Jazz Society of Oregon
          Library has: 1981- present
          [OR.COLL. ML 3505.8 .J38]

          Library has: 1991 to present.
          [MUSIC ML1 .R232]

          Journal of jazz studies.
          Library has: 1973- 1977
          Continued by: Studies in jazz discography.
          [MUSIC ML1.J59 ]

          Just jazz.
          Library has: v.1 - v.4
          [MUSIC ML3561.J3J8 ]

          Library Has: v.1 no.1-3 1956-57
          [MUSIC ML3561.J3K42]

          Music mirror.
          Library has: v.3-4 1956-57 - v.5 1958 (inc.)
          [MUSIC ML5.M8 ]

          National Association of Jazz Educators.
          Library has: v.1-4 1968-72
          Continued by: NAJE educator
          [MUSIC ML1 .N3 ]




            Essay & General Literature Index.
            (1900- present in paper; on the web on the UO Library's web site, under Articles, Databases & Indexes)
            This indexes essays included in anthologies and parts of books.
            Look under:Jazz music*; Blues (Songs, etc.); Ragtime Music; individuals; names.
            [KNIGHT AI 3 .E75]


              JAZZ TERMS & HISTORY


              Carr, Ian. Jazz the Essential Companion.
              [MUSIC ML 102 .J3 C32 1987]

              Clayton, Peter. Jazz A-Z.
              [MUSIC ML 102 .J3 C6 1986}

              Gold, Robert S. Jazz Talk
              (Includes history of jazz slang, with dates & examples).
              [MUSIC ML 102 .J3 G64]

              Hitchcock, H. Wiley & Sadie, Stanley.
              The New Grove Dictionary of American Music.
              (Has a 30 p. historical survey of jazz, with a wonderful bibliography, as well as many separate entries for jazz musicians.)
              [MUSIC REF. ML 101 .U6 N48 1986]

              The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz.
              (From the same publishers as the above-with more in-depth articles, and more musicians covered than the American Grove.
              [MUSIC REF. ML 102 .J3 N48 2001]

              The New Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians 2d ed.
              The on-line dictionary/encyclopedia for music and musicians. While the majority of the articles are on classical musicians & opera, the on-line version includes the New Grove Encyclopedia of Jazz.




                [See also: Biographical Resources: a Research Guide for more resources.]

                Carner, Gary.
                Jazz Performers: an annotated bibliography of biographical materials.
                [MUSIC REF. ML 128. B3 C37 1990]

                Case, Brian.
                The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Jazz.
                [MUSIC REF. ML 102 .J3 C34]

                Chilton, John.
                Who's Who of Jazz: Storyville to Swing Street.
                [MUSIC REF. ML 106 .U3 C5 1985]

                Claghorn, Charles Eugene.
                Biographical Dictionary of American Music.
                [MUSIC REF. ML 106 .U3 C6]

                Claghorn, Charles Eugene.
                Biographical Dictionary of Jazz. 1982
                [MUSIC REF. ML 390 .C59 1982]

                Feather, Leonard G.
                The biographical encyclopedia of jazz.
                [MUSIC REF. ML102.J3 F39 1999]

                Feather, Leonard.
                The Encyclopedia of Jazz in the Sixties.
                [MUSIC REF. ML 105 .F35]

                Feather, Leonard.
                The Encyclopedia of Jazz in the Seventies.
                [MUSIC REF. ML 105 .F36]

                Feather, Leonard.
                The New Edition of the Encyclopedia of Jazz.
                [MUSIC REF. ML 105 .F348 1962]

                Floyd, Samuel A.
                Black Music Biography: an Annotated Bibliography.
                [MUSIC REF. ML 128 .B3 F6 1987]

                The Guinness Who's Who of Jazz.
                [MUSIC REF. ML 102 .J3 G85 1992]

                Harris, Sheldon.
                Blues Who's Who: A Biographical Dictionary of Blues Singers.
                [MUSIC REF. ML 102 .B6 H3]

                Johnson, Bruce.
                The Oxford Companion to Australian Jazz.
                [MUSIC ML 102.J3 J63 1987]

                Placksin, Sally.
                American Women in Jazz: 1900 to the Present.
                [MUSIC ML 3508 .P58 1982]

                Rose, Al & Souchon, Edmond.
                New Orleans Jazz: A Family Album.
                [MUSIC ML 3508.8.N48 R67 1984]


                  JAZZ BIBLIOGRAPHIES


                  Carl Gregor, Duke of Mecklenburg.
                  International Jazz Bibliography.
                  [MUSIC REF. ML 128.J3 C4]

                  Gray, John.
                  Fire Music: a Bibliography of the new jazz, 1959 - 1990.
                  [MUSIC REF. ML 128.J3 G7 1991]

                  Hefele, Bernhard.
                  [MUSIC REF. ML 128.J3 H461]

                  Meeker, David.
                  Jazz in the Movies.
                  [MUSIC REF. ML 128.M7 M38 1982]


                    JAZZ TEXTBOOKS


                    Gridley, Mark C.
                    Jazz styles : history & analysis. 7th ed
                    [MUSIC ML3506 .G74 2000]


                      GENERAL JAZZ DISCOGRAPHIES


                      All music guide to jazz.
                      [MUSIC REF. ML156.4.J3 A45 2002]
                      (For a more general version of the All Music Guide, see the web at

                      The Blackwell guide to recorded jazz. 2nd ed.
                      [MUSIC REF. ML156.4.J3 B66 1995]

                      Bruyninckx, Walter.
                      60 Years of Recorded Jazz. 18 v.
                      [MUSIC REF. ML 156.4.J3 B7]

                      A commercial web site that lists what recordings are in print. Be sure to specify "Jazz" when searching.

