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MUSIC COPYRIGHT SOURCES in the UO's Knight Library



Goldstein, Paul.
Copyright: principles, law and practice.
Boston: Little, Brown, 1989. 3 vols.
[LAW KF 2995 .A7 G63 1989]




    See also: List of Copyright web sites at end of this list.

    Baskerville, David.
    Music business handbook and career guide, 9th ed.
    Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage Publications, 2010.
    [MUSIC REF. ML3795.B33 2006]

    Copyright registration for musical compositions.
    [Washington, DC] : U.S. Copyright Office, [2006]
    [online pdf]
    [2004 revision: DOC-US LC 3.4/2:50/2004]

    Erickson, J. Gunnar.
    Musician's Guide to Copyright. Rev. Ed.
    New York: Scribner's, 1983.
    [KNIGHT KF 3035 .E74 1983]

    Field, Sally.
    Career opportunities in the music industry. 2nd ed.
    New York: Facts on File, c1990
    [MUSIC ML 3795 .F497 1990]

    Fishman, Stephen.
    The public domain : how to find & use copyright-free writings, music, art & more. 3rd ed.
    Berkeley, Calif.: NOLO, 2006
    [ MUSIC REF. KF3022.Z9 F57 2006]

    Frith, Simon, ed.
    Music and copyright. 2nd ed.
    New York : Routledge, 2004.
    [LAW LIB. K1450 .M87 2004]

      Halloran, Mark E.
      The musician's business & legal guide. 3rd ed.
      Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall, c2001.
      [MUSIC REF. ML3790 .M84 2001]

      Hurst, Walter E.
      Copyright Registration Forms PA & SR: How to Prepare Applications to Register Songs, Movies, Performing Arts Works & Sound Recordings with the U.S. Copyright Office.
      Hollywood: 7 Arts Press, 1979.
      [LAW KF 3030.2 .A65H87]

      In answer to your query: copyright registration of music.
      Washington, D.C.: Copyright Office, Library of Congress, [1998]
      [DOC-US LC 3.4/2:FL 105/998]

      Kohn, Al.
      Kohn on music licensing. 2nd ed. (book and floppy disk)
      Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Aspen Law & Business, c1996.
      [MUSIC REF. KF3035 .K64 1996] + [MUSIC REF. DISK KF3035 .K64 1996]
      [LAW LIB. KF3035 .K64 1996]

      Krasilovsky, M. William et. al.
      This Business of Music
      New York: Billboard, 2007.
      [MUSIC REF. ML3790.S5 2007]

      Legal and Business Aspects of the Music Industry: Music, Videocassettes, and Records.
      New York: Practising Law Institute, 1980.
      [LAW KF 4291 .Z9 L43]

      Livingston, Robert Allen.
      Livingston's complete music business reference.
      Cardiff by the Sea, Calif.: Distributed by La Costa Music Business Consultants, 1988.
      [MUSIC ML3790 .L58 1988 v.1 & 2]

      Music Library Association.
      Copyright, 10 Years After.
      [s.n.]: The Association, 1988.
      [DOUGLASS CASSETTE 1434M pt.1 & 2]

      Shemel, Sidney.
      More About This Business of Music. rev. and enl. 4th ed.
      New York: Billboard Books, 1989.
      [MUSIC REF ML 3790 .S49 1989]

      United States. Congress. House. Committee on Small Business.
      Music licensing and small business : hearing before the Committee on Small Business, House of Representatives, One Hundred Fourth Congress, second session, Washington, DC, May 8, 1996.
      Washington: U.S. G.P.O., 1996.
      [DOC-US Y 4.SM 1:104-76]

      Wadhams, Wayne.
      Sound Advice: the Musician's Guide to the Record Industry.
      New York: Schirmer Books, 1990.
      [LAW ML 3790 .W27 1990]

      Woody, Robert Henley, III.
      Music copyright law in education.
      Bloomington, Ind. : Phi Delta Kappa Educational Foundation,c1994.
      [KNIGHT Z653 .W6 1994]




        Library of Congress. Copyright Office.
        Catalog of Copyright Entries, Fourth Series. Part 3: Performing Arts.
        Washington, D.C.: GPO, 1978
        [KNIGHT Z653 .U59a] Updated by Microfiche in DOCS

        Library of Congress. Copyright Office.
        Catalog of Copyright Entries, Fourth Series. Part 7: Sound Recordings.
        Washington, D.C. :GPO, 1978.
        [KNIGHT Z 655.6 .U54a]Updated by Microfiche in DOCS
        Preceded by: DOCS Z 1219 .U58 pt.14 v.26-28

        Wildman, Iris J.
        Researching Copyright Renewal: a Guide to Information and Procedure.
        Littleton, CO: F.B. Rothman, 1989.
        [Law Storage Z 642 .W53 1989]

        See also: Copyright Information available on the Web at end of this guide.


          Lists of copyright-free and public domain music


          Katzmarek, Bob.
          Katzmarek's encyclopedia of public domain music.
          Monticello, MN.: Katzmarek Pub., 1993.
          [MUSIC REF. ML113 .K42 1993]

          Zimmerman, Barbara.
          The mini-encyclopedia of public domain songs. 1996 ed.
          New York: BZ/Rights Stuff, c1996.
          [MUSIC REF. ML113 .Z56 1996]

          PD Info: The List of Public Domain Music
          Produced by the Public Domain Information Project, this source allows you to search for popular sheet music by title or from the 1st line of the verse or chorus. It does not include recordings, "due to a tangled complexity of Federal and State Law."
          The site is available at

          The IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library
          Billed as the "free public domain sheet music library", it also includes some recordings and parts for performance, all available for downloading.
          This invaluable source for classical sheet music is available at

          A master search engine that arranges scores by the search engine (including IMSLP); by Composer; and by the Instrument.


            Copyright information available on the Web


            Library of Congress Copyright Search Form -

              Copyright for Music Librarians.

            • Sponsored by the Music Library Association- and a very detailed summary of reserve policies in the copyright law for music and recordings, along with links to all the important sites in music copyright.


            Other WWW Copyright Sources:


            Legal Information Institute -
            Text of the copyright law and other information.


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