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2000 Eugene air photo

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The Map & Aerial Photography Library has an extensive (over 700,000 prints) aerial photograph collection of Oregon. Due to size and complexity we cannot make aerial photographs available on a walk-in basis.  Be sure to contact us several days in advance of needing to view photographs. To access the aerial photographs, please either fill out a request form, email us at, or call (541) 346-4565 with questions about access and coverage.

Our earliest photographs were taken in 1929.  For many areas we have aerial photographs from every decade from the 1930s up to the present. We also have coverage of other areas, such as those near the Oregon border (for example, Vancouver, WA).  The majority of our collection is vertical photography taken looking straight down. We have very little oblique photography taken at an angle that would show the sides of building, etc.

Historic aerial photographs are a valuable research tool. Click on the following thumbnails to see how the UO campus has changed through time:

1936: from one of our oldest projects; produced by the Army Corps of Engineers 1955: produced by  photogrammetrist H. G. Chickering 1977: produced by a private company, Skyview Aerial Survey, Inc. 1990: produced by the Bureau of Land Management 2005: from the Oregon Imagery Explorer

The Aerial Photograph Time Series of the White Stag Building is another example of using historic aerial photographs.

Guides to Print Aerial Photograph Collection

We have created the following guides to give you an overview of available Oregon coverage. Please contact us if you need detailed information for a specific site. 

Digital Aerial Photographs

We have digitized some older aerial photographs and made them available on the Internet.  

Much of our digital collection is not available on the Internet because of copyright issues. You may access them by coming into the library.  Assitance with getting access to digital aerial photographs is available Monday - Friday 9 AM to 5 PM or by special arrangement. Please contact us if you have questions about getting access.

Highlights in our digital (but not Online) collection:

  • University of Oregon Campus and East Eugene: 2002  (index)
  • Lane Council of Governments 2008 imagery (LCOG 2008)
  • 2005 1m color DOQQs in tiff format for Oregon
  • 1994/95 1m grayscale DOQs in tiff format for Oregon

Free Online Aerial Photography From Outside Resources

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