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    New Titles (September 2015)

    DU740 .I76 2013    
    (Los Angeles, CA : Something Kreative Studios, 2013)

    GV944.5 .D37 2007     
    Dare to dream the story of the U.S. women's soccer team
    ([New York] : HBO Video, c2007)

    HV6626.2 .P7 2014    
    Private violence
    (New York, NY : Women Make Movies, 2014)

    JF1525.W45 C58 2015    
    ([Beverly Hills, Calif.] : Anchor Bay Entertainment, 2015)

    Q225 .M47 2015    
    Merchants of doubt
    (Culver City, California : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2015)

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    HC79.E5 H31854 2015     
    Handbook of research on sustainable development and economics
    [edited by] Ken D. Thomas / (Hershey, PA : Business Science Reference, 2015)

    HC79.I5 A822 2015      
    Inequality : what can be done?
    Anthony B. Atkinson / (Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2015)

    HD41 .P6776 2012      
    Understanding Michael Porter : the essential guide to competition and strategy
    Joan Magretta / (Boston, Mass. : Harvard Business Review Press, c2012)

    HD57.7 .W663 2007      
    The essential Wooden : a lifetime of lessons on leaders and leadership
    John Wooden and Steve Jamison / (New York : McGraw-Hill, ©2007)

    HD57.7 .W664 2005     
    Wooden on leadership
    John Wooden and Steve Jamison / (New York : McGraw-Hill, ©2005)

    HD82 .Q36 2012
    Growth against democracy : savage developmentalism in the modern world
    H. L. T. Quan / (Lanham, [Md.] : Rowman & Littlefield Pub Group, c2012)

    HD2961 .S885 2015    
    Private governance : creating order in economic and social life
    Edward Peter Stringham / (Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015)

    K1315 .C65 2015     
    Company law and sustainability : legal barriers and opportunities
    edited by Beate Sjafjell, Benjamin J. Richardson / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2015)

    K3256 .S25 2015      
    The right to freedom of assembly : a comparative study
    Orsolya Salat / (Oxford, United Kingdom : Hart Publishing, 2015)

    KF229.K45 B87 2015    
    The safeguard of liberty and property : the Supreme Court, Kelo v. New London, and the takings clause
    Guy F. Burnett / (Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, 2015)

    KF4755 .C664 2015     
    Controversies in equal protection cases in America : race, gender and sexual orientation
    edited by Anne Richardson Oakes / (Farnham, Surrey, England : Ashgate, 2015)

    KF4783 .M86 2015      
    Religious liberty and the American Supreme Court : the essential cases and documents
    Vincent Phillip Munoz / (Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2015)

    KF5060 .A96 2015     
    Reflections on war and peace and the constitution
    George Anastaplo / (Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, 2015)

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    KF505.5 .M675 2015    
    The complete guide to mediation : how to effectively represent your clients and expand your family law practice
    Forrest S. Mosten, Elizabeth Potter Scully / (Chicago, Illinois : ABA, Section of Family Law, 2015)

    KF9084 .K678 2014      
    Mediation in a nutshell
    by Kimberlee K. Kovach / (St. Paul. MN : West Academic Publishing, 2014)

    KZ6010 .W353 2015      
    Understanding Conflict Resolution
    Peter Wallensteen / (Los Angeles : Sage, 2015)


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    HC79.E5 S86653 2015     
    Sustainability : integrating environment, agriculture and renewable energy for food security
    Tofael Ahamed, Ryozo Noguchi, and Tomohiro Takigawa / (New York : Nova Publishers, 2015)

    HC85 .A64 2015     
    Want, waste or war? : the global resource nexus and the struggle for land, energy, food, water and minerals
    Philip Andrews-Speed, et al. / (Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2014)

    HC800.Z65 M36 2014    
    Managing Africa's natural resources : capacities for development
    edited by Kobena T. Hanson, Cristina D'Alessandro, Francis Owusu / (New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2014)

    HD9502.U52 R6183 2015     
    The energy economy : practical insight to public policy and current affairs
    David J. Robinson / (New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2015)

    HD9560.5 .P43 2014      
    Peak oil, economic growth, and wildlife conservation
    J. Edward Gates, David L. Trauger, Brian Czech, editors / (New York : Springer Verlag, 2014)

    HD9698.U52 M3195 2015     
    The price of nuclear power : uranium communities and environmental justice
    Stephanie A. Malin / (New Brunswick, New Jersey : Rutgers University Press, 2015)

