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Women and Gender in American History


The following is a selected list of resources for starting research in Women's and Gender Studies. For further assistance, contact Sara Brownmiller, Women's Studies Librarian.

Starting Your Research

These reference sources can help you identify a topic for your research, provide an overview of a specific issue or topic, and suggest other materials which might be useful for your research.

  • ABC-Clio Companion to Women's Progress in America. [HQ1410.F76 1994 Knight Reference]
  • ABC-Clio Companion to the 1960s Counterculture in America. [E169.02.H3515 1997 Knight Reference]
  • Almanac of American Women in the 20th Century. [HQ1420.C55 1987 Knight Reference]
  • Chronology of Women's History. [HQ1121.O47 1994 Knight Reference]
  • This Fabulous Century. [E161.T55 Knight]
  • Handbook of American Women's History; HQ1410.H36 2000 Knight Reference
  • Women's Studies Encyclopedia

Many popular news magazines offer a year in review issue. Browsing through these can help you get a sense of the times. Magazines available in the UO Libraries include

General Interest/News Magazines
  • Life -AP2.L547, Knight Library
  • Life - AP2.L54715, Knight Library
  • Look - AP2.L79, Knight Library
  • Time - AP2.T37, Knight Library
  • Newsweek - AP2.N6772, Knight Library
Women's Magazines
  • Ladies' Home Journal, 1926-current; AP2.L135 Knight Library
  • McCall's, 1956-2001; TT500.M2, Knight Library
  • Good Housekeeping, 1885-1976; TX1.G7 Knight Library
  • Vogue, 1932-1975; TT500.V7 Knight Library
  • Harper's Bazaar, 1925-1976; TT500.H3 Knight Library
  • Redbook, 1975-2004; AP2.R28 Knight Library
  • Mademoiselle, 1951-2004; AP2.M2334 Knight Library

Finding Articles

To look for articles in journals, newspapers, or magazines, you will need to start with an index. An index will allow you to look by subject or a few keywords which describe your topic or by author.

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Finding Books

  • UO WorldCat
    Finds both books and articles on a broad range of topics. Use the left menu to easily limit your search to specific types of materials, i.e. journal articles.
  • UO Libraries' Catalog
    Identify books by topic, title or author; identify journals and magazines owned by the UO Library. To find journal articles on your topic, use the databases listed in the section above. Once you have a citation, you can check the library catalog by doing a title search on the name of the journal to see if we have it here.

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Web Resources



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