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Ocean and Coastal Law Center Collection

Founded in 1968 as part of the law school's Ocean and Coastal Law Center, this professionally managed library collection is one of the premier collections of marine legal affairs publications in the country. The collection benefited greatly from over thirty years of financial support from Oregon Sea Grant and continues now as a special collection of the John E. Jaqua Law Library. It is a valuable information resource not only for faculty and students of the University of Oregon (UO) and other academic institutions, but also for government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and attorneys.

Scope and Content

The collection has approximately 2,900 cataloged books, reports, and government documents. Holdings emphasize marine resources (fisheries, marine mammals, oil and gas, and seabed minerals), coastal zone management, ocean policy, marine environmental protection, maritime boundaries, the international law of the sea, and related works on the environmental and socioeconomic aspects of governing the oceans. Geographic scope is worldwide, with particular focus on U.S. policy at the federal and state levels and on maritime issues of global concern. The collection contains some materials not held by other academic libraries in the Pacific Northwest.

Finding Materials

The collection's holdings appear in UO LibrarySearch, UO Library Catalog. Items in this collection are shelved throughout the permanent collection. If you have a reference question regarding an ocean or coastal law topic, contact the Law Library Reference Desk by e-mail or phone, (541) 346-1654.

Current Awareness and Research Resources

  • Recent Acquisitions List
    Discontinued in 2009 (some past issues available). The law library's New Acquisitions list comes out monthly and includes books added to the ocean and coastal law collection as well as videos and electronic resources that may be of interest to marine law researchers.
  • Bibliographies
    Subject bibliographies prepared at the request of law school faculty.
  • Research Guides
    Prepared for courses in the field of ocean and coastal law.
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