    HT241 .C365 2015     
    Eco-cities and the transition to low carbon economies
    Federico Caprotti / (Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2015)

    HT241 .U694 2015     
    The urban climate challenge : rethinking the role of cities in the global climate regime
    edited by Craig Johnson, Noah Toly, Heike Schroeder / (Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2015)

    HT391 .J67 2015    
    Sustainable cities : governing for urban innovation
    Simon Joss / (New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2015)

    K3583 .D87 2015    
    International environmental law
    Pierre-Marie Dupuy & Jorge E. Vinuales / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2015)

    K3585 .I5775 2016    
    International environmental law and the Global South
    edited by Shawkat Alam, et al. / (New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2015)

    K3585 .R47 2015     
    Research handbook on human rights and the environment
    edited by Anna Grear, Louis J. Kotze / (Cheltenham, UK : Edward Elgar Publishing, 2015)

    KF5627 .O273 2015
    Ocean and coastal law and policy
    [edited by] Donald C. Baur, et al. / (Chicago, Illinois : American Bar Association, 2015)

    KF5645.W65 F58 2015     
    Wolves, courts, and public policy : the children of the night return to the northern Rocky Mountains
    Edward A. Fitzgerald / (Lanham : Lexington Books, 2015)

    KJE6255.A8 H33 2015    
    The Habitats Directive in its EU environmental law context : European nature's best hope?
    edited by Charles-Hubert Born, et al. / (London : Routledge, 2015)

    QC903 .L53 2015    
    Sustainability for a warming planet
    Humberto Llavador, John E. Roemer, Joaquim Silvestre / (Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2015)

    S494.5.S86 L45 2015     
    Resilient agriculture : cultivating food systems for a changing climate
    Laura Lengnick / (Gabriola, BC : New Society Publishers, 2015)

    TJ820 .W5783 2015      
    Wind resources and future energy security : environmental, social, and economic issues
    edited by Muyiwa S. Adaramola / (Toronto : Apple Academic Press, 2015)


    FAMILY LAW    
    HV875.5 .C47 2013     
    Global families : a history of Asian international adoption in America
    Catherine Ceniza Choy / (New York : New York University Press, 2013)


    HQ281 .W33 2015      
    Researching the nexus between statelessness and human trafficking : the example of Thailand
    Laura van Waas, et al. / (Oisterwijk, The Netherlands : Wolf Legal Publishers, 2015)

    HV6433.A35 C58 2015    
    Confronting terrorism : quo vadis African Union?
    Chinyere Christiana Okpala Chukwuka / (Lake Mary, FL, USA : Vandeplas Publishing, LLC, 2015)

    JC571 .H7699 2007    
    The human rights reader : major political essays, speeches, and documents from ancient times to the present
    edited by Micheline R. Ishay / (New York : Routledge, ©2007)

    JC599.U5 .B694 2008     
    Bringing human rights home
    edited by Cynthia Soohoo, et al. / (Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2008)

    JZ4839 .I586 2015    
    International organizations as orchestrators
    [edited by] Kenneth W. Abbott, et al. / (Cambridge : New York : Cambridge University Press, 2015)

    JZ5579 .O94 2015     
    Youth in conflict and peacebuilding : mobilization, reintegration and reconciliation
    by Alpaslan Ozerdem / (Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire : Palgrave Macmillan, 2015)

    K3253 .U55 2015
    The United Nations and freedom of expression and information : critical perspectives
    edited by Tarlach McGonagle and Yvonne Donders / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2015)

    K3820 .E835 2015    
    Local space, global life : the everyday operation of international law and development
    Luis Eslava / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2015)

    KBP2416 .I85 2015     
    Islam and the law of armed conflict : essential readings
    edited by Niaz A. Shah / (Cheltenham, UK : Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, 2015)

    KBP2416 .V36 2015     
    War and law in the Islamic world
    by Matthias Vanhullebusch / (Leiden : Brill Nijhoff, 2015)

    KNQ1155 .I62 2015    
    IP protection in China
    Donna Suchy, editor / (Chicago, Illinois : American Bar Association, Section of Intellectual Property Law, 2015)

    KQC573.A34 M874 2015     
    The implementation of the findings of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights
    Rachel Murray, Debra Long / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2015)

    KZ3410 .C75 2014    
    Critical international law : postrealism, postcolonialism and transnationalism
    edited by Prabhakar Singh, Benoît Mayer / (New Delhi, India : Oxford University Press, 2014)

