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Large-format scanning service

The Map & Aerial Photography Library now has a large-format sheet-fed scanner available to reproduce maps.  We will scan any map from our collection for UO users, and, if copyright allows, for the general public.  If you want to print a map, or have personal materials that you would like scanned, we recommend the AAA Output room.

Getting a map scanned

Once you have found a map, simply fill out the request form found outside room 134 (next to the map librarian's office) and drop the form and your map off with a library staff member.  If no one is nearby, the Microform Desk or the Computer Help Desk should be able to help you. To pick up your scanned images, come back to room 134 the next day between 3 - 6 PM. Bring a USB drive to copy the files onto, or request a DVD of the files.

We also have a number of self-service options available for making smaller scans.  See this page for details.

Charges (in person users only)

Basic scan: $6
Resoluton over 300dpi: add $2
Any dimension larger than 30": add $2
Burn to DVD: add $5
We only accept Campus Cash!

Off-campus users:

Whole sheet map, up to 11x17", up to 300dpi.
(or a small portion of large map)


Whole sheet map, 11" to 30", up to 300dpi


High resolution

add $5


add $5

Oversize materials

add $5

Burn to DVD and deliver via USPS


Research fees may apply for off-campus users.  Please see APRS for details.

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