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I. Tour the Library.


II. Start a Research Log.


III. Decide on a Citation Manual.

For a list of citation manuals held by the UO, see the Citation Guides and Style Manuals List on the Music Services web site at

    IV. Define your topic.

    V. Research Your Topic

    • Locate Books on Your Subject:

      • Make a list of subject headings from the Library of Congress Subject Headings books [found in the Music Services Dept. at the Music Reference Desk.]
      • Search the subjects you've found in the UO Library's Catalog.
      • Browse the shelves under the call numbers found in UO Library's Catalog.
    • Find Citations to Journal & Magazine Articles:

      • Make a list of terms they might use- and check to see if the indexes have a thesaurus.
      • Search printed and electronic indexes to music periodicals.
        For a comprehensive list of what indexes are owned by the Library, search the UO Library's web under Articles,Databases & Indexes.
        One basic index that is available on-line especially for the UO music public is the Music Index
        Considered the standard index for music periodicals, this web-based version goes back to 1979, and is preceded by the paper version all the way back to 1949.
      • Search a general periodical index, such as the Academic Search Premier , (which is available from the Library's catalog web site.)
        This source uses full-text searching, and includes a number of music journals.


    VI. Find the Resources in the UO Library

    • Locate the Articles Found in the Indexes:

      • If the index you are using has a FindText button, click on that to see what versions of the journal the UO Library owns.
      • Search the UO Library's web site by the Title of the journal, limiting the search to Journals & Serials with the pull-down screen.
        (This also will allow you to find all the versions of the journal at the UO Library if there is a FindText button.)
    • Search for Dissertations & Masters Theses:

      • Search Dissertation Abstracts International on the Library's catalog.
        Search the Library's catalog by the dissertation author's name for our holdings.
      • To see what dissertations our School of Music graduates have produced, search the catalog by the title: University of Oregon. Theses. School of Music. These will be arranged by the year and title of the degree, going back to about 1949.


    VII. Borrow what we don't have:

    • Search SUMMIT (The Orbis/Cascade Alliance catalog) on the Library's web site for holdings in other Oregon and Washington schools.
      If the items are scores or books, they can be borrowed directly online, and will arrive in three working days.
    • Prepare an Interlibrary Loan request for books, dissertations, and scores.
    • Search WorldCat through UO Library's web catalog, under Other catalogs... for the books and dissertations- and make your requests on-line.
    • Prepare ILL requests for journal & magazine articles.
    • Verify your citations in indexes searched above.
    • Note: Many indexes on-line allow you to make these requests as you view the citation. And, if they have the FindText button, they will also connect you directly to the ILL form for journal articles.


    VIII.Consult Other Sources for Research:


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