    KZ3410 .D34 2015     
    International law and governance of natural resources in conflict and post-conflict situations
    Daniella Dam-de Jong / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2015)

    KZ3881.S46 T74 2015      
    Lessons from the disturbed waters : the Diaoyu/Diaoyutai/Senkaku Islands disputes
    Hui-Yi Katherine Tseng / (Singapore : World Scientific, 2015)

    KZ4850 .K58 2015     
    An introduction to international institutional law
    Jan Klabbers / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2015)

    KZ6795.T47 D84 2015      
    The 'war on terror' and the framework of international law
    Helen Duffy / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2015)

    KZA1145 .T36 2015     
    The international law of the sea
    Yoshifumi Tanaka / (Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2015)

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    PRACTICE OF LAW       
    K94 .C358 2015    
    The science behind the art of legal writing
    Catherine J. Cameron, Lance N. Long / (Durham, North Carolina : Carolina Academic Press, 2015)

    K181 .S53 2014      
    Lawyers, liars, and the art of storytelling : using stories to advocate, influence, and persuade
    Jonathan Shapiro / (Chicago, Illinois : American Bar Association, 2014)

    K236 .N44 2015    
    Negotiating state and non-state law : the challenge of global and local legal pluralism
    edited by Michael Helfand / (Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2015)

    K3171 .M65 2014    
    The rule of law : definitions, measures, patterns and causes
    Jørgen Møller & Svend-Erik Skaaning / (Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan, 2014)

    KF240 .A76 2013     
    Where the law is : an introduction to advanced legal research
    by J.D.S. Armstrong & Christopher A. Knott / (St. Paul, MN : West, 2013)

    KF245 .D853 2015    
    User's guide to the Bluebook
    Alan L. Dworsky / (Buffalo, New York : William S. Hein & Co., 2015)

    KF297 .R484 2015    
    The trouble with lawyers
    Deborah L. Rhode / (Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015)

    KF300 .G74 2013    
    Lessons in leadership : essential skills for lawyers
    Thomas C. Grella / (Chicago, Illinois : ABA, Law Practice Management Section, 2013)

    KF300 .H457 2015     
    Finding bliss : innovative legal models for happy clients & happy lawyers
    Deborah Epstein Henry, et al. / (Chicago, Illinois : American Bar Association, Law Practice Division, 2015)

    KF300 .L25 2015     
    Lawyering with planned early negotiation : how you can get good results for clients and make money
    John Lande / (Chicago, Illinois : American Bar Association, Section of Dispute Resolution, 2015)

    KF320.A9 S367 2014      
    Microsoft Office 365 for lawyers
    Ben M. Schorr / (Chicago, Illinois : ABA Law Practice Division, 2014)

    KF395 .E46 2015    
    Restatement of the law, employment law : as adopted and promulgated
    by the American Law Institute at Washington D.C., May 21, 2014

    (St. Paul, MN: American Law Institute Publishers, 2015)

    KF560 .D8 2014     
    Jesse Dukeminier, Michael H. Schill, et al. / (New York : Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, 2014)

    KF807 .E84 2015    
    Contract drafting : powerful prose in transactional practice
    Lenne Eidson Espenschied / (Chicago, Illinois : American Bar Association, 2015)

    KF957 .N535 2015    
    Payments law in a nutshell
    by Mary Beth Matthews & Steve H. Nickles / (St. Paul, MN : West Academic Publishing, 2015)

    KF1477 .P74 2015      
    Premerger notification practice manual
    (Chicago, Illinois : Section of Antitrust Law, American Bar Association, 2015)

    KF1849 .S53 2015     
    The shale energy revolution : a lawyer's guide
    ABA Section of Litigation / (Chicago, Illinois : American Bar Association, 2015)

    KF8900 .H39 2015    
    Discovery practice
    Roger S. Haydock & David F. Herr / (New York : Wolters Kluwer, 2015)

    KF8915 .D78 2015    
    Practice points for trial lawyers : a view from both sides of the bench
    by Mark A. Drummond / (Chicago, Illinois : American Bar Association, Section of Litigation, 2015)

    KF9449 .H955 2015    
    Freedom for all : an attorney's guide to fighting human trafficking
    Kelly Hyland, Kavitha Sreeharsha / (Chicago, Illinois : American Bar Association, 2015)


    SPORTS LAW      
    GV351 .I67 2015    
    Introduction to Intercollegiate Athletics
    edited by Eddie Comeaux / (Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2015)

