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Note: This discography was updated in 2006. Additional recordings have been added to the collection.

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The Jews & Israel: Documentary Recordings

Finkelstein, Louis, 1895 - 1991
Wisdom for our day: The Jewish tradition.
Spoken Arts SA903. [1966]

The generations of Israel
CBS 32 B5 0012, [1968]
NOTES: Documentary recordings and narration concerning the history of Israel, with music by various performers. The accompanying book of the same title, edited by Neal Kozodoy with a foreword by Abba Eban, is bound separately.
CONTENTS: Pioneers of a new society: from 1882 to the Balfour Declaration -- The growth of the land and Holocaust in Europe: from 1920 to World War II --The state is born: from 1945 to1948 -- Israel: from 1948-1968.

Holzman, Arthur.
Israel is born
Caedmon TC-1014, [195-?]
NOTES: A documentary record of the British farewell to Palestine, the Declaration of independence, Arab-Jewish debates on partition, United Nations voting on partition, mass rejoicing in Tel Aviv Square, warfare in Israel, kaddish for concentration camp victims, daily life in Israel, and others. Includes the voices of Chaim Weizmann, David Ben-Gurion, Ralphe Bunche, Mohammed F. Jamali, Sir Alan Cunningham, Moshe Sharett, Chief Rabbi Herzog, Abba Eban, and Count Folke Bernadotte. Recorded by Ralf Hellinger and others. Includes music sung by the Silbermintz Choral Ensemble.
CONTENTS: David Ben Gurion -- Hatikvah -- General Sir Alan Cunningham -- Al Naharot Bavel -- Eli Eli -- Chaim Weizmann -- Arabic melody -- Mi Yivneh Hagalil -- Nazi shouting of Sieg Heil -- Adolf Hitler -- Deutschland uber alles -- El male rachamim -- Chaim Weizmann -- Mohammed F. Jamali of Iraq -- Moshe Sharett of the Jewish Agency -- Mohammed F. Jamali -- Moshe Sharett--the representative of the Arab High Commission -- United Nations vote on partition -- Tel Aviv celebration of partition resolution -- Mohammed F. Jamali of Iraq -- Shofar call -- Chaim Weizmann -- David Ben Gurion -- Mutual broadcast of air raid over Tel Aviv -- Mahal camp show -- Count Folke Bernadotte -- Foreign Minister Moshe Sharett -- Memorial service for Israeli war casualties -- Dr. Ralph Bunche -- Sounds of daily life in Israel -- Chief Rabbi Isaac Halevi Herzog -- Voices of immigrants to Israel -- Bokharian Jewish wedding song -- Immigrant camp loudspeaker calling children to school -- Montage of the voices of Israel: Passover song; Radio announcer; Actors; Slichot service; Hora dancing; Cafe entertainers; Sportsmatch; Manon in Hebrew; Festival song; Dramatic recitation by school children; Workers chorus --Ambassador Abba Eban -- Rad Haleilah.

They chose America: conversations with immigrants.
[Princeton, N.J.]: Visual Education Corp., c1975.
CONTENTS INCLUDE: v. 1. Jewish immigrants.

    Spoken Word Recordings:
    Poems, Short Stories, Excerpts from Books & Plays


    I. (Isaak) Babel, 1894-1941.



    Bertolt Brecht, 1898-1956:



    Anne Frank, 1929-1945:



    Allen Ginsberg, 1926- :



    Bernard Mourners Malamud, 1942- :



    Cynthia Ozick, 1928- :



    Philip Roth, 1933- :



    Maurice Samuel, 1895-1972:



    Sholem Aleichem, 1859-1916:



    Isaac Bashevis Singer, 1904 - 1991 :



    Elie Wiesel, 1928-:


    • Stories.
      Spoken Arts SA 1093. [1970]
      NOTES: Read in English by Joseph Wiseman.
      CONTENTS: Awakening.- Gedali.- The rabbi's son.- You must know everything.- Shabos nahamu.- The cemetery at Kozin.

