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I. Take a tour of the Library.

For a tour of the Music Services Area, contact the music librarian by e-mail at or by phone (346-1930).


II. Consult an encyclopedia article on your topic.

Specialized encyclopedias in the Music Services Department that include folk and ethno materials include:

The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music.
Each national music has an individual volume, with an accompanying sample compact disc (DOUG. CIRC. COMPACT DISC CX3875)
Contents include: v.1- Africa; v.2-South America, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean; v.3- The United States and Canada; v.4-Southeast Asia.; v.5-South Asia: the India Subcontinent; v.6 - The Middle East; v.7 - East Asia: China, Japan, and Korea; v.8-Europe; v. 9-Australia and the Pacific Islands; v.10-The World's Music: General Perspectives and Reference Tools.
[MUS REF ML100 .G16 1998]

The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. 2nd ed.
[MUSIC REF ML 100 .N48 2001 + on the web through the UO web catalog]

The New Grove Dictionary of American Music.
[MUSIC REF ML 101 .U6 N48 1986]

The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments.
[MUSIC REF ML 102 .I5 N48 1984]

Musical Instruments of the World: an Illustrated Encyclopedia.
[MUSIC REF ML 102 .I5 M88 1997]

    III. Consult a guide or handbook to your specific subject area.


    Examples include:

    African music : a bibliographical guide to the traditional, popular, art, and liturgical musics of Sub-Saharan Africa.
    [MUSIC REF. ML120.A35 G7 1991]

    African-American Traditions in Song, Sermon, Tale & Dance, 1600's - 1920: an annotated bibliography of literature, collections and artworks.
    [KNIGHT Z 5956 .A47 S68 1990]

    American and Canadian immigrant and ethnic folklore : an annotated bibliography.
    New York : Garland Pub., 1982.
    [KNIGHT GR105.G43 1982]

    An Annotated Bibliography of Oceanic Music & Dance.
    [MUSIC ML 120 .O25 M22 + suppl.]

    A Bibliography of Bagpipe Music.
    [MUSIC REF ML 128 .B17 C3 1980]

    A Bibliography of North American Folklore and Folksong. (2 vols.)
    [MUSIC REF ML 128 .F75 H3 1961]

    Black music in the United States : an annotated bibliography of selected reference and research materials.
    [MUSIC ML128.B45F6 1983]

    Central European folk music : an annotated bibliography of sources in German.
    [MUSIC REF. ML128.F74 B64 1996]

    Chinese Music: an annotated bibliography.
    [MUSIC REF ML 120 .C5L5 1979]

    The Complete guide to Celtic music : from the highland bagpipe and Riverdance to U2 and Enya.
    [MUSIC ML3580 .S38 2000]

    Dance in India: an Annotated Guide to Source Materials.
    [KNIGHT Z 7514 .D2 V34]

    Dance Research: Published or Publicly presented by members of the Study Group on Ethnochoreology.
    [MUSIC REF GV 1594 .D2 1991]

    Ethnomusicology research : a select annotated bibliography.
    New York : Garland Pub., 1992.
    [MUSIC REF. ML128.E8 S4 1992]

    Folk Music in America: a Reference Guide.
    [MUSIC REF ML 128 .F74 M5 1986]

    The Folk Music Source Book.
    [MUSIC REF ML 12. S26 1989]

    The Garland Handbook of African Music.
    [MUSIC ML350 .G54 1999 + DOUG.CIRC. CX 5864]

    The Garland Handbook of Latin American Music.
    [MUSIC ML199 .G36 2000 + DOUG. CIRC. CX 6050]

    Grass Roots International Folk Resource Directory.
    [MUSIC REF. ML 19 .G73 1985]

    Hawaiian music: an annotated bibliography.
    [MUSIC REF. ML125.H4S76 1986]

    Indian Music and Dance: a Select Bibliography.
    [MUSIC REF ML 120 .I5 K46 1986]

    Iwaschkin, Roman.
    Popular Music: A Reference Guide.
    [MUSIC REF ML128. P63I95 1986]

    Japanese Music: an annotated bibliography.
    [MUSIC REF ML 120 .J3 T8 1986]

    Reference Materials in Ethnomusicology: a Bibliographic Essay on Primitive, Oriental, and Folk Music.
    [MUSIC ML 128 .M8 N5]

    The Traditional Music of Britain and Ireland.
    [MUSIC REF ML 128 .F74 P67 1989]

    Yugoslav Dance: an Introduction and List of Sources Available in United States Libraries.
    [KNIGHT Z 7514 .D2 D86 1981]

      IV. Search for books and recordings in your intended area in the Subject section of the UO Library's Catalog.


      The following subject headings are especially useful for finding books and recordings on music of various cultures:


      Folk Music, [name of ethnic group or nationality]
      ex: Folk Music, Indian

      Folk Dance Music, [name of ethnic group or nationality]
      ex: Folk Dance Music, Greek