    GV361 .F64 2004     
    Ethics and college sports : ethics, sports, and the university
    Peter A. French / (Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, ©2004)

    GV558 .A36 2015    
    Talent development, existential philosophy and sport : on becoming an elite athlete
    Kenneth Aggerholm / (London : Routledge, 2015)

    GV583 .G46 2008     
    Sports in American history : from colonization to globalization
    Gerald R. Gems, Linda J. Borish, Gertrud Pfister / (Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics, ©2008)

    GV586 .S68 2015    
    Sports culture in Latin American history
    edited by David M.K. Sheinin / (Pittsburgh, Pa. : University of Pittsburgh Press, 2015)

    GV689.2 .S76 2009     
    Sport and international development
    edited by Roger Levermore, Aaron Beacom / (Basingstoke [England] : Palgrave Macmillan, 2009)

    GV706.3 .E86 2007     
    Ethics in sport
    editor, William J. Morgan / (Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics, ©2007)

    GV706.32 .L36 2001     
    Smashing barriers : race and sport in the new millennium
    Richard E. Lapchick / (Lanham, Md. : Madison Books, ©2001)

    GV706.4 .S56 2015     
    Sport development in the United States : high performance and mass participation
    Peter Smolianov, Dwight H. Zakus and Joseph Gallo / (London : Routledge, 2015)

    GV706.5 .F35 2013    
    Fallen sports heroes, media, and celebrity culture
    edited by Lawrence A. Wenner /  (New York : P. Lang, 2013)

    GV706.5 .M345 2004     
    The meaning of sports : why Americans watch baseball, football, and basketball, and what they see when they do
    Michael Mandelbaum / (New York : Public Affairs, ©2004)

    GV706.5 .S7399 2015     
    Sports events, society and culture
    edited by Katherine Dashper, Thomas Fletcher and Nicola McCullough / (Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2015)

    GV706.5 .Z57 2005     
    What's my name, fool? : sports and resistance in the United States
    Dave Zirin / (Chicago : Haymarket Books, 2005)

    GV706.55 .M35 2015     
    Sports as soul-craft : how playing and watching sports enhances life
    Paul Marcus / (Milwaukee, Wisconsin : Marquette University Press, 2015)

    GV706.7 .L49 2007     
    Sports fan violence in North America
    Jerry M. Lewis / (Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, ©2007)

    GV706.7 .S655 2012     
    Sport, violence and society
    Kevin Young / (London : Routledge, 2012)

    GV709.18.U6 S67 2005    
    Sporting equality : Title IX thirty years later
    Rita J. Simon, editor / (New Brunswick, N.J. : Transaction Publishers, ©2005)

    GV715 .S68 2011     
    Sports fans, identity, and socialization exploring the fandemonium
    edited by Adam C. Earnheardt, et al. / (Lanham, Md. : Lexington Books, 2011)

    GV716 .B53 2012    
    Sports economics
    Roger D. Blair / (New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012)

    GV735 .M33 2015     
    Sports officials and officiating : science and practice
    Clare MacMahon, et al. / (London : Routledge, 2015)

    GV742.42.C67 R53 2012    
    Howard Cosell : the man, the myth, and the transformation of American sports
    Mark Ribowsky / (New York : WW Norton & Co., ©2012)

    GV863.A1 H468 2013    
    Speak English! : the rise of Latinos in baseball
    by Rafael Hermoso / (Kent, Ohio : Black Squirrel Books, 2013)

    GV865.H36 A3 2014    
    They called me god : the best umpire who ever lived
    by Doug Harvey and Peter Golenbock / (New York : Gallery Books, 2014)

    GV867 .D44 2009    
    The unwritten rules of baseball
    Paul Dickson / (New York : Collins, 2009)

    GV880.5 .V35 2001     
    Play ball! : the story of Little League Baseball
    Lance and Robin Van Auken / (University Park, Pa. : Pennsylvania State University Press, ©2001)

    GV929 .V45 2015     
    Women's cricket and global processes : the emergence and development of women's cricket as a global game
    Philippa Velija / (Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire : Palgrave Macmillan, 2015)

    GV939.B45 H654 2012    
    War room : the legacy of Bill Belichick and the art of building the perfect team
    Michael Holley / (New York : It Books, 2012)

    GV942.5 .D86 2011    
    Historical dictionary of soccer
    Tom Dunmore / (Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press, 2011)

