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Using Proquest Digital Microfilm

The Proquest Digital Microfilm provides archives to:

  • New York Times
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Washington Post
  • Los Angeles Times
  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • Salem (Oregon) Statesman-Journal
  • American Banker

Digital microfilm is meant to replace traditional microfilm. It offers certain advantages:

  • the user can access digital microfilm through the Web, without having to come to the library
  • the microfilm can be accessed simultaneously by more than one person
  • it takes up no physical space

Use only with the Internet Explorer or Chrome browsers, not with Firefox. Coverage through the digital microfilm begins in 2008. (The UO Library offers traditional microfilm coverage for all of these newspapers prior to 2008.) The coverage extends up to the present, but does not include the most recent 6-12 weeks, depending on the newspaper.

As you select the newspaper, the year, the month, and the date, wait until each step in the selection process is fully loaded by your browser.

The database provides PDF images of microfilm. It does not have article searching capability. You cannot do keyword searches for specific articles. To search for specific articles in these newspapers, use appropriate library databases or Web resources.

The default view of the database is to show the selected page of the newspaper in its entirety, with thumbnails of other pages at the bottom of the screen. Users can modify this view and see a part of a page, enlarged, with the zoom icon (to the right of the page number near the top of the PDF screen).

When printing or saving to a drive, the default is the entire newspaper page, resulting in text that is often too small to read. To compensate for this, users can select the thumbnail of the page they want, on the bottom of the PDF screen, highlight the portion of the page they want to print or save, and click.


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