New Acquisitions - John E Jaqua Law Library

New Acquisitions - John E. Jaqua Law Library

A listing of new items added to the John E. Jaqua Law Library Collections, updated monthly.  To receive notifications when this list is updated, subscribe to the blog.


    New Titles (December 2014)

    E840.8.F47 P38 2014
    Geraldine Ferraro : paving the way
    ([San Francisco, Calif.] : Video Project, 2014)
    GE140 .J68 2009a  
    Journey to planet Earth. Hot zones
    (Washington, DC : Screenscope c2009)
    GE140 .J68 2009b      
    Journey to planet Earth. On the brink
    (Washington, DC : Screenscope c2009)
    GE140 .J68 2009c     
    Journey to planet Earth. Seas of grass
    (Washington, DC : Screenscope ©2009)
    GE140 .J68 2009d     
    Journey to planet Earth. Rivers of destiny
    (Washington, DC : Screenscope c2009)
    GE140 .J68 2009e     
    Journey to planet Earth. The urban explosion
    (Washington, DC : Screenscope c2009)
    GE140 .J68 2009f    
    Journey to planet Earth. Land of plenty, land of want
    (Washington, DC : Screenscope c2009)
    GE140 .J68 2009g      
    Journey to planet Earth. The state of the planet's wildlife
    (Washington, DC : Screenscope c2009)
    GE140 .J68 2009h     
    Journey to planet Earth. The state of the planet
    (Washington, DC : Screenscope c2009, 2005)
    GE140 .J68 2009i     
    Journey to planet Earth. The state of the ocean's animals
    (Washington, DC : Screenscope c2009)
    HC106.84 .I543 2013     
    Inequality for all
    ([Sausalito, Calif.] : Ro*Co Films Educational, 2013)
    HQ1391.U5 M35 2013     
    Makers : women who make America
    ([Arlington, VA.] : PBS Distribution, 2013)
    JK468.S4 U5584 2014     
    United States of secrets
    ([Boston] : WGBH Educational Foundation, 2014)
    KF336 .G53 2013      
    Gideon's army
    (New York : Third World Newsreel, 2013)
    PN1997.2 .B375 2010     
    Barking Water
    (New York : Lorber Films 2010)
    PN1997.2 .W44 2014     
    When the game stands tall
    (Culver City, California : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2014)
    PN1992.77 .J87 2014      
    Justified. The complete fifth season
    (Culver City, CA : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2014)
    PN4867.2 .S53 2012     
    Shadows of liberty
    (Oley, PA : Bullfrog Films c2012)
    QH545 .G768 2014      
    Groundswell rising : protecting our children's air & water
    (Oley, PA : Bullfrog Films, 2014)
    QH545.F53 L37 2013    
    The last ocean
    ([San Francisco] : Video Project, 2013)
    QH75 .M33 2013      
    Joanna Macy and the Great Turning
    ([San Francisco, CA] : Video Project, [2013])
    RA1151 .N683 2013     
    NCR : Not Criminally Responsible
    (New York, N.Y. : Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2014)
    RA395.A3 E833 2012  
    Escape fire the fight to rescue American healthcare
    ([New York, N.Y.] : Intergrative Productions c2012)