    GV942.7.P42 A3 2014    
    Why soccer matters
    Pele, with Brian Winter / (New York, New York : Celebra Hardcover, 2014)

    GV943.2 .D69 2010     
    The world is a ball : the joy, madness, and meaning of soccer
    John Doyle / ([Emmaus, Pa.] : Rodale, c2010)

    GV943.3 .F66 2004     
    Football goes east : business, culture, and the people's game in China, Japan, and South Korea
    edited by Wolfram Manzenreiter and John Horne / (London : Routledge, 2004)

    GV943.6.C35 M35 2000     
    The miracle of Castel di Sangro
    Joe McGinniss / (New York : Broadway Books, 2000)

    GV958.U33 J45 2008    
    The real all Americans : the team that changed a game, a people, a nation
    Sally Jenkins / (New York : Broadway Books [2008], ©2007)

    GV1834.5 .P38 2012     
    Gender, Whiteness, and power in rodeo : breaking away from the ties of sexism and racism
    Tracey Owens Patton & Sally M. Schedlock / (Lanham, Md. : Lexington Books, ©2012)

    KU1585 .V45 2011    
    Sports law
    Angelo Veljanovski / (Chatswood, N.S.W. : LexisNexis Butterworths, 2011)

    RC1210 .E85 2013    
    The ethics of sports medicine
    edited by Claudio Tamburrini and Torbjorn Tannsjo / (London : Routledge, 2013)


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    BF637.C47 B76 2013     
    Top dog : the science of winning and losing
    Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman / (New York : Twelve, 2013)

    CC135 .C844 2013     
    Cultural heritage in the crosshairs : protecting cultural property during conflict
    edited by Joris D. Kila, James A. Zeidler / (Leiden : Brill, 2013)

    HD6278.U5 R59 2015      
    Pedigree : how elite students get elite jobs
    Lauren A. Rivera / (Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, 2015)

    HD6488.2.U6 L46 2015
    The origins of right to work : antilabor democracy in nineteenth-century Chicago
    Cedric de Leon / (Ithaca : ILR Press, 2015)

    HQ796 .S284 2008    
    Teenage : the prehistory of youth culture, 1875-1945
    Jon Savage / (New York : Penguin, 2008)

    HQ1121 .K667 2015     
    Women after all : sex, evolution, and the end of male supremacy
    Melvin Konner / (New York : W.W. Norton & Company, 2015)

    HV41 .L53 2010     
    Street-level bureaucracy : dilemmas of the individual in public services
    Michael Lipsky / (New York : Russell Sage Foundation, ©2010)

    HV41 .L53 U63 2015    
    Understanding street-level bureaucracy
    edited by Peter Hupe, Michael Hill and Aurelien Buffat / (Bristol : Policy Press, 2015)

    JK468.I6 L46 2015     
    When should state secrets stay secret? : accountability, democratic governance, and intelligence
    Genevieve Lester / (New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2015)

    K3791 .H47 2015      
    Heritage, ancestry and law : principles, policies and practices in dealing with historical human remains
    edited by Ruth Redmond-Cooper / (Builth Wells, UK : Institute of Art and Law Ltd, 2015)

    K5018 .R6595 2015      
    Pirates, prisoners, and lepers : lessons from life outside the law
    Paul H. Robinson and Sarah M. Robinson / ([Lincoln, Nebraska] : Potomac Books, 2015)

    KF7209 .C47 2015      
    Borderless wars : civil military disorder and legal uncertainty
    Antonia Chayes / (New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2015)

    KF8745.M34 H394 2015     
    Showdown : Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court nomination that changed America
    Wil Haygood / (New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2015)

    KFO2476 .O72 K37 2015    
    Kaplan bar review : Oregon 2015
    (New York, NY : Kaplan Inc., 2015)

    LA229 .R385 2013    
    Rebellion in Black and white : southern student activism in the 1960s
    edited by Robert Cohen and David J. Snyder / (Baltimore : The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013)

    SF339.5.P46 L37 2015     
    Gender, work, and harness racing : fast horses and strong women in southwestern Pennsylvania
    Elizabeth Anne Larsen / (Lanham : Lexington Books, 2015)

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    Accounting for income taxes : managing uncertain tax positions under ASC 740 and ASC 450
    (Arlington, VA : Bureau of National Affairs, Inc., [2014]-)

    A formulary system for dividing income among taxing jurisdictions
    (Arlington, Va. : Tax Management Inc., [2015]-)

