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Advanced Google searching

While I work on revising these you can also check out these sites for tips:

Google's own advanced support page

 Search geeks summarize their tips

Singular and Plural

  • It doesn't allow truncation of any kind. Instead you'll have to use sets and Boolean logic. Although it will guess possible word variations.
  • Limit of 10 words in the text box at a time.

Boolean logic

  • Boolean AND command is automatically implied in ALL google searches.
  • Boolean OR must be in all capital letters, or else google will simply ignore it.
  • Boolean NOT is the minus sign -. It must be in front of each word you want to exclude.

Remember: In some cases the results have been "paid" for either directly or indirectly.


In order to help our patrons find quality resources, you might want to have them look only at government or other educational institutions web pages. You can restrict the search to a particular kind of web sites or a specific web site by typing in your search and then the word site: [remember the colon] and then the domain (like, .gov, .edu, etc.) or a group of web pages (like,

Kind of file

Like the site: command, type in the topic you're searching for and then the word filetype: and then a kind of document. You can specify the following: pdf, doc (Microsoft word documents), ppt (MS Powerpoint), ps (postscript), xls (MS Excel), rtf (rich text format),


All these, as well as other options (like specifying a date or a language) are available under the advanced search link (either to the right or directly above the google text box).

You can also force Google to look for words in the exact order you type them in by putting quotes around the words in your search. like "annie zeidman" instead of annie zeidman


All of the above applies to doing image searches. By using the advanced search button you can also request a file size, coloration options, and format (jpg, gif, and png BUT not tiff).

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