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    HB501 .K4689 2014      
    Quakernomics : an ethical capitalism
    Mike King / (London, UK ; Anthem Press, 2014)
    HB501 .R555 2014     
    The zero marginal cost society : the internet of things, the collaborative commons, and the eclipse of capitalism
    Jeremy Rifkin / (New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2014)
    HC79.W4 W465 2014      
    Billionaires : reflections on the upper crust
    Darrell M. West / (Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, 2014)
    HC110.P6 S48 2005
    The working poor : invisible in America
    David K. Shipler / (New York : Vintage Books 2005)
    HD60 .S8847 2014     
    Sustainable development : the UN Millennium Development Goals, the UN Global Compact, and the common good
    edited by Oliver F. Williams / (Notre Dame, Indiana : University of Notre Dame Press [2014])
    HD75 .T74 2014     
    Advanced introduction to law and development
    Michael J. Trebilcock, Mariana Mota Prado / (Cheltenham, United Kingdom ; Edward Elgar Publishing 2014)
    HD2741 .C7844 2014     
    Corporations and citizenship
    edited by Greg Urban / (Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press c2014)
    HD5857 .S73 2014      
    The precariat : the new dangerous class
    Guy Standing / (London, UK ; Bloomsbury, 2014)
    HD6061 .O45 2013    
    Equal pay : an introductory guide
    Martin Oelz, Shauna Olney, Manuela Tomei / (Geneva : ILO 2013)
    HD8081.H7 H576 2014     
    Hispanics in the U.S. labor market : selected research
    edited by Richard R. Verdugo / (Charlotte, NC : Information Age Publishing, Inc., 2014)
    HD9940.A2 T68 2014     
    Towards better work : understanding labour in apparel global value chains
    edited by Arianna Rossi, Amy Luinstra and John Pickles / (Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2014)
    HF5387 .B862 2014     
    Business and corporate integrity : sustaining organizational compliance, ethics, and trust
    Robert C. Chandler, editor / (Santa Barbara, California : Praeger, 2014)
    HF5549.5.M63 F746 2014      
    The best place to work : the art and science of creating an extraordinary workplace
    Ron Friedman / (New York, New York : Perigee Book, 2014)
    HJ2373 .M44 2013    
    Making the modern American fiscal state : law, politics, and the rise of progressive taxation, 1877-1929
    Ajay K. Mehrotra / (Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2013)
    K1089 .S54 2013     
    Offshore secrecy law
    by E. Edward Siemens / (Geneva : Academy & Finance, 2013)
    KF390.5.C6 K35 2015    
    Big data : a business and legal guide
    James R. Kalyvas, Michael R. Overly / (Boca Raton. FL : CRC Press, 2015)

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    HD4903.5.U58 C78 2014     
    Get a job : labor markets, economic opportunity, and crime
    Robert D. Crutchfield / (New York ; New York University Press, 2014)
    HV9304 .R36 2014      
    The new scarlet letter? : negotiating the U.S. labor market with a criminal record
    Steven Raphael / (Kalamazoo, Michigan : W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, 2014)
    K675 .H34 2014    
    Force & marriage : the criminalisation of forced marriage in Dutch, English and international criminal law
    Iris Haenen / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Intersentia, 2014)
    KF9219 .L54 2013      
    Contemporary criminal law : concepts, cases, and controversies
    Matthew R. Lippman / (Thousand Oaks, Calif. : SAGE ©2013)
    KF9619 .B875 2014     
    Kafka's law : The Trial and American criminal justice
    Robert P. Burns / (Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2014)


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    GE140 .E58 2013     
    Environment at a glance : OECD indicators
    (Paris : OECD 2013)
    GE180 .G85 2014      
    Guide to U.S. environmental policy
    edited by Sally K. Fairfax & Edmund Russell / (Thousand Oaks, California : CQ Press, 2014)
    GF13.3.U6 U54 2012      
    Beyond nature's housekeepers : American women in environmental history
    Nancy C. Unger / (Oxford ; Oxford University Press ©2012)
    HC79.E5 H65 2014     
    Allocating the earth : a distributional framework for protecting capabilities in environmental law and policy
    Breena Holland / (Oxford : Oxford University Press 2014)
    HD1691 .W322 2014    
    Water and the future of humanity : revisiting water security
    the Gulbenkian Think Tank on Water and the Future of Humanity / (New York : Springer, 2014)
    HV4708 .P45 2014      
    Total liberation : the power and promise of animal rights and the radical earth movement
    David Naguib Pellow / (Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, 2014)
    K721.5 .B87 2014    
    Earth jurisprudence : private property and the environment
    Peter D. Burdon / (Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2015)
    K3585 .I579 2014      
    International environmental law : the practitioner's guide to the laws of the planet
    Roger R. Martella, Jr. & J. Brett Grosko, editors / (Chicago, Illinois : ABA, Section of Environment, Energy & Resources, 2014)
    K3585 .S867 2015     
    Environmental diplomacy : negotiating more effective global agreements
    Lawrence E. Susskind, Saleem H. Ali / (Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015)
    KF5605 .T36 2012     
    Law, culture, & environment
    Melissa L. Tatum, Jill Kappus Shaw / (Durham, N.C. : Carolina Academic Press c2014)
    KNC707 .P88 2015     
    Towards sustainable coastal development : institutionalizing integrated coastal
    zone management and coastal climate change adaptation in South Asia

