Looking for Articles in Journals and Magazines

Looking for Articles in Journals and Magazines

Here are some suggested sources for finding articles in magazines or academic journals. This guide does not discuss how to find articles in newspapers; for that process, see our Finding News Articles guide.

1. To do a quick interdisciplinary search for articles, use the LibrarySearch box on the library's main web page. The default scope is for UO + Summit + Articles. Type your keyword(s) in the search box, and the system will search for those keywords in many interdisciplinary article databases, including JSTOR, Project Muse, and Web of Science. Your results will be a mixture of books, articles, and other formats. You can limit your retrieval to articles thru the options in the left hand column, including limiting to articles in peer-reviewed journals.


2. To target your search within article databases that focus on a particular field, use the Articles by Subject option. Choose the field you are working in (e.g. Literature, Chemistry) by pulling down from the General/Interdisciplinary option. Then enter your keyword(s), and click on Search.


3. To search within a specific database (if you know which one you are looking for, e.g. ERIC, MLA), use our Database List A-Z. This list compiles the hundreds of databases that the UO Libraries make available to its patrons.


Use Find Text to see if we have the journal or magazine in which each article is published. If you can't find it in the UO Libraries, you may need to request it from another library using interlibrary loan (ILL). Many of our online indexes allow you to place your request directly from the database (or you can use the link from the FindText menu).


Finally, don't forget to cite your article properly, using an appropriate bibliographic style.


For further assistance, ask a reference librarian.


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