      Folk Songs, [name of ethnic group or nationality]
      ex: Folk Songs, Norwegian

      Folk Dancing, [name of ethnic group or nationality]
      ex: Folk Dancing, Cajun

      Music - [Country's name]
      ex: Music - Iran

      Popular Music, [name of ethnic group or nationality]
      ex: Popular music , Brazilian

      Names of individual instruments or groups of instruments ex:
      Sitar (for books on the instrument); Sitar Music (for recordings and scores of sitar music)
      Gamelan or Gamelan Music

      Names of the particular genres of music
      ex. Karnatic Music

      Names of particular ethnic groups - Music
      ex: Indians of North America - Music


        V. Search the various indexes in Music Reference and UO Library's catalog for articles about your topic.

        Use the Databases & Indexes section on the web catalog by the first letter of the title to find the call numbers of these sources and to gain access to the online versions.

        Some of the best resources to consult include:


        The Music Index
        The best resource for music articles

        A more-esoteric index to international articles about music and related fields, including Dance. This is a web-based index, as well as in paper.

        Academic Search Premier
        A good general index to online articles in journals and magazines on all topics. Many of the music journals are available through this index.

        Abstracts in Anthropology
        [KNIGHT GN 1 .A15]
        For the more ethnologist-oriented articles in the related anthropology disciplines

        Anthropological Literature
        An on-line version of the index, available on the web at the Library's Database & Indexes source.

        The Dance Catalog
        This resource provides access to the New York Public Library's Dance collection, and has indexing of individual journal articles.

        The Human Relations Area File
        This unique source is actually a cumulation of reports and articles by anthropologists about native peoples of the world, compiled by the University of Berkeley. It examines the social and cultural aspects of people around the world. The Library owns the CD-ROM of this source, which is housed in the Knight Reference Department. Ask for it at the Knight Reference Desk.

        For articles about teaching and learning dances of other cultures

        Dissertation Abstracts International
        For dissertations done in the United States and Canada- most available through Interlibrary Loan.


          VI. Note the following list of specialized journals in the field of ethnomusicology and ethnic dance.

          These are indexed in the Music Index, the Dance Catalog, and in RILM.


          African music.
          [MUSIC ML 5 .A26]

          American Music. (The journal of the Society for American Music)
          [MUSIC ML1 .A497]

          Asian music.
          [MUSIC ML 1 .A834 + Internet web site]

          Balungan: A Publication of the American Gamelan Institute
          [MUSIC ML 1 .B34]

          Black music research journal.
          [MUSIC ML 3556 .B58]

          Black Perspective in Music
          [MUSIC ML3556 .B6]

          Black sacred music: a journal of theomusicology.
          [MUSIC ML2999 .J68]

          British Journal of Ethnomusicology
          [MUSIC ML3797.6 .B75]

          [MUSIC ML 1 .B78]

          Bulletin of the International Council for Traditional Music.
          [MUSIC ML 26 .I4]

          Chinese Music
          [MUSIC ML 1 .C48]

          English Dance and Song.
          [MUSIC ML 5 .E565]

          Published for the Society for Ethnomusicology.
          [MUSIC ML 1 .E77]

          Ethnomusicology Forum
          [MUSIC ML3797.6 .B75]

          Ethnomusicology OnLine (EOL)
          A web-based journal, beginning in 1995, published by the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.
          Available at

          Folk Music Journal.
          [MUSIC ML 5 .F6]

          The Galpin Society journal.
          [MUSIC ML 5 .G26]

          JEMF Quarterly.
          [MUSIC ML 1 .J54]

          Journal of Popular Culture
          [KNIGHT P 91 .J6 + full-text articles available from 1990 to present on
          Academic Search Premier and from our library's web site from 2002]

          Journal of the Indian Musicological Society.
          [MUSIC ML 5 .I415]

          Latin American music review. See: Revista de musica latinoamericana.

          Listen to Norway
          [Shelved in the unbound newsletter files on the Music Services Reference Index table.]

          Musica Judaica.
          [MUSIC ML 1 .M3565]

          Pacific Review of Ethnomusicology
          [MUSIC ML 1 .P10515 + accompanying cd's = DOUG. CIRC. COMPACT DISC CX4022]

          Popular Music
          [MUSIC ML 5 .P66 + available in full text, from 2000-2002, on the UO Library's web site
          (Search by Journal Title in the web site)]

          Popular Music and Society
          [MUSIC ML 1 .P7 + full-text articles available on our library's web site (from 2003)
          and, from 1996 in the Academic Search Premier]

          Revista de musica latinoamericana. Latin American music review.
          [MUSIC ML199 .R48 + available in full text, from 2001 to the present, on the UO Library's web site and indexed in the Academic Search Premier]

          Selected Reports in Ethnomusicology.
          [MUSIC ML 3547.1 .S44]

          Sing Out.
          [MUSIC ML 1 .S588]

          Sruti (Music & Dance in India)
          [MUSIC ML 5 .S726]

          The World of music = Die Welt der Musik = le Monde de la musique.
          [MUSIC ML 1 .W5951]

          Yearbook for Traditional Music.
          [MUSIC ML 1 .I719]


            VII. Don't forget record jackets, cassette program notes, CD-ROM programs, and video recordings as sources for information.