    by Tony George Puthucherril / (Leiden ; Brill Nijhoff, 2015)
    SH329.S53 S84 2014      
    Strengthening organizations and collective action in fisheries : a way forward in implementing the international
    guidelines for securing sustainable small-scale fisheries : FAO Workshop, 18-20 March 2013, Rome, Italy

    edited by Daniela C. Kalikoski and Nicole Franz / (Rome : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2014)
    TD345 .U547 2014      
    The United Nations world water development report 2014
    (Paris : United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization 2014)


    HV5132 .W35 2009b     
    The glass castle : a memoir
    Jeannette Walls / (New York : Scribner c2009)
    KF505 .H86 2014      
    Failure to flourish : how law undermines family relationships
    Clare Huntington / (Oxford, UK ; Oxford University Press, 2014)
    KF505 .K38 2014     
    Family law in America
    Sanford N. Katz / (Oxford ; Oxford University Press, 2015)
    RC569.5.F3 W46 2015      
    Domestic violence in diverse contexts : a re-examination of gender
    Sarah Wendt and Lana Zannettino / (Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2015)


    HD2963 .L36 2014     
    The Mondragon cooperatives : workplace democracy and globalization
    Amanda Latinne / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Intersentia, 2014)
    HD5710.75.U6 W46 2014    
    Making sense of anti-trade sentiment : international trade and the American worker
    Roger White / (New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2014)    

    HD9018.D44 S73 2013    
    The state of food insecurity in the world, 2013 : the multiple dimensions of food security
    (Rome : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2013)
    HD9502.A2 J66 2015     
    The risk pivot : great powers, international security, and the energy revolution
    Bruce Jones and David Steven / (Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, 2015)
    HD9711.75.A2 W445 2012      
    Outer space development, international relations and space law : a method for elucidating seeds
    by Dr. Edythe E. Weeks / (Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2012)
    JZ5584.A33 G47 2013     
    Getting it right in Afghanistan
    Scott Smith, Moeed Yusuf, Colin Cookman, editors / (Washington, DC : United States Institute of Peace Press, 2013)
    K1030 .I578 2014      
    International sales law : a global challenge
    edited by Larry A. DiMatteo / (New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2014)    

    K1980 .I587 2014     
    The international law of disaster relief
    edited by David D. Caron, Michael J. Kelly, Anastasia Telesetky / (New York : Cambridge University Press, 2014)
    K3240 .P69 2014     
    The twilight of human rights law
    Eric A. Posner / (Oxford, UK ; Oxford University Press, 2014)
    K3249 .C36 2014     
    The Cambridge handbook of human dignity : interdisciplinary perspectives
    edited by Marcus Duwell, et al. / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2014)
    K3260 .C44 2014      
    Trade, food security, and human rights : the rules for international trade
    in agricultural products and the evolving world food crisis

