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ANTH 410/510 Research Guide: Plants and People

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    This is a guide to the library and research materials you may find useful to accomplish the objectives of ANTH 410/510 (Plants and People) with Dr. Gallagher, Spring 2012.

    Finding Background Information:

    • Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

      are a useful place to gather background information on your topic. We have many specialized encyclopedias - some online and many in print in the Knight Library Reference Section.


    Finding Articles in Databases:

    • Anthropology Plus indexes articles and essays in all of the subfields of anthropology, from the 19th century to the present.

    • Web of Science is an interdisciplinary index to articles in the sciences and social sciences, making it particularly useful for the multidisciplinary needs of anthropology researchers.

    • America: History and Life is the main database for finding information about US History. It contains lot more than "US History" might imply though -- from ancient cultures and archaeology to current political science and anthropology.

    Is your book or article an
    Academic / Peer-reviewed source?:

    • AAUP Presses The American Association of University Presses website lists (and links to) all of the University Presses within the United States and Canada who are members.
    • Ulrich's Periodical Directory covers thousands of journals, newspapers, and magazines. Use Ulrich's to see if a journal is scholarly/peer-reviewed/refereed.

    Citation Guides:

    For additional help, check out:



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