        Brecht on Brecht
        Columbia Masterworks O2S-203, [1963]
        NOTES: Selections from the author's works, translated principally by George Tabori. Songs to Brecht texts by Kurt Weill and others interpolated in the readings.
        CONTENTS: Of poor B.B. -- The eternal student -- Conversations in exile -- Written on the wall -- To the next generation -- The mask of evil -- The Jewish wife -- Envoi.

        The exception and the rule.
        Folkways Records FL 9849, [1965]
        PERFORMERS: Play; with incidental music for piano, trumpet, and percussion ; Eric Bentley, narrator and translator.
        CONTENTS: The race through the desert -- The end of a much-travelled road -- The dismissal of the guide at the Station Han -- A conversation in dangerous territory -- At the rushing river -- The bivouac -- The end of all roads -- The shared water -- The exception and the rule -- The song of the tribunals -- The tribunal.

        Helene Weigel liest Gedichte und Prosa von Bertolt Brecht.
        Deutsche Grammophon 43052, 1965.

        A man's a man.
        Spoken Arts SA 870 [1964]
        PERFORMERS: English version of Brecht's play, Mann ist Mann, by Eric Bentley, starring John Heffernan, Jenny Egan, Michael Granger, and Maurice Edwards, with Bentley as narrator and incidental music for piano, with lyrics by Bentley, composed and performed by Joseph Raposo.

          The diary of a young girl.
          Caedmon TC 1522. p1977.
          PERFORMER(S: Selections; read by Claire Bloom.

          Ravits, Martha.
          Anne Frank in America
          Eugene: University of Oregon. Center for the Study of Women in Society 1993.
          NOTES: Recorded January 21, 1993 at the University of Oregon; sponsored by the Center for the Study of Women in Society.

            Allen Ginsberg reading.
            Fantasy 7006, [1959?]
            CONTENTS INCLUDE: Kaddish.
            DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 232

            Howls, raps & roars: recordings from the San Francisco poetry renaissance.
            Fantasy Records, 1993.
            CONTENTS INCLUDE: 2. Kaddish (Part I)

              Bernard Malamud reading his short story "The mourners"
              CMS Records CMS 520, [1967]
              DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 457

                Cynthia Ozick reads her novella, "A Mercenary"
                AAPL, [1986]
                DOUGLASS CASSETTE 1126M

                AAPL, [1986]
                PERFORMER(S): Interview conducted by Kay Bonetti.
                NOTES: Recorded April 1986 in New York City.
                SUMMARY: Ozick reveals the "germs" for many of her stories, offering her own interpretation of several of them. She also discusses her life as a writer, including her particular brand of feminism, and many aspects of her Jewishness and its impact on her work.
                DOUGLASS CASSETTE 1125M

                  Philip Roth reading from "Letting go".
                  CMS Records CMS 520, [1967]
                  DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 457

                    Maurice Samuel reading from his works.
                    Spoken Arts SA 1021, [1968?]
                    NOTES: Container excerpts from Prince of the ghetto and The world of Sholom Aleichem.
                    DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 518

                      An evening with Sholom Aleichem: readings in English.
                      Monitor MR 106, [196-?]
                      PERFORMER: Howard Da Silva.
                      CONTENTS: Kasrilovka : a "krasrilik" in Paris -- The fiddle / music by Serge Hovey-- Berl Isaac -- Food my mother fed me / Herschel Bernardi and Les Pine-- Tevya the dairyman-- Third class
                      DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 648

                      Stories of Sholem Aleichem.
                      Translated by Charles Cooper.
                      Caedmon TC-1173, [1964]
                      PERFORMERS: Read by Menasha Skulnik; directed by Howard Sackler.
                      CONTENTS: Happy millionaire -- A matter of advice -- It's a lie -- Chanukah and pinochle -- High school.
                      DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 365