    Ying Chen / (Farnham, Surrey : Ashgate, 2014)
    K3268.3 .H36 2014     
    Let me be a refugee : administrative justice and the politics of asylum in the United States, Canada, and Australia
    Rebecca Hamlin / (Oxford ; Oxford University Press, 2014)
    K3791 .C44 2014     
    The settlement of international cultural heritage disputes
    Alessandro Chechi / (Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2014)
    K3791.A42001 O34 2014      
    Shipwrecked heritage : a commentary on the UNESCO Convention on underwater cultural heritage
    Patrick J. O'Keefe / (Crickadarn, Builth Wells, UK : Institute of Art and Law, 2014)
    K3947.S93 F35 2014     
    Sugar and the making of international trade law
    Michael Fakhri / (Cambridge [UK]  ; Cambridge University Press, 2014)
    K5250 .L39 2014      
    Law in transition : human rights, development and transitional justice
    edited by Ruth Buchanan and Peer Zumbansen / (Oxford, United Kingdom ; Hart Publishing, 2014)
    K5297 .H863 2014      
    Trafficking in human beings : a comparative study of the international legal documents
    Ana Isabel Perez Cepeda & Demelsa Benito Sanchez / (Groningen : Europa Law Publishing, 2014)
    K7350 .C67 2014    
    International commercial contracts : applicable sources and enforceability
    Giuditta Cordero-Moss / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2014)
    KG432 .C37 2014      
    Continuity despite change : the politics of labor regulation in Latin America
    Matthew E. Carnes / (Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, 2014)
    KNQ3242 .W36 2014     
    The evolution of China's anti-monopoly law
    Xiaoye Wang / (Cheltenham, UK : Edward Elgar, 2014)
    KNX1040 .E58 2014     
    Enterprise law : contracts, markets, and laws in the US and Japan
    edited by Zenichi Shishido / (Cheltenham, UK : Edward Elgar, 2014)
    KQC982.P65 O43 2014     
    Corruption and human rights law in Africa
    Kolawole Olaniyan / (Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2014)
    KTL2070 .C67 2014      
    Law and revolution in South Africa : uBuntu, dignity, and the struggle for constitutional transformation
    Drucilla Cornell / (New York : Fordham University Press, 2014)    

    KTL3056 .A95 2014    
    We want what's ours : learning from South Africa's land restitution program
    Bernadette Atuahene / (Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2014)
    KZ7212 .L39 2014    
    The law and practice of piracy at sea : European and international perspectives
    edited by Panos Koutrakos and Achilles Skordas /  (Oxford ; Hart Publishing, 2014)

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    K213 .G355 2014      
    Legal discourses
    Marcus Galdia / (Frankfurt am Main ; PL Academic Research, 2014)
    K230.O445 S63 2014    
    A critical appraisal of Karl Olivecrona's legal philosophy
    Torben Spaak / (New York : Springer, 2014)
    K231 .M875 2014      
    What makes law : an introduction to the philosophy of law
    Liam  Murphy / (New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2014)
    K237 .G8 2006     
    The boundaries of meaning and the formation of law : legal concepts
    and reasoning in the English, Arabic, and Chinese traditions

    Sharron Gu / (Montreal : McGill-Queen's University Press c2006)
    K370 .C47 2014     
    The counterfactual yardstick : normativity, self-constitutionalisation and the public sphere
    Karolina M. Cern / (Frankfurt am Main : Peter Lang Edition, 2014)


    PRACTICE OF LAW       
    K845.S7 B65 2011     
    Boilerplate clauses, international commercial contracts and the applicable law
    edited by Giuditta Cordero-Moss / (Cambridge ; Cambridge University Press 2011)    

