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EndNote Web accounts are available free to UO faculty, students, and staff. This Web-based tool provides users with online storage for their references and the ability to instantly format bibliographies in their word processor.

These instructions are for EndNote Web. For those that have purchased EndNote - please see EndNote page. It is possible to sync citations between EndNote and EndNote Web.

Creating an account

To use EndNote Web you must open an account. To initiate an account you must be on a UO computer (this is a one-time requirement. After your account has been established you may access your account from any computer.) Sign Up for an account. (for users of Web of Science services - use your Web of Science username and password. The service will not allow two accounts for one email address. Forgot your WOS sign-in? EndNoteWeb will email it to you.)


Once you have established an account you will use the page to access your library.


Learning how to use the system

EndNote Web has web-based tutorials available.

Entering references into your database

You can directly import citations from many UO databases by setting an option within EndNote Web:

To automatically import citations from a database to EndNote Web you must first install a Firefox Add-on and then set an option in Firefox.

The Add-on is available in EndNote Web under Options tab and Download Installers section.

Once downloaded on Firefox, go to the Tools menu in Firefox and go to the Add-On section. Click on the Options button within the EndNote Web box. A dialog box will open. Check the box next to Redirect the following MIME types for direct files to open with EndNote Web.

Now when in a database that offers direct exporting to Endnote, a small dialog box should appear that will prompt you for your EndNote Web email and password.

You can add information to your library by entering the data yourself.

    1. Click on the New Reference link in the upper left corner, or from the link at the bottom of any page.
    2. Choose the folder where the reference will be saved from the Choose Folder drop-down list box.
    3. Change the Reference Type by selecting the appropriate type from the Reference Type drop-down list box. The screen will redraw when the reference type changes displaying appropriate fields for that reference type
    4. Enter the bibliographic data in each of the fields in the reference. Reference Fields required for a properly formatted citation and bibliography are indicated with asterisks.
    5. Click the Save button in the upper left corner of the new reference box."*

You can save citations from many of the UO databases and import them into your EndNote Web library.
         This is a two step process.  Different from the direct method described above.

While in your database, you need to save the information from the database in text format (.txt) As you do this make note of the database you used. (must be name of database. For example, EBSCO is a provider not a database.) You need to save the information from the database in text format (.txt)

After you have saved the data as a .txt file open EndNote Web.

To import a file:

  1. Click the Import link in the left navigation pane.
  2. Click the Browse button in Step 1. This will open a window for you to find and select the import file.
  3. Select the import file type from Step 2's Select... drop-down list box. If the file is formatted for a specific data source, select the import filter for that provider.
  1. Click the Import button in Step 3.

The references imported from the selected file are now saved to your Unfiled folder.

Note: From your account in EndNote Web you need to choose the Import option. This step requires that you have access to the text file AND that you know the name of the database you retrieved the citations from ("Select the type of file you want to import")

Creating bibliographies

Create an independent bibliography using EndNote Web:

1. In EndNote Web click Bibliography (screen left).
2. Under Select references choose the reference folder that you want to include in a bibliography.
3. Select a bibliographic output style from the pull-down menu (i.e., APA, MLA, etc.).
4. Select a file format such as HTML, plain text, or rich text format.
5. Click on the Create button.
6. Save, email, or print the bibliography.

Create a bibliography using Word:

(requires the installation of the Endnote Web toolbar for use in Word) Mac users: plug-in is currently only available for Microsoft Word for Windows

Using EndNote Web with Word pdf document from Utah State University
More on using EndNote Web and Word from Auburn University

*from help files

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