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The following is a selected list of resources for Mathematics. For further assistance, contact Annie Zeidman-Karpinski, subject specialist for Mathematics.

Finding ARTICLES, Journals AND abstracts

  • mathematics arXiv
    Get your most recent up to the minute research here. Mathematics arXiv at Cornell University. The arXiv has over 37,611 primary and secondary articles (and will have more by now).
  • MathSciNet
    Mathematical Reviews from 1940 to present. Although by the time the article makes it here, it may be several years old.Now allows pairing with our paid subscription for your tablet, smartphone, etc. See this link for more information:
  • guide to finding electronic articles/journals at UO
    step-by-step instructions are on these pages. Once you get the hang of it, you can go straight to FindText to see the titles of all the journals we have electronically arranged alphabetically (see list at left or type in what you know in the boxes on the right)
  • Finding journals at UO
    Use the library catalog to see if we have the journal you are looking for. From the advanced search page for titles, use the Search by Journal Title section 1/2 way down the page.
  • Math Database
    Previously Zentralblatt fur Mathematik / Mathematics Abstracts from 1931.
    Covers 11 Mathematics journals from their inception (some of them start in the late 1880s) until about 7 years ago. Has complete full-text online and is searchable.
  • CiteSeer Scientific Literature Digital Library
    Also known as ResearchIndex, this database indexes Postscript and PDF research articles on the Web, and provides a number of features, including cited reference searching. Its content includes a lot of mathematics and computer science.
  • Web of Science
    The web version of the Science Citation Index (as well as the Social Sciences Citation Index) from 1996 to the present. This interdisciplinary database allows you to find out who has cited a known reference, as well as searching for current research articles by author, topic, etc. From within this database you can check if UO owns the journal containing an article you want. If not, you'll need to fill out an interlibrary loan form, which is one of the options in the FindText windows. See the Borrowing Material from Other Libraries for more information.  Earlier years of the Science Citation Index can be searched on CD-ROM or in print [Z7401 .S365] in the Science Reference area.
  • e-Print archive
    A searchable archive of e-prints in physics (particularly high energy physics), mathematics, computer and nonlinear sciences. Database began in 1991. Formerly known as the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) e-print server (
  • ArticleFirst
    An interdisciplinary article index that covers mathematics and sciences. Features include links to the UO catalog (making it easy to check whether we own the journal) and a link to InterLibrary Loan (making it easy to order the article if we do not own the journal). However, because this database will only search on words in an article's title the results are not complete.

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off campus access

  • Most links to licensed electronic resources connect directly to a library Web page for authentication. You will need to provide your name, UO ID, and your library PIN (which is the same as your UO ID, unless you changed it) when prompted.
  • VPN and Proxy server
    You download this or get it from the DuckwareCD. When you use it, your computer will appear to be directly connected to the campus network, so you will have access to licensed resources without having to authenticate yourself for each resource or make changes in your Web browser.

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Finding BOOKS

  • UO Library Catalog
    Identify books by topic, title or author; identify journals and magazines owned by the UO Library. To find journal articles on your topic, use the databases listed in the section above. Once you have a citation, you can check the library catalog by doing a title search on the name of the journal to see if we have it here.
  • Summit Catalog (formerly Orbis)
    Summit is the catalog of most of the academic libraries in the Pacific Northwest. Combined these collections provide more than 22 million items. Request books and other materials (but not journal articles) through Summit if the UO copy is checked out, missing, or if UO doesn't own a copy. Most are delivered within 3 *working* days or less and can be checked out for 3 weeks, with an option for renewal. To request a journal article, you'll need to fill out an interlibrary loan form.
  • WorldCat
    WorldCat provides access to library catalogs from around the world. The database contains bibliographic records describing books, dissertations, journals, maps, electronic and internet resources, manuscripts, and more. From within this database, you can check if UO owns a book of interest, and if not, request an interlibrary loan. (Always check Summit first, though.)

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Alerting services

  • ingenta will email you the table of contents from any of more than 30,000 journals or magazines, both online and in print. From the ingenta homepage, click "Register," then "Manage My Ingenta."
  • springer makes you set up an account, but will email when new journals or articles are published on subjects that you want to know about.
  • other information about alerting services

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People and Organizations

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Web Resources

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Print Resources/mathematica

These resources can provide an overview of a subject and some will include references for further reading. If you need to choose a topic you may want to browse them for ideas. If you have already chosen a topic, they can supply background information and lead you to other sources.

  • Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
    • Encyclopedic dictionary of mathematics. [Math Reference QA5.I8313 1987]
    • Mathematics dictionary. [Math & Science Reference QA5.J33 1992]
    • CRC concise encyclopedia of mathematics. [Science Reference QA5.W45 1999]
    • Companion encyclopedia of the history and philosophy of the mathematical sciences. [Science Reference QA21.E57 1994]
    • The Cambridge dictionary of statistics. [Science Reference QA276.15.E84 1998]
    • Encyclopaedia of mathematics. [Math Reference QA5.M3713 1988]
    • Dictionary of mathematical games, puzzles, and amusements. [Math Reference QA95.E37 1988]
  • Handbooks and Tables
    • CRC handbook of mathematical sciences. [Math & Science Reference QA47.H324 1987]
    • CRC standard curves and surfaces. [Math & Science Reference QA643.V67 1993]
    • CRC standard mathematical tables and formulae. [Math & Science Reference QA47.M315]
    • Handbook of differential equations. [Math Reference QA371.Z88 1998]
    • Handbook of integral equations. [Math Reference QA431.P65 1998]
    • Handbook of mathematics and computational science. [Science Reference QA40.S76 1998]
    • Mathematical techniques : an introduction for the engineering,physical, and mathematical sciences. [Science Reference QA300.J82 1997]
    • Table of integrals, series, and products. [Math & Science Reference QA55.G6613 1994]

In addition to Math Department machines, Mathematica is available in the Science Library ITC.

Scholarly publishing

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