    K2390.A6 F66 2014     
    Formalisation and flexibilisation in dispute resolution
    edited by Joachim Zekoll, Moritz Balz and Iwo Amelung / (Leiden ; Brill, 2014)
    KD829 .L37 2013     
    Landmark cases in land law
    edited by Nigel Gravells / (Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2013)
    KF42.2 .S68 2014     
    Sources of compiled legislative histories : a bibliography of government documents,
    periodical articles, and books, 1st Congress-113th Congress

    compiled by Nancy P. Johnson / (Buffalo, New York : William S. Hein & Co., Inc., 2014)
    KF283 .S52 2013     
    Finding your voice in law school : mastering classroom cold calls, job interviews, and other verbal challenges
    Molly Bishop Shadel / (Durham, North Carolina : Carolina Academic Press, 2013)
    KF305 .A2 2014      
    Model rules of professional conduct
    (Chicago, Ill. : Center for Professional Responsibility, American Bar Association, 2014)
    KF315 .P649 2014     
    Attorney and law firm guide to the business of law : planning and operating for survival and growth
    Edward Poll / (Chicago, Illinois : American Bar Association, 2014)
    KF801.Z9 N94 2014     
    Starting off right in contracts
    Carolyn J. Nygren, Howard E. Katz / (Durham, North Carolina : Carolina Academic Press, 2014)
    KF1244 .F37 2014    
    Restitution : civil liability for unjust enrichment
    Ward Farnsworth / (Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2014)
    KF1524 .L57 2015    
    Strategies for creditors in bankruptcy proceedings
    Lynn M. Lopucki, Christopher R. Mirick / (Chicago : American Bar Association, 2015)
    KF3455 .E68 2014    
    Employment law
    by Mark A. Rothstein, et al. / (Eagan, MN : Thomson Reuters, 2014)
    KF4800 .M68 2014     
    Immigration outside the law
    Hiroshi Motomura / (Oxford ; Oxford University Press, 2014)
    KF4819 .W52 2014     
    What every lawyer needs to know about immigration law
    editors: Jennifer A. Hermansky, Kate Kalmykov / (Chicago, Illinois : American Bar Association, 2014)
    KF5338.F78 2013     
    A guide to the Whistleblower Protection Act & Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2012
    Renn C. Fowler, Samuel A. Vitaro / (Arlington, Va. : Dewey Publications c2013)
    KF9635 .B37 2014      
    International extradition : United States law and practice
    M. Cherif Bassiouni / (Oxford ; Oxford University Press, 2014)
    KFO2475 .R69 2014     
    Oregon legal research
    Suzanne E. Rowe / (Durham, North Carolina : Carolina Academic Press, 2014)
    KFO295 .Z9 O66 2014     
    Appeal & review : beyond the basics
    editors, Erika L. Hadlock, et al. / ([Tigard, Oregon] : Oregon State Bar Legal Publications, 2014)
    KZ1279 .T45 2014     
    The sources of international law
    Hugh Thirlway / (Oxford, United Kingdom ; Oxford University Press, 2014)
    KZ3410 .M425 2014     
    Foreign relations law
    Campbell McLachlan / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2014)
    KZ3760 .N38 2014      
    Navigating straits : challenges for international law
    edited by David D. Caron and Nilufer Oral / (Leiden : Brill Nijhoff, 2014)
    KZ6115 .R64 2014      
    Ethics in international arbitration
    Catherine A. Rogers / (Oxford, United Kingdom ; Oxford University Press, 2014)


    SPORTS LAW      
    GV709.18.U6 S86 2005     
    A place on the team : the triumph and tragedy of Title IX
    Welch Suggs / (Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press c2005)
    GV709.2 .O84 2014     
    The youth sports crisis : out-of-control adults, helpless kids
    Steven J. Overman / (Santa Barbara, California : Praeger, 2014)   


