Subject Dictionaries

Subject Dictionaries

Subject dictionaries provide definitions for the terminology of a particular discipline. The University of Oregon Libraries have scores of subject dictionaries. This guide lists the more important ones, by broad subject area.

Locations used in this guide are:

  • AAA REF Architecture & Allied Arts Library, 200 Lawrence Hall
  • DOCS REF Document Center, 1st floor Knight Library
  • REF KNIGHT Reference Department, 1st floor Knight Library
  • LAW REF John E. Jaqua Law Library, 2nd floor Knight Law Center
  • MUSIC REF Music Reference, 3rd floor Knight Library
  • SCI REF Science Library, lower level Onyx Bridge
  • MATH REF Mathematics Library, 210 Fenton Hall

You might also want to consult a research guide for your subject area for more resources that may help you in your search.

General Subject Dictionaries

  • Dictionary of the Social Sciences
  • Social Science Encyclopedia REF KNIGHT H 41 .S63 1996
  • McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific & Technical Terms SCI REF Q 123 .M15 2003

Anthropology and Archaeology


  • Dictionary of Architecture and Landscape Architecture AAA REF NA 31 .C85
  • Illustrated Dictionary of Architectural Preservation AAA REF NA 105 .B87 2004






Computer Science

Counseling Psychology and Human Services

  • Dictionary of Counseling REF KNIGHT BF 637 .C6 B444 1994
  • Social Work Dictionary REF KNIGHT HV 12 .B37 2003




Environmental Studies

Ethnic Studies


  • Larousse Dictionary of World Folklore REF KNIGHT GR 35 .J664 1995
  • Dictionary of Superstitions
  • Dictionary of Symbols REF KNIGHT GR 931 .C4413 1994
  • Standard Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology, and Legend REF KNIGHT GR 35 .F82


Geological Sciences


International Studies [See also Political Science]

  • Penguin Dictionary of International Relations REF KNIGHT JZ 1161 .E94 1998
  • International Relations: A Political Dictionary REF KNIGHT JX 1226 .P55 1995

Journalism, Mass Media, and Communication

  • Dictionary of Media and Communication
  • Dictionary of Media and Communication Studies REF KNIGHT P 87.5 .W38
  • Encyclopedia of Media and Communication REF KNIGHT P 87.5 .E54 2013
  • Critical Dictionary of Film and Television theory REF KNIGHT PN 1993.45 .C75 2001

Judaic Studies


Library Science




Medicine/ Human Physiology




Planning, Public Policy, and Management

  • Dictionary of Public Policy and Administration DOCS REF H 97 .S483 2004
  • International Dictionary of Public Management and Governance DOCS REF JA 61 .B48 2006
  • Language of Towns and Cities: A Visual Dictionary AAA REF NA 9010.5 .T45 2010
  • Glossary of Zoning, Development, and Planning Terms DOCS REF NA 9108 .A545 no. 491.492

Political Science [See also International Studies]


Religious Studies [see also Judaic Studies]

Romance Language Literatures


  • Dictionary of Sociology
  • Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology REF KNIGHT HM 425 .C36 2006
  • Penguin Dictionary of Sociology REF KNIGHT HM 17 .A23


Theater Arts

Women and Gender Studies

  • Concise Glossary of Feminist Theory REF KNIGHT HQ 1115 .A53 1997
  • Routledge Critical Dictionary of Feminism ... REF KNIGHT HQ 1115 .R68 2000


More Subject Dictionaries

You can also find subject dictionaries by doing a Subject Headings search in the UO Libraries Catalog. Enter the broad subject area you are interested in, followed by the subheading dictionaries.

Example: Finance dictionaries

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