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The University of Oregon is dedicated to the principle of equal opportunity in education, research, and service. The Libraries reflect this commitment by ensuring that collections, services, and facilities are accessible to all users. If you need further assistance or accommodation, contact a staff member in person at any service desk, or by phone, by e-mail, or chat. Special accommodation requests not addressed below may be directed to Andrew Bonamici, Associate Dean of Libraries for Media and Digital Strategies, at 541/346-2682 or 541/346-3056.


Locating or Reaching Library Materials

Library staff members will assist with locating or reaching shelved library materials. Provide the location information for your items to the nearest service desk.  and a staff person will retrieve a reasonable number of items. If you have a large number of items to retrieve, the staff person can get several for you to start with. The remaining materials will be paged within 24 hours (during the week) and held for you.

Borrowing Library Materials Using a Proxy

Patrons who need regular assistance doing library work may apply for a UO Libraries Proxy card. Please contact staff at the Knight Checkout Desk at 541/346-3065 for more information.

Assisted Photocopying

Patrons needing assistance with photcopying may ask staff at any service desk for assistance. You must provide the campus cash card for the cost of the copies. If you have more copying than can be done immediately, you may leave your campus cash card with the staff and they will arrange for it to be done within 24 hours.

Accessible Technology


Public computers in the libraries and campus labs are equipped with Zoomtext voice-output software. Academic Workstations include Kurzweil text-to-speech software.

Labs for UO students

The University provides specialized accessible technology labs for students with a referral from the Accessible Education Center.  For more information, talk with James Bailey, Adaptive Technology Advisor at (541) 346-1076.


The UO Libraries have video and moving image collections in many formats, covering all disciplines. Some videos and DVDs include closed-captioning. Contact Eric Clark with questions about using videos.


Knight Library: The east front entrance of the Library has a ramp leading to the door with a push button access. For Special Collections access there is an elevator on the first floor in the west hallway, just beyond the Checkout/Information Desk. Call 541/346-3065 for more information.

Architecture & Allied Arts Library: From the south entrance of Lawrence Hall go straight to the far end of the hall. The elevator is near the exit. Between Pacific Hall and Lawrence Hall (from the parting lot near Franklin Street), enter the door and go right to the elevator. Go up to the second floor and then straight to the other end of the hall (Room 200). Call 541/346-3637 for more information.

Science Library: Go to the south entrance to Onyx Bridge building and take the elevator down to the basement and turn right. The doors to the Library will be open. Call 541/346-3075 for more information.

John E. Jaqua Law Library: A ramp leads to the main entrance to the School of Law on 15th and Agate Streets. The elevator is on the right. Go to the second floor and down the hall (Room L270).
Call 541/346-3088 for more information.

Mathematics Library: The Mathematics Library is located in Fenton Hall. Access to the stacks is limited, but the reading room is accessible and staff there can page materials.  Enter the building via the door on 13th and proceed to the elevator; the reading room is on the second floor directly across from the elevator.

Oregon Institute of Marine Biology Library: Contact Barbara Butler, Head, OIMB Library at 541/888-2581.

Portland Library and Learning Commons: Contact library staff at 503/412-3671.


Campus Resources

Accessible Education Center

Telephone - 541/346-1155
TTY - 541/346-1083
Fax - 541/346-6013


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