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The following is a selected list of (primarily English-language) resources for starting research in Classics. For further assistance, ask at the Reference Desk or contact Jeff Staiger, Subject Specialist for Classics:

Note: items with the off-campus access limited to UO icon are electronic resources available only to University of Oregon faculty, staff, and students, or to users working in the library.

Getting Started

These reference sources can help you identify a topic for your research, provide an overview of a specific issue or topic, and suggest other materials which might be useful for your research.


  • Greek-English Lexicon. PA445.E5.L6 1996 Knight Reference.
    The comprehensive Liddell-Scott dictionary, the standard in the field for finding the meanings of ancient Greek words (includes obscure forms and dialect variations).   
  • Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament. PA881.B38 2000 Knight Reference.
    Concise entries covering a wide range of authors and topics in Italian Literature. With a timeline for historical context.
  • Oxford Latin Dictionary. PA2365.E5 Knight Reference.
    Comprehensive Latin dictionary with thorough etymologies and extensive citations.

Encyclopedias, Atlases


  • Brill's New Pauly (Encyclopedia of the Ancient World). DE5.N4813 2002 Knight Reference.  The standard reference work consisting of detailed factual information about the ancient world as well as larger, synthetic overviews.                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Der Neue Pauly. DE5.N48 1996 Knight Reference.  The original German version of the above. 
  • Oxford Classical Dictionary.  DE5.09 2003 Knight Reference.  Factual information about all aspects of the ancient world in concise entries accessible to specialists and non-specialists alike. 
  • The Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium. DF 521.093. 1991.  3 vols. Knight and Art (Reference Collections).  Historical and thematic reference work on the cultural history of the Byzantine empire up to the 15th century.  Also available online.
  • The Oxford encyclopedia of ancient Greece and Rome DE5. O95. 2010 Art Library (Reference Collection).
  • Pleiades "a community-built gazetteer and graph of ancient places"  Online. 
  • Barrington atlas of the Greek and Roman World G1033.B3 2000 Knight Map Library.  Detailed, topographical maps of the classical world. 

Finding Articles

To look for articles in journals, newspapers, or magazines, you will need to start with an index. An index will allow you to look by subject or a few keywords which describe your topic or by author. 

  • L'Annee Philologiqueoff-campus access limited to UO
    A comprehensive database covering articles that have appeared in classics journals worldwide since 1924.  Tip: doing combined searches in the "Advanced Search" is a good way to home in on material relevant to your topics.  If you have difficulties manipulating this database, you may contact Jeff Staiger, Subject Specialist for Classics:
  • Academic Search Premieroff-campus access limited to UO
    An interdisciplinary index. Covers 1984-Present. Includes popular as well as scholarly citations from almost 3,000 journals about half of which are full-text from 1990 to present. Academic Search Elite has replaced Expanded Academic Index at UO.
    Arts & Humanities Citation Index references articles from approximately 1,100 arts and humanities journals.

Finding Books

  • UO WorldCat

    UO WorldCat offers a streamlined interface for search results that combine, into a single merged list, the collections of the UO Libraries, Summit libraries, and hundreds of other libraries worldwide.

Finding English Translations

  • UO Library Catalog
    For works by try searching by author. You may limit the search by language to English. If you don't find the author's work for which you are searching, try the following additional sources:
  • Orbis/Cascade Alliance Union Catalog (SUMMIT)off-campus access limited to UO
    Search the catalog by author or title. Limit the search by language to English.

Web Resources


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