Starting Research in Anthropology

Researching in Anthropology

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Articles (Scholarly / Peer-reviewed)

  • Anthropology Plus - the top anthropology database.
  • Web of Science - articles from across the sciences & social sciences. This is one of the best interdisciplinary databases.
  • Proquest Social Science Premium Collection - articles from across the social sciences - excellent for interdisciplinary work.
  • JSTOR - a huge collection of full-text scholarly articles from across the Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • AnthroSource - complete full-text archive of all of the American Anthropological Association's peer-reviewed journals. (Good for finding specific items and browsing old journals. Not the best place for in-depth searching.)
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Background Information
  • Encyclopedias and dictionaries by subject.
  • Annual Reviews in Anthropology are review articles on various topics in anthropology written by scholars. These articles are great ways to get the big picture of research on a topic as well as a reliable source of citations to important books and articles.


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