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Encyclopedias & Dictionaries


Cary, Tristram.
Dictionary of musical technology.
New York : Greenwood Press, 1992.
[MUSIC REF. ML102.E4 C37 1992]

Dobson, Richard.
A dictionary of electronic and computer music technology : instruments, terms, techniques.
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1992.
[MUSIC ML102.E4 D62 1992]

Eimert, Herbert.
Das Lexikon der elektronischen Musik. 2. erg. Aufl.
Regensburg : G. Bosse, 1977.
[MUSIC ML102.E4E5 1977]

Tomlyn, Bo.
Electronic music dictionary : a glossary of the specialized terms relating to the music and sound technology of today. 1st ed.
Milwaukee, WI, U.S.A. : H. Leonard Books, c1988.
[MUSIC REF. ML102.E4 T65 1988] 

Wick, Robert L.
Electronic and Computer Music: An Annotated Biography.
Westport, Conn.: Greenwood press, 1997.
[MUSIC REF. ML128.E4 W53 1997]


    Finding Books and Resources on Electronic Music
    in the Knight Library, Using Subject Headings

    The following subject headings should be of use in searching the UO Library's catalog and the other on-line library catalogs for books on your topic:



    See also:



    See also:


    Bibliographies on Electronic & Computer Music


      Another source for books and some articles on electronic and computer music are the following bibliographies:


    Basart, Ann Phillips.
    Serial music; a classified bibliography of writings on twelve- tone and electronic music.
    Berkeley, University of California Press, 1961.
    [MUSIC REF. ML128.T9 B4]

    Cross, Lowell M., comp.
    A bibliography of electronic music.
    [Toronto] University of Toronto Press [1967]
    [MUSIC REF. ML128.E4C76]

    Davies, Hugh.
    Repertoire international des musiques electroacoustiques. International electronic music catalog.
    Cambridge, Mass., Distributed by M.I.T. Press [1968]
    [MUSIC REF. ML128.E4D39]

    Davis, Deta S.
    Computer applications in music : a bibliography.
    Madison, Wis. : A-R Editions, c1988.
    [MUSIC REF. ML128.C62 D4 1988]

    Edwards, J. Michele.
    Literature for voices in combination with electronic and tape music : an annotated bibliography.
    Ann Arbor, Mich. : Music Library Association, 1977.
    [MUSIC REF. ML128.E4 E37]

    Lister, Craig.
    The musical microcomputer : a resource guide.
    New York : Garland Pub., 1988.
    [MUSIC REF. ML128.C62 L57 1988]

    Melby, Carol.
    Computer music compositions of the United States, 1976. [2d ed.]
    [Urbana, IL : Melby], c1976.
    Prepared for First International Conference on Computer Music, October 28-31, 1976, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
    [MUSIC ML128.E4 M44]

    Tjepkema, Sandra L.
    A bibliography of computer music : a reference for composers.
    Iowa City : University of Iowa Press, 1981.
    [MUSIC REF. ML128.E4T55]

    Wallace, David E., comp.
    A second listing of multi-media works available from composers at colleges and universities. [2d ed.]
    Monmouth, Or. : Oregon College of Education, 1973.
    [MUSIC ML118.W35 1973]


      Discographies of Computer Music


      Melby, Carol, comp.
      Computer music compositions of the United States, 1976. [2d ed.]
      [Urbana, IL : Melby], c1976.
      Prepared for First International Conference on Computer Music, October 28-31, 1976, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
      [MUSIC ML128.E4 M44]


        Indexes for Finding Articles on Computer Music


        Music Index
        The source for articles on music topics. Music Reference area. Recent coverage online.
        Need help? See the Guide to Using the Music Index

        A more esoteric and multilingual index to articles and dissertations in many sources, including non-music publications. Music reference area. Also available online 

        Music Article Guide
        This source indexes the local music organizations' publications, as well as regional sources.
        MUSIC REF. ML118 .M842 (1966-1996)



          Electronic Music Periodicals


          Computer music journal
          v. 3(1979)- present
          "High quality musical applications of digital electronics."
          MUSIC ML 1 .C857
          [view catalog record and link to online subscription]
          After 1997, also available on the web at

          Electronic musician.
          v. 3(1987)- present
          MUSIC ML 1380 .E4 and online [view catalog record and link to online subscription]

          Electronic music educator.
          v. 1(Sept. 1988)-v. 2 (winter 1990)
          Published as supplement to: Clavier; and: the Instrumentalist.
          MUSIC ML73 .E43

          Mix Magazine On-line available on the web at

          Organised sound : an international journal of music technology.
          MUSIC ML 1379 .O74 (v.2, 1997-present) and online
          [view catalog record and link to online subscription]

          Perspectives of New Music
          v. 1(1962)- present
          MUSIC ML 1 .P109 [view catalog record]


            Special Resources


            The art of sequencing : with Don Muro.
            Miami, FL : CPP/Belwin, c1994.
            VHS, stereo, hi-fi.
            SUMMARY In six lessons drawn from his book The art of sequencing, Don Muro explains how to create music on a sequencer. Includes recording and editing techniques. Assumes a basic understanding of MIDI and the basic capabilities of sequencers.

            Corea, Chick.
            Electric workshop.
            New York, N.Y. : DCI Music Video, c1988.
            VHS format.
            CONTENTS Flamenco improvisation -- Oblivion improvisation -- Hopscotch.
            SUMMARY Chick's approach to synthesizers. Shows the steps he takes to create sounds and how he goes about layering these sounds. Discusses his influences, including Bud Powell, John Coltrane, and Paco de Lucia, and plays pieces as tributes to each musician.

            DeFuria, Steve.
            Secrets of analog and digital synthesis.
            New York : DCI Music Video [distributor], c1985-
            VHS format.
            SUMMARY Explains the physics of sound, the manipulation of sound, synthesizers and editing techniques, and FM synthesis. All principles discussed are applicable to most synthesizers on the market.

            Subotnick, Morton.
            All my hummingbirds have alibis [computer file] : chamber music for CD-ROM.
            New York NY : Voyager Company, c1992.
            1 CD-ROM (Mac System 6.0.7 or later) + 1 user's guide ([4]p.)
            SUMMARY Presents two musical compositions with the composer's textural explanations and musical examples. Additional commentary from the programmer and recording engineer explains the technology behind the music.
            CONTENTS All my hummingbirds have alibis -- 5 scenes from an imaginary ballet.
            [DOUG. CIRC. CD-ROM M1473.S85 A5 1992 & guide]


              Electronic Music Web Sources:


              Other Library Resources:



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