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LIB 409, Practicum

The library offers a formal practicum course, designed to give undergraduate students "real world," hands on experience in organizing and managing information in all formats.

Students in a range of disciplines, as well as those anticipating getting a degree in library or information science, will find many opportunities for gaining some practical field experience to enhance their resumes.

  • Students usually take 1 - 2 credits of the LIB 409.
  • 1 credit equals 30 hours of work.
  • There is a total maximum of 12 credits of LIB 409. 

To initiate a Practicum:

  1. Contact the Barbara Jenkins to discuss your idea and find library faculty members who may be a good match, or consult the list of Library Subject Specialists to find the librarian for your subject area.
  2. Find a library faculty member who's willing to be your supervisor for the practicum and arrange a meeting to discuss the details.
  3. Download this form and fill in the top portion, then take it with you to the meeting with your library faculty supervisor.
  4. Once the form is completed and signed, see Barbara Jenkins to get an authorization to register for the course. Make sure you register for the correct number of credits.
  5. Once you've registered, let your library faculty supervisor know so that you can finalize the plan for your practicum.
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