Food Studies Research Guide

Food Studies Research Guide

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Articles (Scholarly / Peer-reviewed)

Food Studies is highly interdisciplinary. The following is a selection of journal databases that may be useful to you.

  • Agricola covers agriculture, including economics, forestry, alternative farming practices, culture, and nutrition.
  • America: History and Life is the main database for finding citations & abstracts for U.S. History (includes modern culture and ancient archaeology.)
  • Biosis covers traditional areas of biology (botany, zoology and microbiology), as well as biochemistry, biophysics, and bioengineering.
  • MLA International Bibliography The essential index for literary criticism articles.
  • JSTOR provides full-text access to thousands of journals, primarily across the social sciences.
  • Web of Science - articles from across the sciences & social sciences. This is one of the best interdisciplinary databases.

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Background Information

We have many additional specialized encyclopedias - some online and many in print in the Knight Library & Science Library Reference Sections


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Key Food Studies Journals

UO Full-Text Access may vary. Most of these are also searchable in our journal databases. If you cannot access the full-text of an article, use the Interlibraray Loan form.



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