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[Note: These Are Not Solely Biographical Dictionaries, But Include More Comprehensive Information]


General Music

Ammer, Christine.
Harper's Dictionary of Music.
NY: Harper & Row, 1972.
[MUSIC REF. ML 100 .A48 ]

Apel, Willi.
Harvard Dictionary of Music.
Cambridge, MA: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1969.
[MUSIC REF. ML 100 .A64 1969]

Kennedy, Michael.
The Oxford Dictionary of Music. 2nd ed.
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1994.
[MUSIC REF. ML 100 .K35 1994]
Also available online, through Oxford Music Online

Randel, Donald.
The Harvard Dictionary of Music. 4th ed.
Cambridge, MA: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2003.
[MUSIC REF. ML 100 .H37 2003]

Thompson, Oscar, ed. by Bruce Bohle.
The International Cyclopedia of Music and Musicians. 10th ed.
NY: Dodd, Mead, 1975
[MUSIC REF. ML 100 .T47 1975]



    Boccagna, David L.
    Musical Terminology: A Practical Compendium In Four Languages.
    Stuyvesant, NY: Pendragon Press, C1999.
    Notes: In Italian, English, French, and German.
    [MUSIC REF. ML108 .B55 1999]

    Grigg, Carolyn Doub.
    Music Translation Dictionary: an English-Czech- Danish-Dutch-.French-German-Hungarian-Italian- Polish- Portuguese-Russian-Spanish-Swedish vocabulary of musical terms.
    Westport, CT:Greenwood Press, 1978.
    [MUSIC REF. ML 108 G855]

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    Illustrated Dictionary of Musical Terms.
    NY: Harper & Row, 1980.
    [MUSIC REF. ML 108 .H3 1980a]

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    The Penguin Dictionary of Music. 5th ed.
    London, England ; New York, N.Y., USA: Penguin Books, 1991.
    [MUSIC REF. ML 100 .J3 1991]

    Latham, Alison.
    Oxford Dictionary of Musical Terms.
    Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2004.
    [MUSIC REF. ML108 .D576 2004]

    Leuchtmann, Horst.
    Dictionary of Terms in Music:English-German,German-English.
    Munchen; NY: K.G. Saur, 1992. 4th rev. enl. ed.
    [MUSIC REF. ML 108 W73 1992]

    Picerno, Vincent J.
    Dictionary of Musical Terms.
    Brooklyn: Haskell House, 1976.
    [MUSIC REF. ML 108 .P57]

    Slonimsky, Nicholas.
    Lectionary of Music.
    NY: McGraw-Hill, 1989.
    [MUSIC REF. ML 100 .S637 1989]

    Terminorum Musicae Index Septem Linguis Redactus=Polyglottes Worterbuch der Musikalischen Terminiologie: Deutsch, Englisch, Franzosisch, Italienisch, Spanisch, Ungarisch, Russisch = Polyglot Dictionary of Musical Terms: English,
    German, French, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian.

    Budapest: Akademiaia Kiado, 1978.
    [MUSIC REF. ML 108 .T4]

    Vocabolario Pratico Della Musica= Practical Vocabulary of Music...
    Melville,NY: Belwin-Mills, 1984.
    [MUSIC REF. ML 100 .V62 1984]

    [For another great resource for just German words used in bibliographies, see:
    Jan LaRue & J.B. Holland. Biblioprotocol with a brief glossary of terms often needed in Austrian and German libraries in Notes, vol. 42, no.1 (1985), pages 29-35 [MUSIC ML 27 .U5 M695 ser.2] and available online in JSTOR by title.]


