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"News is the first rough draft of history."
- Philip Graham, former publisher, Washington Post

Newspapers are great sources of primary information. They often contain the first published accounts of an event, and provide windows into communities, contemporary social ideas, and local views on current events. The UO Libraries have a large collection of newspapers published in Oregon, and electronic access to newspapers published in the United States and around the world.


Oregon Newspapers


Recent print issues of the Eugene Register-Guard and The Oregonian can be found in the Quiet Study area (2nd floor) of the Knight Library. After about three months, the Library receives microfilm of these newspapers, which is kept in the Microforms unit. (1st floor, Knight Library)

The UO Library also receives print issues of other Oregonian newspapers, such as The Daily Business Journal (Portland), the Statesman Journal (Salem), the Mail Tribune (Medford), and many others.  These recent print issues can be requested at the Microforms unit service desk. (1st floor, Knight Library)

Online issues for the following Oregon newspapers:

To find additional Oregon newspapers on the web, try


Microfilm copies of most Oregon newspapers are located in the Knight Library Microforms Department. Newspapers on microfilm are shelved by city and then by the title of the publication. Most are listed by title in the UO Libraries Catalog.

For titles not found in the library catalog, check the inventories for:


For information on searching for individual news items in Oregon newspapers, see Finding Articles In Oregon Newspapers.


U.S. Newspapers


Recent issues of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal can be found in the Quiet Study area (2nd floor) of the Knight Library. 

Current issues of many U.S. newspapers are available online. One directory of online newspapers is  Increasingly, newspapers are charging for their online content. For example, on March 28, 2011 the New York Times began charging for unlimited access to its online content on its website.

Digital microfilm of the following U.S. newspapers is available:

  • New York Times
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Washington Post
  • Los Angeles Times
  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • American Banker
  • Statesman Journal (Salem, Oregon)
This digital microfilm is available from 2008.  The coverage extends up to the present, but does not include the most recent 6-12 weeks, depending on the newspaper. We recommend Internet Explorer as the browser to access the digital microfilm. See a guide to the Proquest digital microfilm.

In addition, the Library also has traditional microfilm copies of selected U.S. newspapers. You can check the Library catalog by title, check the inventory by city of newspapers on microfilm, or ask for assistance at the Microforms desk on the first floor of Knight Library. Newspapers on microfilm are shelved by city and then by the title of the publication. Listed below are the Library's traditional microfilm holdings of substantial runs of U.S. newspapers outside of Oregon.
  • Christian Science Monitor (Boston, MA), 1908-1980
  • Los Angeles Times, 1941-2009
  • New York Times, 1857-2009
  • Pittsburgh Courier, 1966-2000
  • San Francisco Chronicle, 1869-2009
  • Seattle Times, 1941-recent
  • Times-Picayune (New Orleans, LA), 1845-1854, 1908-1962
  • Village Voice (New York, NY), 1955-recent
  • Wall Street Journal (New York, NY), 1889-2009; 
  • Washington Post, 1877-2009

For more information on searching for individual news items in U.S. newspapers, see Finding Articles in U.S. and International Newspapers.


International Newspapers


The current issues of most international newspapers are available online. One such directory of online newspapers is


Microfilm copies of a few international papers are available. Some of the more substantial microfilm runs include:
  • Le Monde (Paris), 1928-1972
  • Nezavisimaia Gazeta (Moscow), 1991-recent
  • Times (London) 1785-recent

For information on searching for individual news items in newspapers, see Finding News Articles in U.S. and International Newspapers.


Underground Newspapers

The Underground Newspapers microfilm collection includes "alternative" papers published between 1965 and 1971; over 460 papers are represented. The inventory lists underground papers alphabetically by title, giving microfilm reel number(s), city and state, and year(s) of publication. All issues of a title for a given year appear on a single reel together. The collection is located in the Microforms section of Knight Library, under "U" for Underground (as if "Underground" were a city).

Other Collections

Japanese Relocation Camp Newspapers
MICROFILM AP 2 .J36 (22 reels)
This collection includes newspapers published in the Japanese internment camps in Colorado, Arkansas, Idaho, Wyoming, California, Arizona, and Utah during the second world war.
19th Century Mexican Newspapers
Newspapers from Alamos, Arizpe, Cieneguita, Culiacan, Guayams, Hermosillo, Mazatlan, and Ures. 6 reels, shelved under "Mexico" (as if Mexico were a city) in the Microforms section of Knight Library.

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