European Politics PS 324

European Politics - PS 324

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Reference Sources

Use these for quick look-ups, or to explore possible topics and issues

off-campus access limited to UO = You must be on campus, or an authorized UO user if off campus, to access

Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics, 3rd ed.

EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit)
From The Economist, see the ViewsWire section which provides economic and political news and information on 203 countries, updated daily.

Encyclopedia of European Social History 
May be useful for historical background on political and social movements; development of the welfare state, corporatism, nationalism, European regionalism, etc.

Encyclopedia of Governance
Covers various topics associated with governance, such as public-sector reform, policy networks, new public management, and the hollow state (and much more); theories of governance and specific concepts associated with these theories, such as prisoner's dilemma and tradition.  Includes chapters on European governance, and the EU.

Europa WorldPlus off-campus access limited to UO
Europa WorldPlus provides historical, political, economic and statistical information for more than 250 countries and territories. It also includes international organizations such as the EU and other, smaller European organizations.

Europe Since 1945: An Encyclopedia 2 vols. Knight Reference D1058 .E8754 2001
Nice resource, if only in print. Covers individual countries, including political parties, policies, etc.; also political figures, organizations and agreements; more.

OECD i-Library off-campus access limited to UO
OECD is the Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development and its members are most of the developed countries of the world. 25 European countries (including Turkey) are members. OECD i-Library includes books, papers, and statistics.

Oxford Companion to the Politics of the World

Political Handbook of the World Knight JF37 .P6 1975-2010 (Limited Loan)
Annual publication that gives a run-down on the current government and political parties of countries; also IGO developments.

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Finding Articles

off-campus access limited to UO = You must be on campus, or an authorized UO user if off campus, to access

Scholarly Articles

Academic Search Premier off-campus access limited to UO
Good for its mix of popular, news, and scholarly articles. You have to exercise your critical evaluation skills to determine if an article is truly scholarly or not. (Do NOT rely solely on their limit to peer-reviewed feature--it is not reliable. Checking a journal on Ulrich's through FindText is better, although you still have to use your own judgment.)

Annual Reviews off-campus access limited to UO
Review articles give you an overview of a research topic, as well as many citations to important scholarship.

Web of Science off-campus access limited to UO
Interdisciplinary database that includes all the social sciences. Special feature is the ability to find articles that cite an article or author.  You also can limit to review articles in Web of Science.

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts off-campus access limited to UO The best database for retrieving articles from scholarly journals (and other sources) only in political science and related fields such as international relations, law, and public administration / policy. Again, do not completely rely on their limit to "scholarly journals" feature.

See also:

Google Scholar "Google for academics" - try the Advanced Search option, by clicking on tlhe down-facing arrow at the right of the search box.

News Articles and Media

LexisNexis Academic off-campus access limited to UO

  • Covers hundreds (thousands?) of newspapers & media sources, 1980-present (but not all newspapers are available as far back as 1980.)
  • Covers international (including foreign language) newspapers
  • Has a retrieval limit of 3000 articles
    • Because this is such a huge database, and searches the full text of every article, you may want to restrict your search, e.g., to "Headline and Lead paragraph". >>See the pull-down menu to the right of the search box
    • Limiting by dates of coverage will also help
  • For most searches, you're better off using a more advanced search option, not the Easy Search that comes up when you open the database
  • You can limit geographically in Advanced Search. Geographic browsing is hierarchical, e.g. Europe - Western Europe - Benelux countries - Belgium
  • To search in a specific newspaper, by date, use "All news" or "Newspapers and Wires":
    • type in keywords
    • specify date parameters
    • type in the title of the publication, e.g. Le Figaro, under "Select Source". You also can browse for sources by country. - a good source for current news from any country in the world.

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Finding Books

in UOWorldCat (UO Libraries and beyond)

A few book search tips:

  • Use more general terms, as opposed to the more specific terms needed for searching for articles. E.g., if you want books about the Civil Democratic Party of the Czech Republic, you may need to look for books just on Czech Republic political parties, which would include information on individual parties.
  • UO WorldCat searches for articles, and many other formats besides books. To limit to books, click on 'book' under format on the left side.
  • You may get more or better results if you do a Subject Heading search for a broad term. To do a search by Subject, go to Advanced Search and pull down the menu to Subject. You also can click on the subject heading links at the right side of the full record display for a book that you like, to get more like it. For instance, in the above search I discovered the subject headings "Political parties - Czech Republic" and "Czech Republic - Politics and government - 1993-" -- which found me more relevant books.

Government and IGO sites

Europa - the offical web site of the European Union

Nations of the World from the Law Library of Congress. Legal instruments (constitutions, laws, regulations, etc.) as well as links to official government sites and general sources of information

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

OECD - the web site of the Organisation for Economic Coooperation and Development (25 European members)

World Bank - Countries

Data and Statistics

Eurostat Online statistics from the statistical office of the European Union

International Statistical Agencies Links maintained by the US Census Bureau\

OECD i-Library Statistics off-campus access limited to UO The OECD i-Library's statistics page -- you may want to try OECD.Stat which allows you to search across datasets. (After clicking on OECD.Stat, click on the pink "Data" link.)

OFFSTATS - Official Statistics on the Web - arranged and presented by the University of Aukland (N.Z.) Library

For more sources, see:

Links to Data Set Sources (downloadable, manipulable data sets)

Links to Statistical Sources (includes statistical reports, etc.)

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