      Free Online Dictionaries for Terminology 



      Fradkin, Robert A., 1951-
      The Well-tempered Announcer: a Pronunciation Guide to Classical music.
      Bloomington: Indiana University Press, c1996.
      [MUSIC REF. ML109 .F73 1996]

      Pronouncing Dictionary of Proper Names: Pronunciations for More than 23,000 Proper Names, Selected for Currency, Frequency, or Difficulty of Pronunciation.
      Detroit, Mich.: Omnigraphics, c1993.
      "Including place names; given names; names of famous individuals; cultural, literary, and historical names; mythological names; names of peoples and tribes; company names and product names; with pronunciations transcribed into the international phonetic alphabet and a simplified phonetic respelling; and including an explanatory introduction."
      [MUSIC REF. PE1137 .P82 1993]




        Church Music:

        Bumpus, John S.
        A Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Terms.
        Detroit: Gale, 1969.
        [KNIGHT REF BR 95.B8 1969 ]


          Early Music:

          Levarie, Siegmund.
          A Dictionary of Musical Morphology.
          Henryville, PA: Institute of Mediaeval Music,1980.
          [MUSIC REF. ML 100 .L58 ]

          Roche, Jerome.
          Dictionary of Early Music: from the Troubadours to Monteverdi.
          NY: Oxford University Press, 1981.
          [MUSIC REF. ML 100 .R695]

          Strahle, Graham.
          An Early Music Dictionary: Musical Terms from British Sources: 1500-1740.
          Cambridge [England]; New York: Cambridge University Press, 1995.
          [MUSIC REF. ML 108 .S88 1995]


            Electronic and Contemporary Music:

            Dobson, Richard.
            A Dictionary of Electronic and Computer Music Terminology: Instruments, Terms, Techniques.
            Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1992.
            [MUSIC REF. ML 102 .E4 D62 1992]

            Fink, Robert.
            The Language of Twentieth Century Music: a Dictionary of Terms.
            NY: Schirmer Books, 1975.
            [MUSIC REF. ML 100 .F55]

            Tomlin, Bo.
            Electronic Music Dictionary: a Glossary of the Specialized Terms Relating to the Music and Sound Technology of Today.
            Milwaukee, WI: H. Leonard, 1988.
            [MUSIC REF. ML 102 .E4 T65 1988]

            Wadhams, Wayne.
            Dictionary of Music Production and Engineering Terminology.
            NY: Schirmer, 1988.
            [MUSIC REF. ML 102 .M85 W3 1988]



              Adato, Joseph.
              The Percussionist's Dictionary: Translations, Descriptions, and Photographs of Percussion Instruments from Around the World.
              Melville,NY: Belwin-Mills, 1984.
              [MUSIC REF ML 102 .P4 A3 1984]

              Mende, Emilie.
              Brass Instruments: Dictionary in 3 Languages English-French-.German.
              Bulle, Switzerland:Editions BIM, 1983.
              [MUSIC REF ML 102 .B7 M46 1983]

              Schimmel, Klaus.
              Piano-Nomenclatur. [German-English-French- Italian-Norwegian.]
              Frankfurt:A.M.Verlag Das Musikinstrument, 1966.
              [MUSIC REF ML 102 .P5 S3]


                Singing and Voice:

                Reid, Cornelius.
                A Dictionary of Vocal Terminology: an Analysis.
                NY: Joseph Patelson, 1983.
                [MUSIC REF. ML 102 .V6 R4 1983]



                  Barber, Josephine.
                  German for Musicians.
                  London: Faber, 1985.
                  [KNIGHT PF 3120 .M87 B37 1985b]

                  Spiegl, Fritz.
                  Music Through the Looking Glass...
                  London: Routledge, Kegan Paul, 1984.
                  [MUSIC REF. ML 101 .G7 S64 1984]



                    ENCYCLOPEDIAS OF MUSIC




                    Blom, Eric.
                    The New Everyman Dictionary of Music. 6th ed.
                    NY: Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 1989, 1988
                    [MUSIC REF. ML 100 .B47 1989]

                    Grove, George, Sir.
                    Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians. 5th ed.
                    NY: St. Martin's Press, 1962, 1954. 9 vol. + supplements.
                    [MUSIC REF. ML 100 .G8863 1954a] >