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    AM133 .M8727 2014
    Museums and restitution : new practices, new approaches
    edited by Louise Tythacott, Kostas Arvanitis / (Farnham, Surrey ; Ashgate, 2014)
    B105.A55 A53 2014     
    The animal catalyst : towards a human theory
    edited by Patricia MacCormack / (London ; Bloomsbury Academic, 2014)
    E85 .V37 2014     
    Americans recaptured : progressive era memory of frontier captivity
    Molly Kathleen Burnett Varley / (Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, 2014)
    F882.L2 L65 2005     
    Looking back Lane County : a pictorial retrospective of Lane County, Oregon, the early years, mid-1800-1939
    presented by The Register-Guard / (Eugene, Or. : The Register-Guard c2005)
    F882.L2 L65 2006      
    Looking back Lane County. the 1940's, '50's & 60's : volume II
    presented by The Register-Guard / (Eugene, Or. : The Register-Guard c2006)
    F882.L2 L65 2007
    Looking back Lane County. Vol. III, the 1970s, '80s & '90s
    presented by The Register-Guard / ([Vancouver, WA] : Pediment Pub c2007)
    GF75 .D44 2014     
    The big ratchet : how humanity thrives in the face of natural crisis : a biography of an ingenious species
    Ruth DeFries / (New York : Basic Books, 2014)
    HD6285.5.U6 F73 2014     
    Out in the union : a labor history of queer America
    Miriam Frank / (Philadelphia : Temple University Press, 2014)    

    HM851 .F43 2013     
    The information society : a study of continuity and change
    John Feather / (London : Facet Publishing 2013)    

    HQ76.5 .G39 2015    
    Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender civil rights : a public policy agenda for uniting a divided America
    edited by Wallace Swan / (Boca Raton, Florida : CRC Press, 2015)
    HV6773.15.C97 R87 2014    
    Cyber blockades
    Alison Lawlor Russell / (Washington DC : Georgetown University Press, 2014)
    JC423 .K567 2014     
    Equitable sharing : distributing the benefits and detriments of democratic society
    Thomas Kleven / (Lanham : Lexington Books, 2014)
    JK1021 .T75 2014      
    Triumphs and tragedies of the modern Congress : case studies in legislative leadership
    Maxmillian Angerholzer III, et al., editors / (Santa Barbara, California : Praeger, 2014)
    JZ1480 .J66 2014     
    Still ours to lead : America, rising powers, and the tension between rivalry and restraint
    Bruce Jones / (Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, 2014)
    K1705 .V65 2014      
    Voices at work : continuity and change in the common law world
    edited by Alan Bogg and Tonia Novitz / (Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2014)
    K3488 .B38 2014     
    Stewarding the earth : rethinking property and the emergence of biocultural rights
    Sanjay Kabir Bavikatte / (New Delhi, India : Oxford University Press, 2014)
    K3607 .C64 2014     
    Patients with passports : medical tourism, law and ethics
    I. Glenn Cohen / (New York : Oxford University Press, 2015)
    K5256 .C75 2014      
    Critical debates on counter-terrorist judicial review
    edited by Fergal F. Davis & Fiona de Londras / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2014)
    KBP526.32.K38 A34 2014      
    Women in the mosque : a history of legal thought and social practice
    Marion Holmes Katz / (New York : Columbia University Press, 2014)
    KD667.H85 P47 2014    
    Persons, parts and property : how should we regulate human tissue in the 21st century?
    edited by Imogen Goold, et al. / (Oxford, United Kingdom : Hart Publishing, 2014)
    KDZ574 .M4313 2014      
    The American Convention on Human Rights
    Cecilia Medina / (Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Intersentia, 2014)
    KEO176 .M65 2014      
    The Court of Appeal for Ontario : defining the right of appeal, 1792-2013
    Christopher Moore / (Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 2014)
    KF373.L479 Y68 2014     
    And give up showbiz? : how Fred Levin beat big tobacco, avoided two murder prosecutions,
    became a chief of Ghana, earned boxing manager of the year, and transformed American law

