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Sustainable City Year: Medford

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This guide supports the 2013-2014 Sustainable Cities Initiative on Medford, Oregon. See also the 2011-2012 Sustainable Cities Initiative on Springfield, OR, the 2010-2011 Sustainable Cities Initiative on Salem, Oregon and the 2009-2010 final reports on the city of Gresham.

For more general approaches, you may want to consult the research guides for Planning, Architecture, or Landscape Architecture. For further assistance, contact Kathy Stroud in the Document Center, at


Community-level statistical data are produced by many different private and governmental organizations. These resources can help locate the most useful series. Reference staff in the Knight Library's Document Center can assist with hard-to-locate data.

  • Census 2010 and 2000. (American FactFinder)
    • Census data published earlier than 2000 can be found in Social Explorer (UO only). You may also find it easier to use Social Explorer than the Census Bureau's American FactFinder
    • Printed reports, which are maintained in the Knight Library's Document Center. For help using Census data, contact Victoria Mitchell at in the Knight Library's Document Center.
  • Census: American Community Survey.
    These data files contain the most recent (but not the most reliable) estimates of population characteristics.
    For the most recent estimates (at the city level only), choose 2012 ACS 1-year estimates.
    For a set of estimates that are more reliable (smaller confidence intervals), and include more variables, choose the 2010-2012 ACS 3-year or the 2008-2012 ACS 5-year estimates.  The 5-year estimates may be searched the census tract and block group level.
  • Stats America - a very user-friendly portal to US Census and economic data, with the ability to compare counties and cities.
  • Document Center's statistics page - find more specialized data and statistics here.
  • Statistics from the City of Medford website: Building Department, Crime statistics, Fire & Rescue Department

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News and Opinion

Use these resources to find coverage of the City of Medford by news media and policy groups.

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Government & Business

Use these resources to find information from and about Medford's city government and local businesses.




  • Reference USA (UO only) Database of U.S. business establishments, which may be searched by city, zipcode, type of business, and size. Use to identify individual businesses, or to analyze the structure of the business community in Medford.
  • County Business Patterns Zipcode and county-level data on business establishments, including type of business, payroll, and employment.
  • Medford/Jackson County Chamber of Commerce
  • Portland Business Journal. Brief news articles; may be searched by key words or phrases, such as "Medford."

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Map and GIS Resources

The UO's large collection of maps and aerial photography is located in the Document Center, on the first floor of the Knight Library. This is also the location for datasets for use in geographic information systems (GIS) applications. For expert help, contact the Map/GIS Librarian, Kathy Stroud, at

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Natural Setting

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Historical Resources

In addition to the catalogs, article databases, and newspapers described here, the following sources can be useful for researching the history of Medford. For further assistance, contact the History Librarian, David Woken, at

  • Medford Oregon History Website sponsored by the Medford Landmarks and Historic Preservation Commission.
  • Index to the Oregon Historical Quarterly (REF KNIGHT F871 .O43)
    Three volumes covering the Oregon Historical Quarterly from the 1900 through 1980. The fourth volume, covering 1981-2000, is available online.
  • Oregon Historical Quarterly via JSTOR -- full text, searchable access, 1900-present.
  • Sanborn fire insurance maps.
    Historic large scale maps with building detail for Oregon cities. Medford maps are available for 1888, 1890, 1893, 1898, 1907, 1911, 1927 and 1927-1950.
  • General Land Office maps and survey notes record detailed information about land conditions and use during early U.S. settlement. City of Medford is within Township 37S, Ranges 1W and 2W which were first surveyed by the General Land Office in 1855.
  • Historic Topographic Maps by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) are available for Medford and the surrounding areas.  The first available USGS topograhic maps for the area are dated 1891. 
  • Building Oregon Images and documentation on the architectural heritage of Oregon with specific emphasis on historical sites. May be searched or browsed by city.
  • National Historic Landmark Program. Links to resources on contacts, eligibility, compiling research, drafting and submitting nominations, and the review process. A National Historic Landmark database, searchable by city and state, is also included.
  • Oregon Historic Sites Database.
    Beta version of a database of historic sites, which may be searched by city, building style or function.
  • Census data and maps via Social Explorer (UO only.)  Jackson County data available from 1860-forward; Medford city data available from 1980.
    • Historic census information also can be found in printed reports, which are maintained in the Document Center.

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Partner Organizations

Use these resources to find information from and about Medford's partner organizations.

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Journal Articles

These journal article index databases are useful for searching the scholarly literature in such fields as planning, geography, sociology, transportation, business and public affairs.

  • Academic Search Premier (UO only)
    Citations to journal articles, often accompanied by full text, from a broad array of disciplines.
  • America: History and Life (UO only)
    Citations and abstracts for historical research relating to the Americas, including Native peoples. Covers more recent issues of local-interest journals such as the Oregon Historical Quarterly and Pacific Northwest Quarterly.
  • Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals (UO only)
    References to literature in the fields of architecture and related fields such as city planning and historic preservation.
  • Business Source Complete (UO only)
    Citations to business-related journal articles, often accompanied by full text.
  • GEOBASE (UO only)
    Literature in geography, ecology, and related disciplines including urban and regional planning.
  • Journal of Planning Literature online or DOC-LC HT165.5.J68 (1987 - 2006) in the Documents Center Collection.
    Current bibliography of books and articles in the field of planning. Search this journal, 1999 to date, in Academic Search Premier (limit search to SO Journal Name = Journal of Planning Literature). (UO only)
  • PAIS (UO only)
    Citations to journal articles, books and book chapters, and other resources in the area of public affairs.
  • SocAbstracts (UO only)
    References to literature in sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences, including community development and the social aspects of planning.
  • TRIS online (Transportation Research Information Service)
    References to transportation-related information in books, journal articles, technical reports and the media.
  • Web of Science (UO only)
    The most comprehensive coverage of science and social science articles.

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Books, Theses and Terminal projects

  • LibrarySearch (Library catalog: UO, Summit, and beyond)
    You can limit to what's available in the University of Oregon Libraries in paper by clicking "Available at UO" on the left side. Also includes electronic books, journals, etc. that are available online. Click on "UO Online Resources" on the left side.
    • LibrarySearch includes the Summit Union Catalog: Books and other materials from 35 Northwest libraries, which you can borrow directly (5-day delivery).
  • WorldCat (FirstSearch)
    Books and other materials from over 60,000 libraries worldwide, which may be requested through Interlibrary Loan.
  • PPPM Theses and Terminal Projects.
    PPPM masters theses may be located through the UO Library's catalog on LibrarySearch. Terminal projects for PPPM and for other AAA departments may be found through special databases.

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