                    The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. 2d ed.
                    Washington, D.C.: Grove's Dictionaries of Music, 2001. 29 v.
                    [MUSIC REF. ML100 .N48 2001 + available on the UO Library's web catalog as Grove Music Online]
                    {Note: The 1st edition of the New Grove... is on the Music Reference shelves at MUSIC REF. ML100 .N48}
                    The online version is part of the Oxford Music Online suite of resources, available by searching the title Grove Music Online

                    The Oxford Companion to Music.
                    Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002.
                    [MUSIC REF. ML100 .O94 2002]
                    (+ available on the Library's web by title, as part of the Oxford Music Online suite of resources.]

                    Random House Encyclopedic Dictionary of Classical Music.
                    New York: Random House, c1997.
                    [MUSIC REF. ML100 .R29 1997]




                      American (USA) Encyclopedias

                      Jablonski, Edward.
                      The Encyclopedia of American Music.
                      Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1981.
                      [MUSIC REF. ML100 .J28]

                      The New Grove Dictionary of American Music.
                      NY: Grove's Dictionaries of Music, 1986. 4 v.
                      [MUSIC REF. ML101 .U6N48 1986]


                        Australian Encyclopedias

                        A Dictionary of Australian Music.
                        Melbourne; New York: Oxford University Press, 1998.
                        [MUSIC REF. ML101.A85 B4 1998]

                        The Oxford Companion to Australian music.
                        Melbourne; New York: Oxford University Press, 1997.
                        [MUSIC REF. ML101 .A9 O94 1997]


                          Canadian Encyclopedias

                          Encyclopedia of Music in Canada. 2nd ed.
                          Toronto: University of Toronto Press, c1992.
                          [MUSIC REF. ML 106 .C36 E52 1992]

                          Encyclopedie de la Musique au Canada.2nd ed.
                          [Montreal]: Fides, c1993.3 v.
                          [MUSIC REF. ML 106 .C3 E514 1993]


                            French Encyclopedias

                            Encyclopedie de la Musique.
                            Paris: Fasquelle, 1958-61. 3 v.
                            [MUSIC REF. ML 100 .E48]

                            Larousse de la Musique.
                            Paris: Larousse, 1957. 2 vol.
                            [MUSIC REF. ML 100 .L28]


                              German Encyclopedias

                              Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart.
                              Kassel: Barenreiter Verlag, 1949-1967. 17 v.
                              [MUSIC REF. ML 100 .M92]

                              Die Musik In Geschichte Und Gegenwart: Allgemeine Enzyklopadie der Musik. 2nd Ed.
                              Kassel: Barenreiter; Stuttgart: Metzler, C1994-
                              Sachteil 1 - 9; Personenteil 1 - 17
                              [MUSIC REF. ML 100 .M92 1994]


                                Italian Encyclopedias

                                Dizionario Enciclopedico Universale della Musica e dei Musicisti. Il Lessico.4 v.
                                Torino: UTET, c1983-c1984.
                                [MUSIC REF. ML 100 .D63 1983]

                                Dizionario Enciclopedico Universale della Musica e dei Musicisti. Le Biografie. 8 v. + Appendix.
                                Torino: UTET, c1985-c1988.
                                [MUSIC REF. ML 105 .D65 1985]


                                  Spanish Encyclopedias

                                  Diccionario de La Musica Espanola E Hispanoamericana.
                                  [Spain]: Sociedad General de Autores Y Editores, C1999-C2000. 10 vols. at present.
                                  [MUSIC REF. ML101.S7 D53 1999]


                                    SUBJECT ENCYCLOPEDIAS



                                    Church Music:

                                    Davidson, James R.
                                    A Dictionary of Protestant Church Music.
                                    Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1975.
                                    [MUSIC REF. ML102 .C5 D33]


                                      Contemporary and Electronic Music:

                                      Griffiths, Paul.
                                      The Thames & Hudson Encyclopedia of 20th-Century Music.
                                      London: Thames & Hudson, 1986.
                                      [MUSIC REF. ML197 G87 1986]



