Arts and Administration

Arts and Administration

This page provides advanced research assistance for students in Arts and Administration. Some areas of research are not covered here, but students are encouraged to use this resource as a specialized supplement to the getting started guide for Art and Art History.


Starting your research


If the research you are planning is of an art historical nature, the reference resources in the advanced Art History research guide will be the most useful to you. They include bibliograghies, biographical sources, encyclopaedias and other materials that focus on art history through the ages. The resources listed here include materials for research in some of the specific branches of the field of arts administration.



  • Benedict, Stephen. Arts Management: An Annotated Bibliography New York: Center for Arts Information, 1980. AAA Z5956 .A7C63 1980
  • Jones, Lois Swan. Art Information: Research Methods and Resources. 3rd ed. Dubuque: Kendall/Hunt, 1990. AAA Ref. N 85.J64 1990
    A guide to the basic steps in conducting research in the visual arts. Examines almost all basic reference sources in art history and demonstrates how they can be used effectively.
  • Jones, Lois Swan. Art Information and the Internet: How to Find It, How to Use It. Phoenix: Oryx Press, 1999. AAA Ref N59 .J66 1999
    This is an excellent resource for finding information resources in art and architecture on the internet. However, with the rate at which the WWW changes, this reference may be out of date rather more quickly than most. It also includes print resources.
  • Knell, Simon J., ed. A Bibliography of Museum Studies. Aldershot : Scolar Press; Brookfield, VT : Ashgate 1994. AAA Z5052 .K64 1994
  • Woodhead, Peter and Geoffrey Stansfield. Keyguide to Information Sources in Museum Studies. 2nd ed. Chicago : Fitzroy Dearborn 1994. AAA AM5 >66 1994


  • American Art Directory 2003-2004, 59th ed. New Providence, NJ : National Register Publishing, 2003. AAA Ref N50 .A54 59th ed 2003/04
    Though the listings in the American Art Directory are sometimes startlingly less complete than it should be, this resource is valuable for the thoroughness of the information included in each entry. Additionally, there are some very helpful directories that are not duplicated in similar sources, such as the state by state list of newspaper art editors and critics, scholarships and fellowships organized by offering institution, geographically arranged listing of open exhibits, and traveling exhibition booking agents.


Grants and Foundations

  • Cantarella, Gina-Marie, ed. National Guide to Funding in Arts and Culture. New York : Foundation Center, c2000. Knight Ref NX711 .U5N37 2000
    Probably the most comprehensive resource listing foundations and corporations involved in grants and charirable giving to the arts and other cultural institutions. Information is organized by state and then alphabetically by grantmaker. Entries include the name and address of the grantmaker, brief financial data, the purpose, fields of interest and limitations. Recent arts and culture grants are also listed when available. This resource is extremely well indexed, with indexes to donors, officers & trustees; geographic points of focus; types of support; grantmaker by subject; grants by subject, and grantmaker names.
  • Federal $$$$$ for the Arts. Arlington : EFRE, 1989. AAA Ref NX735 .F43 1989
    Though this resource is quite out of date, up-do-date information about the programs and agencies that it lists is available online.
  • Millsaps, Daniel ed. National Directory of Arts Support by Private Foundation. 5th ed. Washington : Washington International Arts Letter, 1983. AAA Ref NX711 .U5N36 v.5
    Kept up to date by supplementary lists published in various issues of Washington international arts letter.

Law and Copyright of Art

  • Crawford, Tad. Legal Guide for the Visual Artist, 3rd ed. New York : Alsworth Press, c1995. AAA KF390 .A7 C73 1994
  • DuBoff, Leonard D. The Performing Arts Business Encyclopedia. New York : Allworth Press, c1996. Music Ref KF4290 .A68 D8 1996
  • Federal Historic Preservation Laws. Washington DC : US Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Cultural Resources Programs, 1993. AAA Ref KF4310 .A3 1993
  • Feldman, Franklin and Stephen E. Weil et al. Art Law: Rights and Liabilities of Creators and Collectors. 2 Vols. Boston : Little Brown, 1986-1993. AAA KF390 .A7 F45 1986 (1993 supplement in Law at same call number)
  • Malaro, Mary C. A Legal Primer on Managing Museum Collections. Washington DC : Smithsonian Institution Press, 1998. AAA KF4305 .M35 1998
  • Shapiro, Michael Steven and Brett I. Miller. A Museum Guide to Copyright and Trademark. Washington DC : The Association, 1999. AAA KF 2996 .S53 1999

Local Arts and Culture Sources

  • Arts Source 2003
    Provided by the Lane Arts Council, this web directory to the arts covers a broad group of catagories of artists, artists' and art services and organizations and events. You may search the site using the alphabetical index or by catagory.
  • Brandon, David, ed. A Cultural Guide to Lane County: Visual, Performing, Literary Arts. Eugene, OR : Open Gallery, 1979. AAA Ref NX110 .C84
    This resource provides an overview of the leaders of the arts scene in Lane County, 25 years ago. Many of the most prominent personalities today are not included here. For more up-to-date information, consult Arts Source, listed above.
  • Oregon Art Beat
    Broadcast twice weekly on OPB (AM 550) at 8:00 pm on Thursdays and at 6:00 pm on Sundays, Oregon Art Beat profiles several artists on each show. A schedule of upcoming broadcasts and a schedule of art events around Oregon are listed on this site.
  • Oregon Arts Commission
    The Oregon Arts Commission fosters the development of the arts throughout the state by administering a grant program, providing information and supporting community development of arts programs and arts education. Their Oregon Gallery Guide is a directory to galleries and art venues around the state, but does not provide specific exhibit schedules.
  • Oregon Council for the Humanities
    The same act of congress that established the National Endowment for the Humnanities also created the state councils for the humanities. The Oregon Council for the Humanities provides grants, supports educational efforts and seeks to improve the quality of life for Oregonians. This page includes a schedule of events throughout the state and information on the council's grants and programs.
  • WESTAF: The Western States Arts Federation
    WESTAF is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing services to artists and arts organizations in the western states. Included on this site are a job bank, a registry for artists and authors, and CultureGrants Online a grants management system for arts organizations.

