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Starting Research in Political Science

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Finding Background Information

The following reference sources can help you identify a topic for your research, provide an overview of a specific issue or topic, and suggest other materials which might be useful for your research.

  • Dictionaries give definitions and explanations of terms and concepts.
  • Encyclopedias (and also "guides", "companions", etc.) contain short to lengthy articles on subjects, ideas, important people, etc. Many include bibliographies of books and articles for further reading.
  • Review articles are a great way to get an overview of a topic, as well as a source of citations to important scholarship.  Try the Annual Review of Political Science.
  • Guides to the Research Process
    In addition, these guides discuss the process and methodology of doing research in the field of political science, and may be worth consulting to get ideas as to how to approach your topic.

    Finding Articles

    Finding Books & Dissertations

    Web Resources


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