                        Isaac Bashevis Singer reading his stories
                        Caedmon TC-1200, [1967]
                        NOTES: Read in English.
                        CONTENTS: Gimpel the fool-- The man who came back
                        DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 367

                          Night: (excerpt)
                          Translated from the French by Stella Rodway.
                          Caedmon TC 1701, 1982.
                          PERFORMER(S): Read by the author.
                          SUMMARY: Memoirs of Wiesel's experiences in Nazi concentration camps.
                          DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLds 133



                          Jewish short stories from Eastern Europe and beyond.
                          National Yiddish Book Center, c1995.
                          CONTENTS: On account of a hat/ Sholom Aleichem ; read by Peter Riegert -- Bontshe the silent / I.L. Peretz ; read by Harold Gould -- Gedali / Isaac Babel ; read by Ron Rifkin -- The king / Isaac Babel ; read by Jeff Goldblum -- Gimpel the fool / Isaac Bashevis Singer; read by Eli Wallach -- My first goose / Isaac Babel ; read by Alan Rosenberg -- A stranger / Israel Joshua Singer ; read by Elliott Gould -- The loudest voice / Grace Paley ; read by Rhea Perlman -- Three gifts / I.L. Peretz ; read by Joanna Gleason -- The shawl / Cynthia Ozick ; read by Claire Bloom -- The fable of the goat / S.Y. Agnon ; read by Joseph Gordon Levitt -- The golem / I.L. Peretz ; read by Carol Kane -- A meal for the poor / Mordecai Spector ; read by Alan King -- Kola Street / Sholem Asch ; read by Ron Leibman -- The place / Edith Konecky ; read by Julie Kavner -- Back from the draft / Sholom Aleichem ; read by Jerry Stiller -- The rabbi's son / Isaac Babel ; read by Ron Rifkin --The man who slept through the end of the world / Moishe Nadir ; read by Mayim Bialik -- Chava / Sholom Aleichem ; read by Walter Matthau -- My father sits in the dark / Jerome Weidman ; read by Peter Friedman -- In the mail coach / I.L. Peretz ; read by Leonard Nimoy -- The search /Sholom Aleichem ; read by Jerry Stiller -- Matza for the rich / Abraham Reisen ; read by Fyvush Finkel -- If not higher / I.L. Peretz ; read by Isaiah Sheffer -- The cafeteria / Isaac Bashevis Singer ; read by David Margulies -- The last kopeck / Shimon Frug ; read by David Paymer -- A ghetto dog / Isaiah Spiegel ; read by Lauren Bacall -- Tuition for the rebbe / Abraham Reisen ; read by Peter Riegert -- Conversion of the Jews / Philip Roth ; read by Elliott Gould -- Munie the bird dealer / Moishe Kulbak ; read by Alan Alda -- Goodbye and good luck / Grace Paley ; read by Rhea Perlman.
                          DOUGLASS CASSETTE KIT 380M

                            Hebrew Language Recordings

                            New York: Dun-Donnelley, c1975.
                            2 cassettes. 2 1/2 x 4 in. & Phrase dictionary and study guide in container
                            DOUGLASS CASSETTE KIT 77M

                              Old Testament Recordings

                              Caedmon TC-1096, [1959]
                              PERFORMERS: Read by Judith Anderson.
                              CONTENTS: The creation -- The fall of man -- The first murder -- Noah!, the flood -- Isaac and Rebekah -- Jacob and Esau.
                              DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLdl 375

                              The Lord is my shepherd; the Psalms from the Old Testament with music from the Holy Land.
                              Philips PHC 9047, [c1967]
                              PERFORMERS: Read by Sir Laurence Olivier, with music by the Zemel Choir; Dudley Cohen, conductor.
                              CONTENTS: Contains no. 22-24, 42, 46, 48, 57, 62, 67, 84, 72, 90-91, 95, 98, 100, 115, 121-122, 126-167, 148 and 150.
                              DOUGLASS PHONODISC DLds 11


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