            Explore the Audio Resources Online held by the University of Oregon and available to the UO faculty, staff and students.


            Browse the following discographies for recordings of the past:

            Ethnic and vernacular music, 1898-1960: a resource and guide to recordings.
            [MUS REF. ML156.4.F5 V47 1995]

            Ethnic music on records: a discography of ethnic recordings produced in the United States, 1893 to 1942.
            [MUS REF. ML156.4.F5 S69 1990]

            Irish Folk Music: a Selected Discography.
            [MUS REF ML 156.4 .F5 S25 1989]

            Music of the world: a selective discography.
            CONTENTS: v. 1. Sub-Saharan Africa, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Japan, Romania, Tibet, U.S.S.R., United States, Yugoslavia -- v. 2. Indonesia, Korea, Oceania, Taiwan, Thailand -- v. 3. The United States: Afro-American, European-American, Hispanic-American, Native American -- v. 4. Arabic speaking Near East; Iran; Israel; Turkey.
            [MUSIC ML156.4.F5 M9 v.1-4]

            Recordings of the Traditional Music of Bali & Lombok.
            [MUSIC ML 156.4 .N3 B37]


            Discographies of the UO Libraries' collection:


            The University of Oregon's World Music Discographyis available at

            Other discographies of UO holdings that are useful to ethnomusicologists include:

            Blues in the Knight, at

            The Country Music Discography, at

            Gospel Music Discography, at


              CD-ROM Programs:

              These are available in the Douglass Listening Room's Circulating CD collection.

              Africa folk music atlas.
              Includes: 1 computer laser optical disc + 3 sound discs
              CONTENTS: Titles of sound discs: v. 1.1. Voices of Africa -- v. 1.2. Winds & strings of Africa -- v. 1.3. Drums of Africa.
              (In back of the accompanying book = [MUSIC ML3760 .A37 1996.]
              Recordings available in Douglass Listening Room's Circulating CD Collection at [DOUG. CIRC. COMPACT DISC CX4338 disc 1 - disc 3])

              Musical Instruments.
              [DOUG. CIRC. CD-ROM ML460 .M95 1993]



                These are available in the Reserves & Video Collection on the first floor of the Knight Library.
                All of the videos are listed on the Library's web catalog (where you can limit your search to just Videos & Films).
                You can also search the World Music & Dance Video web site at


                A few video sets that may be of particular interest to ethnomusicologists are:


                Exploring the world of music.
                12 videocassettes (ca. 360 min.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in. VHS format.

                The JVC Smithsonian/Folkways video anthology of music and dance of Africa.
                [S.l.]: Victor Company of Japan; distributed by Multicultural Media, c1996.
                3 videocassettes (156 min.) sd., col.; 1/2 in. + 3 guides. VHS format.
                CONTENTS v. 1. Egypt, Uganda, Senegal -- v. 2. The Gambia, Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria -- v. 3. Kenya, Malawi,
                Botswana, South Africa

                The JVC Smithsonian Folkways video anthology of music and dance of Europe.
                2 videocassettes (118 min.): sd., col.; 1/2 in. + 2 guides. VHS format.
                CONTENTS: v.1:Iceland, Denmark, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Czech Republic, Hungary, Belgium --
                v. 2. France, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Romania.

                The JVC/Smithsonian Folkways video anthology of music and dance of the Americas.
                [S.l.]: JVC, Victor Company of Japan; Montpelier, VT: Distributed by Multicultural Media, c1995. 6 videocassettes
                (332 min.): sd., col.; 1/2 in. + 6 guides.
                CONTENTS v. 1. Canada and the United States -- v. 2 - v. 3 The United States -- v. 4. The Caribbean -- v. 5. and v. 6
                Central and South America.

