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Sociology 311 Research Guide

Introduction to Social Research

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Finding Background Information:

  • Encyclopedias and dictionaries are a useful place to gather background information on your topic. We have many specialized encyclopedias - some online and many in print in the Knight Library Reference Section.

  • Annual Reviews in Sociology are review articles on various topics in Sociology written by scholars. These articles are great ways to get an overview of research on a topic as well as a reliable source of citations to important scholarship. These are a good place to find current ideas on major areas of research in Sociology - so if you are having trouble thinking of research questions for Assignment 1, this is a good place to find ideas.

Searching tips:

  • Brainstorm about words that relate to your topic
  • Look for additional terms in the articles you find
  • Look at bibliographies and cited references to find more information on your topic

Creating Citations:

Sociologists can use the American Sociological Association Style Guide to format citations for papers. Please see the overview and samples of the style.

Finding Journal Articles:

  • Web of Science is an interdisciplinary index to articles in the sciences and social sciences, making it particularly useful for the multidisciplinary needs of Sociology researchers.

Looking for Data:


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