Environmental Studies Reserach Guide

Environmental Studies

The following is a selected list of resources for starting research in Environmental Studies. For further assistance, contact Dean Walton, subject specialist for Environmental Studies.

Starting Your Research

Environmental Studies at the University of Oregon is a multi-disciplinary field. Most of the Research resources and materials are available in the Knight Library and the Science Library.

Finding Articles

To search for articles in journals or magazines on specific topics, start with an index. The UO Libraries subscribes to a number of print and electronic indexes. The following is a sampling of indexes that may be useful starting places for environmental topics. You may also wish to browse the entire list of indexes available through UO. Remember, no single index "has it all," so it is likely you will need to search a few indexes during your research process.

  • Academic Search Premier
    This premier academic database has article citations, abstracts, and some full-text from over 8,000 journals covering many different topics.
  • Factiva
    Factiva offers full text of 8,000 international business and general publications including the Wall Street Journal from 1984 to the present. It covers the business of environmental issues.
    The library's subscription allows up to four simultaneous users. Please logout when you have finished your research.This premier academic database has article citations, abstracts, and some full-text from over 8,000 journals covering many different topics.
  • GeoBase
    GeoBase encompasses the worldwide literature on geology, geography, and ecology.
  • Web of Science
    The Web of Science includes articles from aspect of the sciences. Highly recommended.
  • ProQuest Legislative Index
    The full text of U.S. congressional reports, hearings, bills, etc. Also has information on congressional members, including biographical and financial information, and voting records.
  • ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) Citations to the literature in all areas of education, including environmental education.
  • PAIS (Public Affairs Information Service)
    The PAIS offers citations and abstracts to the public affairs literature including topics such as government, international relations, environment, and political science.
  • Sociological Abstracts
    This excellent database provides citations and abstracts to the social sciences literature which includes topics such as public health, environment, indigenous cultures, development, and more.

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Finding Books

  • UO Library Catalog
    Find books on GIS using keyword, title or author; locate GIS related journals and magazines owned by the UO Library. To find journal articles on GIS, use the databases listed in the section above. Once you have a citation, you can check the library catalog by doing a title search on the name of the journal.
  • Summit Union Catalog
    Orbis Cascade is a consortium of Pacific Northwest Libraries. You can borrow these books by selecting the Request Item option. Orbis works only for book materials. If you want to request a journal articles, you'll need to fill out an interlibrary loan form.
  • WorldCat
    Worldcat provides access to library catalogs from around the world.
  • The following is a general list of sources to help you get started.
    • Conservation and Environmentalism: an Encyclopedia. KNIGHT REF [GE10.C68 1995]
    • Dictionary of Environment and Sustainable Development. [DOCS REF. HC79.E5 G518 1996]
    • A Dictionary of Environmental Quotations. [KNIGHT REF. PN6084.N2 D53 1992]
    • The Green Encyclopedia [KNIGHT REF GE10.F73 1992]
    • Cooper's Comprehensive Environmental Desk Reference [SCIENCE REF. GE123.C64 1996]
    • The Dictionary of Ecology and Environmental Science [SCIENCE REF. GE10.D53 1993]
    • Encyclopedia of Environmental Analysis and Remediation [SCIENCE REF. GE10.E49 1998]
    • Encyclopedia Britannica

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Facts & Figures

  • Environmental Statistics
    A plethora of links to numerous sites containing statistics relating to the environment.
  • Local Area Data for Oregon
    This UO Library project is a comprehensive guide to sources of statistical and descriptive information about cities and counties in Oregon. Has sections for Energy, Environment and Climate, and Health. See also information at the Government Documents
  • Statistical Universe
    More statistics from largely United States Federal and State sources.

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People & Organizations

  • Biography and Genealogy Master Index
    Hundreds of sources for biographical information about people worldwide from all time periods.
  • Biographical Dictionary of American and Canadian Naturalists and Environmentalists SCIENCE REFERENCE [QH26.B535 1996]
    Provides biographical sketches for 445 significant people (now deceased) which include personal and professional information, as well as bibliographies for other biographical sources written about these individuals. Use the appendix to locate people by subject specialty.
  • The Environmentalists: a Biographical Dictionary from the 17th Century to the Present SCIENCE REFERENCE [S926.A2 A94 1993]
    provides concise entries that include environmental organizations and agencies, in addition to individuals.
  • World Who is Who and Does What in Environment & Conservation SCIENCE REFERENCE [GE55.W67 1997] includes brief biographical entries for key people (mostly living).
  • Encyclopedia of Assocations [KNIGHT REF. AS22.E5]
    Includes descriptions and contact information for over 20,000 local, national, and international associations. Associations are nonprofit membership organizations.
  • Conservation Directory [KNIGHT REF. S920.C64]
    Features a listing of organizations, agencies, and officials concerned with natural resource use and management.
  • World Directory of Environmental Organizations [SCIENCE REF. S 920.W67]
    Encompasses national and international organizations, both governmental and non-governmental. One section lists the key organizations concerned with fifty topics of interest, such as air quality, wildlife, or wetlands. Another section lists the organizations within each country. Use the index to locate entries for specific organizations.

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