                The JVC video anthology of world music and dance.
                Tokyo: JVC, Victor Company of Japan [production company], 1988; Cambridge, MA : Rounder Records
                [distributor], [1990]
                30 videocassettes (1523 min.): sd., col.; 1/2 in. + 9 guides. VHS format.
                CONTENTS v.1-2. Korea -- v. 3-4. China --v. 5. China 3/Mongolia -- v. 6. Vietnam/Cambodia -- v. 7. Thailand/Burma -- v. 8. Malaysia/ Philippines -- v. 9- 10. Indonesia -- v. 11-13. India -- v. 14. Pakistan/Bangladesh -- v. 15. Sri Lanka/Nepal/Bhutan -- v. 16. Turkey/Iran/Iraq/Lebanon/Qatar -- v. 17. Egypt/Tunisia/Morocco/ Mali/Cameroon/Zaire/Tanzania -- v. 18. Chad/Cameroon --v. 19. Ivory Coast/Botswana/Republic of South Africa -- v. 20. Ireland/England/France/Switzerland/West Germany/Spain/Italy/ Greece -- v. 21. Poland/Czechoslovakia/Hungary -- v. 22. Romania/Yugoslavia/Bulgaria/Albania -- v. 23. Russia -- v. 24. Latvia/Estonia/Lithuania/Belorussia/ Ukraine/Moldavia -- v. 25. Azerbaijan/Armenia/Georgia/Dagestan -- v. 26. Kazakh/Uzbek/ Turkmen/Tajik/Kirgiz/Kalmyk/Mari/Bashkir/Siberia -- v. 27. North American Indians -- v. 28. Mexico/Cuba/Bolivia /Argentina -- v. 29. Micronesia/Melanesia/Australia --< v. 30. Polynesia/New Zealand.


                  VIII. World Music Textbooks


                  Exploring the World of Music.
                  3 compact discs & text.
                  [DOUGLASS COMPACT DISC CX4847 + text]

                  Lornell, Kip & Anne Rasmussen, ed.
                  Musics of Multicultural America.
                  [MUSIC ML3477 .M88 1997 + DOUG CIRC COMPACT DISC CX4182]

                  Malm, William P.
                  Music Cultures of the Pacific, the Near East, and Asia. 3rd ed. 1996.
                  [MUSIC ML330 .M3 1996]

                  May, Elizabeth, ed.
                  Musics of Many Cultures: An Introduction.
                  [MUSIC ML 3798 .M87 1983 & DOUGLASS PHONODISC DMbl A24]

                  Music in Latin American culture: regional traditions.
                  [MUSIC ML199 .M86 1999 + DOUG CIRC COMPACT DISC CX4708]

                  Musics of the world's cultures: a source book for music educators.
                  [MUS REF. ML128.I64 M87 1998]

                  Nettl, Bruno, ed.
                  Excursions in World Music. 2nd ed.
                  [MUSIC MT6 .E98 1997 & DOUGLASS CASSETTE 1975M, V. 1 + 2]

                  Nettl, Bruno.
                  Folk and Traditional Music of the Western Continents. 3rd ed. 1990.
                  [Library holds 1st ed. =MUSIC ML 3549 .N5]

                  O'Brien, James P.
                  Music in World Cultures: Understanding Multiculturalism Through the Arts.
                  [MUSIC ML 3545 .027 1994]

                  Reck, David.
                  Music of the Whole Earth.
                  [MUSIC MT6.R273 M9]

                  Titon, Jeff, ed.
                  Worlds of Music: An Introduction to the Music of the World's Peoples. 3rd ed.
                  [MUSIC ML 3545 .W67 1996 & DOUGLASS COMPACT DISC CX2938]

                    IX. K-12 Multicultural Music Resources


                    Anderson, William M.
                    Teaching Music with a Multicultural Approach.
                    [MUSIC MT 1 .T39 1991]

                    Anderson, William, and Patricia S. Campbell, eds.
                    Multicultural Perspectives in Music Education.
                    [MUSIC MT 1 .M93 1996]

                    Campbell, Patricia S.
                    Lessons from the World: A Cross-Cultural Guide to Music Teaching and Learning.
                    [MUSIC MT 1 .C22 1991]

                    George, Luvenia A.
                    Teaching the Music of Six Different Cultures.
                    [MUSIC MT3.U5 G46 1987 & Cassette 1391M]

                    Jessup, Lynne.
                    World Music: A Source Book for Teaching.
                    [MUS REF ML 128 .F74 J47 1988]


                      X. Web & E-Mail Sites of Interest to Ethnomusicologists:



                      See: World Music Publishers. at

                        Music Schools and Archives for Ethnomusicology:





                        List-Servs for Ethnomusicology:


                        • EthnoFORUM A global ethnomusicology forum. Its e-mail address is: ETHNMUS-L@UMDD.UMD.EDU
                          To subscribe, address an e-mail message to:
                          In the body of the message, type: sub ethmus-l Firstname Lastname

                        Musical Instrument Web Sites:/em>



                        Other Resources on the Music Services web site:



                        XI.Finally - Keep track of what resources you've used in case the Library doesn't own the journal article or book you want.


                        Before you go to the Interlibrary Loan department, try your search in the Library's catalog, then try it again in SUMMIT which allows you to get the items in three working days.
                        If it is a journal article found in an index that includes the FindText button, be sure to click on that to see if we own it in paper, or perhaps in an online edition.


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