Museum Guides

  • Danilov, Victor J.University and College Museums, Galleries, and Related Facilities: A Descriptive Directory. Westport, CT : Greenwood Press, 1996.
    The directory is divided by institutional type with types such as agricultural museums, art galleries, and natural history museums among the 24 catagories. In addition this source provides an historical overview of the university or collge museum as well as information about governance, collections, public programing and other functions and features.
  • Hudson, Kenneth and Ann Nicholls. The Cambridge Guide to the Museums of Europe. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1991.
    This resource treats all museums of western Europe, organizaing the listings by country and by city.
  • The Official Museum Directory, 33rd ed. 2 Vols. New Providence, NJ : National Register PUblishing, 2003. AAA Ref AM10 .A2 O4 2003
    This resource contains comprehensive listing of all types of museums listed by state and locality. Indexes include an institutional index, an index of museum personnel and indexes of institutions by collection type or museum category.


  • Bradshaw, Tom, ed. A Sourcebook of Arts Statistics: 1989. Rockville, MD : Westat, Inc., 1990. Knight Ref NX503 .S68 1990
  • Bradshaw, Tom, ed. 1992 Addendum to the 1989 Sourcebook of Arts Statistics. Rockville, MD : Westat, Inc., 1992. Knight Ref NX503 .S68 1990, supp.
    Despite the fact that this wonderful collection of all kinds of useful statistical tables concerning the arts is terribly out of date, the information you find here and in the 1992 update, may help you to track down more contemporary information. You may use this guide as an overview of the types of statistical information that are collected, and using the source information provided with each table, attempt to track down more courrent figures.

Finding Articles

Art and Art History

  • Art Index: Art Abstracts and Art Index Retrospective
    Art Abstracts and Art Index Retrospective combined are the digital version of the old reference standby-- Art Index. Unfortunately the two databases can't be searched simultaneously, nor are both indexes available from the same online provider. Art Abstracts contains citations from 1984 on, and Art Index Retrospective contains citations prior to 1984. These popular indexes include material on art, photography, architecture, landscape architecture, museums, urban planning, and related fields from all periods and geographic areas. They are a good source for material on non-Western art. Art Abstracts is useful for searching for very current or marginalized artists. Citations in both databases are drawn from a fixed group of more than 300 journals, mostly in English. These indexes are especially useful for locating reproductions and book reviews.
  • ArtBibliographies Modern
    ARTbibliographies Modern. Oxford, Eng. and Santa Barbara CA: Clio Press Inc., 1969-1973. AAA REF Z5935. A7
    Very important source for contemporary art, design and phootgraphy, expecially for European artists. contains abstracts and citatios from periodical articles, books, exhibition catalogs, and theses dealing with Western art from the yeeear 1800 to the present (however, beginning in 1988, subject coverage begins with 1900, exhept for photography which continues to be covered from 1839 to the present). This index also allows some fairly complex searching, so you will want to make use of the 'help" pages. Coverage in the online version of this index begins in 1974, but the paper index started in 1971. for those four earliest years, see the paper version in the A&AA reference section.
  • Bibliography of the History of Art
    Repertoire d'Art et d'Archaeologie. Paris : Bibliotheque d'art et d'archeologie, 1910-1989. AAA REF Z5937.R4
    An important index for international art periodicals, BHA provides the best coverage of foreign language (primarily European languages) publications. BHA is the successor to the Repertoire International de la Litterature de l'Art (RILA) and the Repertoire d'Art et d'Archaeology (RAA). RILA is completely superceded by BHA, but RAA has only been converted to the digital format from 1990. To search RAA from 1910 to 1989, consult the paper volumes. BHA provides abstracts and citations to periodical articles from 2500 journal titles in English and 17 other European and Asian languages. Citations to books, conference proceedings, Festschriften, collected essays, exhibition catalogues, museum publications, and doctoral dissertations are also included. Like many art history research tools, there is a distinct slant towards western art history, and BHA may not be the best index for locating information on indigenous peoples nor very current or marginalized artists.


General and Multidisciplinary

The indexes listed below do not specialize in the literature of art and art history, but may be useful supplements to your research.

  • Academic Search Elite
    Contains abstracts and citations to over 2,880 journals, and full text coverage of more than 1,250 journal titles. Because this is a multidisciplinary index, the coverage of art journals is much more cursory. However, you will find material here that would not appear in an art index because of the multidisciplinary nature of the journal, or the interdisciplinary content of the article. Another benefit of using this index is the full text feature. Note that many articles are not available in full text, and that art journals may not provide full page images-- and therefore no art images.
  • Arts and Humanities Search
    This index is a multi-disciplinary index including other subject areas in the humanities. The virtue of this index is that it is a citation index. A citation index allows you to view the bibliography of an article, and also to see who has cited that article elsewhere.


  • Business Source Complete
  • Leisure, Recreation and Tourism Abstracts GV191.6.R86 Knight Reference
  • TableBase



  • AAAT Online: Abstracts of International Conservation Literature
    Art & Archaeology Technical Abstracts. New York : Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, AAA Ref AM 1.I555
    Coverage: 1 - 35 (1955 - 1999)
    This index covers analysis, treatment, and techniques in restoration and preservation of art and architecture materials. It has a separate section dealing with "architectural conservation, including landscape gardening."




Finding Books

Image Searching

Web Resources

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Museum Studies

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