    Josh Young / (Dallas, TX : BenBella Books, 2014)
    KF480 .B63 2014      
    eQuality : the struggle for web accessibility by persons with cognitive disabilities
    Peter Blanck / (New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2014)
    KF1328.5.C45 O74 2014     
    The clergy sex abuse crisis and the legal responses
    James T. O'Reilly, Margaret S.P. Chalmers / (Oxford ; Oxford University Press, 2014)
    KF4868.C44 S85 2014    
    A ministry of presence : chaplaincy, spiritual care, and the law
    Winnifred Fallers Sullivan / (Chicago ; The University of Chicago Press, 2014)
    KF4881 .Z55 2014     
    The initiative : citizen lawmaking
    Joseph F. Zimmerman / (Albany : State University of New York Press, 2014)
    KF8742 .C679 2014     
    Covering the United States Supreme Court in the digital age
    edited by Richard Davis / (New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2014)
    KF8742 .F74 2014     
    The Passenger Cases and the commerce clause : immigrants, blacks, and states' rights in antebellum America
    Tony Allan Freyer / (Lawrence, Kansas : University Press of Kansas, 2014)
    KF8745.M3 U54 2014     
    John Marshall : the chief justice who saved the nation
    Harlow Giles Unger / (Boston, MA : Da Capo Press, 2014)
    KF9434 .H36 2014     
    God vs. the gavel : the perils of extreme religious liberty
    Marci A. Hamilton / (New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2014)
    KZ6795.T47 L66 2014     
    The long decade : how 9/11 changed the law
    edited by David Jenkins, Amanda Jacobsen, Anders Henriksen / (Oxford [UK] ; Oxford University Press, 2014)
    LD5753 .B48 2013     
    Inside the undergraduate teaching experience : the University of Washington's growth in faculty teaching study
    Catharine Hoffman Beyer, Edward Taylor, and Gerald M. Gillmore / (Albany : State University of New York Press 2013)
    P301.5.P86 H68 2013     
    Shady characters : the secret life of punctuation, symbols, & other typographical marks
    Keith Houston / (New York ; W.W. Norton & Company, 2013)
    PN1995.9.J8 L385 2014    
    Law and popular culture : international perspectives
    edited by Michael Asimow, et al. / (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014)
    PN3448.D4 C736 2014    
    Crime scenes : modern crime fiction in an international context
    Urszula Elias, Agnieszka Sienkiewicz-Charlish (eds.) / (Frankfurt am Main ; Peter Lang, 2014)
    Song of Solomon
    Toni Morrison / (New York : Knopf 1977)
    PS3569.I44 A7955 2014    
    Howling for justice : new perspectives on Leslie Marmon Silko's Almanac of the dead
    edited by Rebecca Tillett / (Tucson : The University of Arizona Press, 2014)
    PS3569.T3655 A88 2008     
    The art of racing in the rain : a novel
    Garth Stein / (New York : Harper ©2008)
    PS3607.R43293 A28 2006     
    An abundance of Katherines
    John Green / (New York, NY : Dutton Books c2006)
    PT2617.E85 S5213 2008    
    Siddhartha : an Indian poem
    Hermann Hesse / (New York : Modern Library 2008)
    RM228.J2 W2 2014     
    The girl who lived on air : the mystery of Sarah Jacob, the Welsh fasting girl
    by Stephen Wade / (Bridgend, Wales : Seren, 2014)
    UA23 .G643 2015     
    National security and double government
    Michael J. Glennon / (Oxford ; Oxford University Press, 2015)
    UA23 .N655 2013      
    Tyranny of consensus : discourse and dissent in American national security policy
    Janne E. Nolan / (New York : Century Foundation Press ©2013)
    Z675.U5 M324 2013      
    The Machiavellian librarian : winning allies, combating budget cuts, and influencing stakeholders
    edited by Melissa K. Aho and Erika Bennett / (Oxford ; Chandos Publishing 2013)    

    ZA3075 .M327 2014    
    Metaliteracy : reinventing information literacy to empower learners
    Thomas P. Mackey and Trudi E. Jacobson / (Chicago : ALA Neal-Schuman, 2014)
    ZA4228 .M37 2014     
    Demystifying eResearch : a primer for librarians
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