                      Cook, Richard.
                      The Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings. 9th ed.
                      [MUSIC REF. ML156.4.J3 C68 2008]

                      Cooper, David E.
                      International Bibliography of Discographies: Classical Music and Jazz & Blues, 1962 - 1972.
                      [MUSIC REF. ML 113.C655 I6]

                      Cuscuna, Michael.
                      The Blue Note Label: a Discography.
                      (A listing of the output of this important jazz label.)
                      [MUSIC REF. ML ML156.4.J3 C87 2001]

                      Fox, Charles,
                      Jazz on Record: A Critical Guide.
                      (Lists the best records of each artist and 1978 includes biographical information.)
                      [MUSIC ML 156.4 .J3 F7 1978]

                      The Gramophone jazz good CD guide. 2nd ed.
                      [MUSIC REF. ML156.4.J3 G72 1997]

                      Harrison, Max.
                      The Essential Jazz Records. Vol. I: Ragtime to Swing.
                      (Survey of recordings from origins to 1930's and transition, including personnel and discographical information.)
                      [MUSIC ML 156.4 .J3 H33 1984]

                      Jepsen, Jorgen.
                      Jazz Records, 1942-1965: a Discography.
                      (A very comprehensive list by performer of jazz records from 1942-1965.)

                      [MUSIC REF. ML 156.4 .J3 J5 v.1-8]

                      Leder, Jan.
                      Women in Jazz: a Discography of Instrumentalists.
                      (Traces, by performer, recordings of women instrumentalists.)
                      [MUSIC REF. ML 156.4 .J3 L44 1985]

                      Litchfield, Jack.
                      The Canadian Jazz Discography, 1916-1980.
                      (Every record by Canadian jazz artists, including Canadian films with jazz in them.)
                      [MUSIC REF. ML 156.4 .J3 L573]

                      Lord, Tom.
                      The Jazz Discography.
                      v.1-23 received.
                      [MUSIC REF. ML 156.4 .J3 L6 1992]

                      Lyons, Len.
                      The 101 Best Jazz Albums: a History of Jazz on Records.
                      [MUSIC ML 3508 .L93 1980b]

                      Piazza, Tom.
                      Guide to classic recorded jazz.
                      [MUSIC REF. ML 156.4.J3 P53 1995]

                      Raben, Erik.
                      Discography of Free Jazz.
                      (Includes Albert Ayler, Don Cherry, Ornette Coleman, Pharoah Sanders, Archie Shepp & Cecil Taylor.)
                      [MUSIC ML 156.4 .J3 R25]

                      Ruppli, Michel.
                      The Chess Labels: A Discography. 2 v.
                      (Chicago blues-by accession number-gives cuts and personnel.)
                      [MUSIC REF. ML 156.2 .R783 1983]

                      Ruppli, Michel.
                      The Clef/Verve Labels: A Discography. 2 v.
                      (World War II Jazz recordings.)
                      [MUSIC REF. ML 156.2 .R784 1986]

                      Ruppli, Michel.
                      The Prestige Label: a Discography.
                      (1949 - 1974)
                      [MUSIC REF. ML 156.2 .R786]

                      Ruppli, Michel.
                      The Savoy Label: a Discography.
                      (Swing & Blues)
                      [MUSIC REF.ML 156.2 .R787]

                      Rust, Brian.
                      Jazz Records, 1897-1942. (2 v.)
                      (All known records in the years 1897-1942 in ragtime, jazz & swing idioms, with some dance records.)
                      [MUSIC REF.ML 156.4 .J3 R86 1969]

                      Tudor, Dean & Tudor, Nancy.
                      Jazz (American Popular Music on Elpee.)
                      (Survey of record buying guide-including recommended recordings for libraries-based on reviews.)
                      [MUSIC ML 156.4 .J3 T73]


                        SPECIAL DISCOGRAPHIES


                        University of Oregon. Knight Library. Music Services Dept.
                        Jazz, Ragtime & Blues in the Knight
                        A web site of the UO's holdings of Jazz Recordings.
                        Available on the web at

                        Tulane University.
                        Catalog of the William Ransom Hogan Jazz Archive. (2 v.)
                        (A catalog-by band name, leader, members of the band, titles of compositions, composers, lyricists, arrangers- of the 78 rpm collection of jazz records at Tulane University.)
                        [MUSIC REF. ML 136 .N495 T917 1984]


                        Jazz Selections on the World Wide Web


                        Archives for Jazz on the Web



                        Catch-all Web Sites for Jazz:



                        Just for Fun:


                        Bird, Christiane.
                        The jazz and blues lover's guide to the U.S. : with more than 900 hot clubs, cool joints, landmarks, and legends, from boogie- woogie to bop and beyond.
                        [MUSIC ML3508 .B57 1994]

                        Instrument Jokes


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