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Finding Psychological Tests

The following is a selected list of resources for psychological tests. Most psychological tests are commerical tests and not readily available as complete tests.

Only a few sources provide an actual test. Some sources will give a short summary and basic details about a testing instrument. Other resources provide an overview or review of a test.

If you need further assistance, ask a reference librarian or contact Barbara Jenkins.

Books Containing Tests

The following resources provide a copy of the tests described in the book. Most of the test books are in Knight Reference and do not circulate.

  • Measures for Clinical Practice: A Source book
    Reference BF 176 .C66 2007  (2 vols) 
    These instruments were specifically selected because "they measure most of the common problems seen in clinical practice and they are relatively short, easy to score and administer." There is a helpful introduction on the basic principles of measurement.
  • Handbook of Sexually Related Measures
    Reference HQ 60 .H36 1998
    This book includes hundreds of measures related to sexual behavior, beliefs, attitudes, and more. Most of the instruments are included in the book; those that aren't, provide contact information on obtaining the test.
  • Measures of Religiosity
    Reference BR110 .M43 1999
    A great source for spirituality or religion tests and surveys.
  • Measures of Personality & Social Psychological Attitudes
    Reference BF698.4 M38 1991
    These 88 measures have been identified to be the most useful measures of important social science concepts and are reviewed by experts in the field. Hence, the reviews are more knowledgeable, but there are fewer tests.
  • Tests and Assessment links on Psych Web

Books That Point To Tests

  • Sex and Gender Issues: A Handbook of Tests and Measures
    BF 692 .b38 1990
    Describes 197 scales organized into 11 chapters: Heterosocial Relations, Sexuality, Contraception and Abortion, Pregnancy and Childbirth, Somatic Issues, Homosexuality Rape and Sexual Coercion, Family Violence, Body Image and Appearance, and Eating Disorders
  • Gender roles: A handbook of tests and measures
    HM253 .B43 1990
    Describes 211 scales in 7 chapters: Gender Roles, Children and Gender, Stereotypes, Marital and Parental Roles, Employee Roles, Multiples Roles, & Attitudes Toward Gender Role Issues.
  • Women and women's issues: a handbook of tests and measures
    HQ1180.B43 1979
    Describes 235 measures, organized into 11 chapters: Sex Roles, Sex Stereotypes, Sex Role Prescriptions, Children's Sex Roles, Gender Knowledge, Marital and Parental Roles Employee Roles, Multiples Roles, Attitudes Toward Women's Issues, & Somatic and Sexual Issues.
  • Handbook of family measurement techniques
    HQ728 .H26 1990
    Provides general information regarding the content and procedures associated with 976 tests that have been developed and used over the past 50 years. Reliability, validity and references are included. The work consists of 5 categories: Dimensions of family and marital interaction, intimacy and family values, parenthood, roles and power, and adjustment.

Unpublished Tests

Unpublished tests have not been commercially published. Some can be found in journals in their entirety. The sources in this section provide citations to research articles that cover psychological measures.

  • Directory of Unpublished Experimental Mental Measures
    Reference BF 431 .G625
    Provides listings of unpublished tests described in 40 journals in the fields of behavioral and social sciences from the years 1970-1997. Information includes: number of items; format; reliability and validity; author; title; journal; and related research. Volume 7 indexes the previous 6 volumes.
  • Measures for Psychological Assessment: A guide to 3000 Original Sources and their Applications
    REFERENCE BF 698.5 C45 (2nd copy in stacks)
    Provides a comprehensive bibliography from 26 psychology and sociology journals from 1960-1970. Directs user to original source, most of which are journal articles.

Articles That Point To Tests

You can find references to research journal articles that describe experiments and the instruments used to measure their variables in electronic databases like PsycINFO. Use the thesaurus located on the PsycINFO database (toolbox).
For example:

  • Aptitude measures
  • Attitude measures
  • Performance tests
  • Personality measures
  • Employment tests
  • Intelligence tests
  • Inventories
  • Test construction

Encyclopedias/Books About Tests

The Encyclopedia of Social Measurement and other psychology encyclopedias can provide excellent overviews. Books also can be useful. Do a search in the University of Oregon Library Catalog by:

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