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LCDS: Lane

Please note: this data is not downloadable.  See the bottom of the page for details on access

100 Year Metro Area Floodplain Buffer and 100ft Buffer mtfldbuf100_polygon.shp Water Bodies 2007
100k Lane County Regional Quadrangle Boundaries  lanequads_region_quads100k.shp Control Data 2007
250k Lane County Regional Quadrangle Boundaries lanequads_polygon.shp Control Data 2007
Amazon Creek Enhancement Project ace_wetlands.shp Water Bodies 2007
Bike Facility BikeFacility Transportation 2/28/2014
Census Blocks in Lane County blocks2000_polygon.shp Census 2000
Census Tracts in Lane County tracts2000_region_tracts.shp Census 2000
City Boundaries in Lane County lccity_polygon.shp Boundary 2009
Corners corner.shp Corners 2002
County Boundary lanecnty_polygon.shp Boundary 2/28/2014
County facilities facilities_point.shp County facilities 2/28/2014
County Zoning Boundaries lczn_arc.shp Zoning 2004
County Zoning Labels lczn_label.shp Zoning 2004
Districts lc_schools_polygon.shp Schools 2007
Drainage Basin  drainbasin Natural Features 2/28/2014
Fire Protection Providers rfpd.shp Boundary 2009
Firm Panels Lane County lcfirmpanels_polygon.shp Natural Features 2007
Flood Hazards and Flood Zones lcfirmfldhaz_region_floodzone.shp Water Bodies 2007
Generalized Arterial Network garnet_arc.shp Generalized Arterial Network 2007
Generalized Arterial Network Annotation garnetanav.shp, garnetan.shp Generalized Arterial Network 2007
Historical Vegetation in the Willamette Valley  wv_histveg_polygon.shp Natural Features 2007
Hydrants hydrants.shp Public Safety 2/28/2014
Hydrologic Features 24k lchydro24k_polygon.shp Water Bodies 2/28/2014
Lane Community College Zones lcc_zones_polygon.shp Schools 2007
Lane Transit District Area Covered ltdar.shp Transportation 2009
Lane Transit District Bus Routes busroutes_arc.shp Transportation 2/28/2014
Lane Transit District Service Boundary ltdbndry_polygon.shp Transportation 2/28/2014
Lane Transit District Service Boundary (with regional districts) ltdbndry_region_district.shp Transportation 2007
Metro Area Fish Bearing Streams mtfishbearing_arc.shp Water Bodies 2007
Metro Area Flood Hazard  mtfldhaz_polygon.shp Water Bodies 2009
Metro Area Natural Resources Inventory mtnrinvent_polygon.shp Natural Features 2007
Metro Area Water Bodies mtwaterpol_polygon.shp Water Bodies 2007
Metro Greenway mtgrnwy_polygon.shp Boundary 2009
Metro Planning Boundary planbndy_polygon.shp Boundary 2/28/2014
Metro Planning Designations mtpds_polygon.shp Boundary 2007
Metro Township, Range, and Section lines sec8_polygon.shp Control Data 2007
Metro Urban Growth Boundary metugb.shp Boundary 2007
Metro Urban Reserves urbanres_polygon.shp Boundary 2007
Parcels taxlot.shp Parcels 2009
Parcels With Tax Exempt lc_parcel.shp Parcels 2007
Parks  Parks County facilities 2/28/2014
PLSS Sections  lcsections_polygon.shp Control Data 2/28/2014
PLSS Township and Range lcwnrng_polygon.shp Control Data 2/28/2014
PSAP Symbols symbols.shp Public Safety 2007
Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) buildings psapbldg_point.shp Public Safety 2007
Rail Roads (existing or historical rail line) 2007 railroads_point.shp Transportation 2007
Rail Roads (existing or historical rail line) 2009. Line. lcrail_arc.shp Transportation 2009
Regional Elementary School Districts lc_schools_region_elementary.shp Schools 2/28/2014
Regional High School Districts lc_schools_region_high.shp Schools 2/28/2014
Regional Middle School Districts lc_schools_region_middle.shp Schools 2/28/2014
Regional School Districts lc_schools_region_districts.shp Schools 2007
Relative Geologic Hazards relative_haz_reg.shp Natural Features 2007
Rivers 2007. Annotation lcriveran.shp Water Bodies 2007
Rivers 2007. Line lcrivers_arc.shp Water Bodies 2007
Roads roads Transportation 2/28/2014
Roads Addressed Roads lc_roads_addressed.shp Transportation 2009
Roads AIRS Roads lcrds_airs_arc.shp Transportation 2009
Roads Annotation lanerdsan.shp Transportation 2001
Roads Bridges bridge_point.shp Transportation 2/28/2014
Roads Classification of Metro Roads mtrdscl_arc.shp Transportation 2007
Roads Districts 10 taz_2006_region_dist10.shp Transportation 2006
Roads Districts 30 taz_2006_region_dist30.shp Transportation 2006
Roads Intersections  adint_point.shp Transportation 2007
Roads Mile Posts  admpt_point_shp Transportation 2007
Roads Miscellaneous Roads miscroad_arc.shp Transportation 2007
Roads Overpasses overpass_arc.shp Transportation 2007
Roads Private Roads pvtroads.shp Transportation 2007
Roads Transportation Analysis Zones (TAZ)   Transportation  
Rural Communities in Lane County lcdevcom_region_ruralcommunity_polygon.shp Boundary 2007
Soils lcsoils_polygon.shp Natural Features 2/28/2014
Soils labels lcsoils_label.shp Natural Features 2002
Standpipes standpipe_point.shp Public Safety 2007
Tax Lot Labels (2004) lanetaxlots_label.shp Tax Lot 2004
Tax Lot Regions - Metro Area (2004) region_polygon_taxlots.shp Tax Lot 2004
Tax Lots (2014) taxlot.shp Tax Lot 2/28/2014
Tax Lots Metro Area (2004) polygon_metro_taxlots.shp Tax Lot 2004
Urban Growth Boundaries in Lane County lcugb_polygon.shp Boundary 2/28/2014
Voter Precincts in Lane County lcprec_polygon.shp Boundary 2009
Water Bodies of Lane County lcwaterpol_polygon.shp Water Bodies 2009
Water Storage h20storage_point.shp Public Safety 2007
Zip Codes in Lane County zipcodes_polygon.shp Boundary 2007


czn_polygon.shp Zoning 2004
  • Aerial Photography / Orthoimagery
    • LCOG 2008 imagery
      File Path: Imagery_2008_LCOG_orthophotos
    • LCOG base map / TRS map of Eugene.
      4 sets of imagery:  6" ground pixels of Eugene , Springfield, and selected portions of the McKenzie River.  1ft. ground pixels of non-Federal land in the remainder of Lane County.
      Source: Lane Council of Governments.  Data may not be shared with non-UO entities.


    The Map & Aerial Photography Library has made portions of its data collection available in a shared folder accessible from any Academic Workstation in the library system. ArcGIS is installed on all of these machines. ArcCatalog should be used to access the data.

    Advice for using LC data:

    • Connecting to data share
    • Use restrictions: much of the data collection is restricted to UO faculty and students engaged in classroom work and research. Do not share data with outside parties without permission.
    • Names on this page refer to the folder name for each shapefile on the data share.
    • All files are ESRI Shapefiles unless otherwise noted.


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