    The Nevada corporation : legal aspects of organization and operation
    (Arlington, VA : Bureau of National Affairs, 2015-)

    Patent, trademark & copyright journal (Daily edition)
    (Arlington, Va. : Bloomberg BNA, [2015]-)


    EGA WIN    
    A window opens : a novel
    Elisabeth Egan / (New York : Simon & Schuster, 2015)

    Jonathan Franzen / (New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2015)

    The fall of princes : a novel
    by Robert Goolrick / (Chapel Hll, North Carolina : Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2015)

    Best boy : a novel
    Eli Gottlieb / (New York : Liveright Publishing Corporation, 2015)

    The scribe : a novel
    Matthew Guinn / (New York : W. W. Norton & Company, 2015)

    Circling the sun : a novel
    Paula McLain / (New York : Ballantine Books, 2015)

    Wind/Pinball : two novels
    Haruki Murakami / (New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2015)

    The nature of the beast
    Louise Penny / (New York : Minotaur Books, 2015)

    The ambassador's wife : a novel
    Jennifer Steil / (New York : Doubleday, 2015)

    Kitchens of the great Midwest : a novel
    J. Ryan Stradal / (New York, New York : Pamela Dorman Books, 2015)

    Star wars, aftermath
    Chuck Wendig / (New York : Del Rey, 2015)

    A little life : a novel
    Hanya Yanagihara / (New York : Doubleday, 2015)

    KID BJ1631 .M85 2015
    Everything I need to know I learned from a Disney Little Golden Book
    Diane Muldrow / (New York : Golden Books, 2015)

    Llama Llama red pajama
    Anna Dewdney / (New York, New York : Viking, 2005)

    Llama Llama gram and grandpa
    Anna Dewdney / ([S.l.] : Viking, 2015)

    GV191.42.O7 S67 2015
    Exploring the Oregon Coast Trail : 40 consecutive day hikes from the Columbia River to the California border
    Connie Soper / (Portland, Or. : Dragonfly Press, 2011)

    JC573 .L485 2015
    Plunder and deceit : big government's exploitation of young people and the future
    Mark R. Levin / (New York : Threshold Editions, 2015)

    N6999.P485 A4 2015
    Fat cat art : famous masterpieces improved by a ginger cat with attitude
    Svetlana Petrova / (New York : Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin, 2015)


    PN1992.77 .B33 2015    
    Bad judge : the complete series
    (Universal City, CA : Universal Studios, 2015)

    PN1992.77 .B76 2015    
    Broadchurch. The complete second season
    (Toronto, ON : Entertainment One, 2015)

    PN1992.77 .D69 2015    
    Downton Abbey. Season 5
    ([Arlington, VA] : PBS Distribution, 2015)

    PN1992.77 .H66 2015    
    Homeland. The complete fourth season
    (Beverly Hills, Calif. : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2015)

    PN1992.77 .H68 2013    
    House of cards trilogy
    (Burbank, Calif. : Warner Home Video, 2013)

    PN1992.77 .H687 2013    
    House of cards. The complete first season
    ([Culver City, California] : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2013)

    PN1992.77 .H687 2014    
    House of cards. The complete second season
    (Culver City, CA : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2014)

    PN1992.77 .H687 2015    
    House of cards. The complete third season
    ([Culver City, California] : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2015)

    PN1992.77 .H69 2015    
    How to get away with murder. The complete first season
    ([Burbank, CA] : ABC Studios, 2015)

    PN1992.77 .L88 2010    
    Luther. [Season one]
    ([United States] : Distributed by BBC Worldwide Americas Inc., [2010])

    PN1992.77 .L88 2011    
    Luther. [Season two]
    (Burbank, CA : Warner Home Video, 2011)

    PN1992.77 .L88 2013    
    Luther [Season three]
    ([New York, N.Y.] : BBC Worldwide, 2013)

    PN1992.77 .N49 2013    
    The newsroom. The complete first season
    (Burbank, CA : Home Box Office, c2013)

    PN1992.77 .N49 2014    
    The newsroom. The complete second season
    (Burbank, CA : Home Box Office, [2014])

    PN1992.77 .N49 2015    
    The newsroom. The complete third season
    ([New York, New York] : HBO Home Video, 2015)

    PN1992.77 .O77 2013    
    Orphan black. Season one
    ([S.l.] : BBC Worldwide Americas, 2013)

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    PN1992.77 .V44 2015    
    VEEP. The complete third season
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