                                        Diagram Group.
                                        Musical Instruments of the World: an Illustrated Encyclopedia.
                                        NY: Paddington Press, 1997.
                                        [MUSIC REF. ML102 .I5 M88 1997]

                                        Encyclopedia of Percussion.
                                        New York: Garland Pub., 1995.
                                        [MUSIC REF. ML 102.P4 E5 1995]

                                        The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments.
                                        London: Macmillan;NY: Grove's Dictionaries of Music, 1984. 3 v. {we're missing v.2}
                                        [MUSIC REF. ML102 .I5 N48 1984]


                                          Jazz & Blues:

                                          Komara, Edward.
                                          Encyclopedia of the Blues. 2 vols.
                                          New York: Routledge, 2006.
                                          [MUSIC REF. ML102 .B6 E53 2006]

                                          The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz. 2d ed.
                                          New York: Grove's Dictionaries Inc.; London : Macmillan, 2002. 3 v.
                                          [MUSIC REF. ML102 .J3 N48 2001 + available as part of GroveMusicOnline]
                                          [Note: The first edition of this important encyclopedia is located in the Music stacks at ML 102. J3 N48]



                                            Bagnoli, Giorgio.
                                            The La Scala Encyclopedia of the Opera.
                                            New York: Simon & Schuster, c1993.
                                            [MUSIC REF. ML102 .O6 L14 1993]

                                            International Dictionary of Opera.
                                            Detroit: St. James Press, c1993. 2 v.
                                            [MUSIC REF. ML102 .O6 I6 1993 v.1 & 2]

                                            The New Grove Dictionary of Opera.
                                            London:Macmillan; NY: Grove's Dictionaries of Music, 1992. 4 v.
                                            Also available to UO patrons online at the GroveMusic Online site (for UO students, faculty & staff)
                                            [MUSIC REF. ML102 .O6 N5 1992b]

                                            The Viking Opera Guide. 1st ed.
                                            London; New York: Viking, 1993.
                                            [MUSIC REF. ML102 .O6 V45 1993]

                                            Warrack, John Hamilton, 1928-
                                            The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Opera. 3rd ed.
                                            Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 1996.
                                            [MUSIC REF. ML102 .O6 W35 1996 (+ available on the Internet by title]


                                              Popular Music:

                                              The Comprehensive Country Music Encyclopedia.
                                              New York: Times Books, C1994.
                                              [MUSIC REF. ML 102.C7 C6 1994]

                                              The Encyclopedia of Popular Music. 4th ed. 10 v.
                                              London: MUZE, 2006.
                                              [MUSIC REF. ML 102 .P66 G84 2006]

                                              Kingsbury, Paul.
                                              The Encyclopedia of Country Music: The Ultimate Guide to The Music.
                                              New York: Oxford University Press, 1998.
                                              [MUSIC REF. ML 102.C7 E54 1998]

                                              Lissauer, Robert, 1917-
                                              Lissauer's Encyclopedia of Popular Music in America: 1888 to the Present. 1st ed.
                                              New York: Paragon House, 1991.
                                              [MUSIC REF. ML 128.P63 L57 1991]

                                              The Penguin Encyclopedia of Popular Music. 2nd ed.
                                              NY: Viking, 1998.
                                              [MUSIC REF. ML102 .P66 P5 1998]

                                              Stambler, Irwin.
                                              Country Music: The Encyclopedia.
                                              New York: St. Martin's Press, 1997.
                                              [MUSIC REF. ML 102.C7 S7 1997]


                                                World Music

                                                Continuum Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World. 7 vols.
                                                London; New York: Continuum, 2003
                                                [MUSIC REF. ML 102 .P66 C66 2003]

                                                The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music.
                                                New York: Garland Pub., 1998- 10 v. + Accompanying compact discs
                                                [MUSIC REF. ML 100 .G16 1998 + DOUG. CIRC. CX3875]


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