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Contact Librarians:

Honors College Librarian: Miriam Rigby,; 346-7202

In addition to the Honors College Librarian, there are many research experts in the library who want to work with you. They each have a couple subject areas of expertise and their entire existence is based around helping people find resources, figure out good research topics, and so on. A full list of them can be found here: Subject Specialists

Research Guides:

There are many research guides by subject (Literature, Sociology, Physics, etc.) and by type of materials (Primary Sources, Encyclopedias, etc.).

Quick Links to Research Guides

(Limited list, full list here: Research Guides by Subject)                       

Course-Related Guides


This guide is brand new and growing, check back soon for more info & links! (and feel free to suggest items you would like to see included!) (9/14/2012)

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